The Light to My Darkness

Chapter 1: Abandoned

Pain. Memories. Alone to rot in this neverending nightmare. You layed in a saferoom located inside an apartment of a city somewhere on the eastern side of the United States. Hope was lost as the pain from your injures shifted through your body in your attempt to get up and block the door with some furniture. In an effort to do so, you collapsed back in the same position on the floor, your vision getting blurry and your hearing fading out to the pattering of rain on the streets.

With your last strand of life, you could have sworn you heard talking outside. You thought the worst.. but no, these faint voices didn't sound familiar. Using the last bit of energy and triumph you had left in your dying body, you sat up on the wall farthest from the direction of the voices,

"Saferoom up ahead!" Said a young voice complimented with a Southern accent.

"Goddamnit Ellis, we aren't blind!" A much older, crankier sounding male snapped.

You managed to keep your eyes focused on the door and your ears on the voices, your heart pumping from fear.

A tall, dark figure appeared behind the small window of the door. At this moment, your senses were already shutting down. The voices came off as barely audible blurbs while your sight was nothing but blurry images of four figures entering the room. Colors blended with one another and you couldn't make out anything until, a white blurry figure pointed a gun at you,

"Please... don't hurt me.." Your arm jerked up in attempt to hide your face, but the world around you went black. Darkness engulfed you, fate being unknown.