I swore I wouldn't write anything new until I finished BoV and/or my OF novella. I really did. I was doing so well. Then Spanglemaker, Mizzen and I ship Meryl & Charlie- the gorgeous, cute-as-can-be ice dancing gold medalists, and start dreaming of cute little ice dancing babies. Spangly wanted a fic. They strong-armed me, I tell you! They basically forced me. That's my story.

This will be short. Maybe about 4-5 chapters, give or take. Thank you for humoring us on our flights of fancy and our need to HEA these two... at least in our fic minds.

There is no beta to this, since this is really just for shits and giggles. All mistakes are mine, so no grammar nazis, please! :)

Twilight belongs to SM. I think we know this by now. Cheryl & Charlie probably know how much the world wants them to breed, but there is no intent to use their likeness or personalities for this. Just sayin'. Off we go!...


The noise of the crowd is deafening. The place is vibrating with this frenetic energy that's contagious. I've just skated the routine of my career. We've just skated the performance of our careers. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for him and vice versa. As the first notes of our national anthem echoes through the arena, I can't see my family crying and beaming in the stands, as I imagine they must be right now. I can't see our coach glowing with pride. I can't even remember the freaking choreography of what we just skated- a routine we've skated to death for a whole year. No.

The heavy, rapid thump of my heart is rushing in my ears, but it's not from wearing the dream of gold around my neck. No.

It's the memory of what happened last night. What's been happening for God knows how long, I just refused to see it. As the last notes play and the crowd roars to life, his hand rests warm on the small of my back, like it always has. Always, since we were eight— reassuring and comforting.

Now, not so much. Now it's fire and igniting something I can't name because it never needed to be named. It just was. The fire was the comfort. I'm such an idiot.

He leans into me, warm mouth to my ear. I can't describe anything anymore, but that sensation...

"We need to talk." I can feel his deeply intense green stare on my face as he pulls away a bit, but I'm paralyzed.

I can't bear to look at him as I force a smile on my face and raise my small bouquet and wave at the energetic crowd, feeling like I'll be swallowed up whole either by their joy, or by the man next to me who was for so long just a boy. My best friend.

I want to simultaneously run away and be devoured until I'm absorbed in this feeling forever.

A/N: Regular chapters will be a little longer so don't judge by this prologue ;) There's no posting schedule. I'll post as I finish them... I'm already 1/2 way done with Chapter 2 :)

Hope you stick around! xoxo