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Mally felt her heart break as she walked to the battlefield. He had not left. There he sat on his knees, shoulders slumped. Her dear Hatter, in the same place that The Champion Alice had left him.

Mally had tried her hardest to convince him to come back with her, but the only reply she had received was that, "If she comes back, I want to be here. Where she left me."

Mally knew as well as the Hatter did that Alice was not coming back. There was nothing left for her to do in Underland. Mally knew that the Hatter had hoped that he would be enough to keep the Champion. Mally knew that Hatter loved her in a different way than he loved his friends.

It had been a week, and still, there on the battlefield he sat. He hadn't eaten, she doubted he had slept. The changes to his appearance were alarming. His pale and colorful complexion had all but turned to gray. Even his bright, orange hair had lost some of its vibrant glow. His clothes seemed to be ill fitting, and it wasn't surprising, considering that he refused to take sustenance, but the grief from losing his Alice was contributing to his faster than usual deterioration, Mally was sure. But the thing that concerned her most was his eyes. The first few days, they had drifted between blue and purple, still changing to green when she would talk to him. But now… they were yellow. And nothing she said to him seemed to change that. What worried Mally the most though, was that he was not ranting and raving, or even rambling. He was silent. Staring at the place Alice had disappeared.

Mally spoke to him for hours, weeping, hoping she wouldn't lose her best friend. But when he gave no reply, she resigned herself to the truth. Her Hatter wanted to rot away to nothing here, waiting for his Alice's return. Mally wasn't about to leave him to the horrible fate alone.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she climbed up onto Hatter's shoulder and curled up close to his neck. "I'll wait with ya," she whispered. "We'll go away from here together."

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