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Hold. Aim. Fire. Hold. Aim. Fire. Hold. Aim. Fire. RELOAD! Hold. Aim. Fire. Hold. Aim. Fire. Hold. Aim. Fire. RELOAD!

Hey, this wasn't so bad. After the first few rounds, shooting and reloading was an ease, almost an instant action! You're getting to be such a-

Cough, wheeze.

You centered your hearing on the sounds of what has been so fittingly named, a Smoker. The wheezing continued. An inhuman scream echoed out from the roof of an apartment and the long, slimy tongue came your way. You turned and shot it off track as it fell limp to the ground. Your eyes scanned back the appendage to its owner and shot the Smoker dead,

"Badass." You mistakingly said out loud, finishing your previous thought.

Rochelle giggled and high fived you, "Nice! I didn't know you were such a good shot!"

"The girl's a fast learner!" Coach grinned, shooting the remaining zombies in the area.

Ellis whistled and went up to you, eyeing the smoke in the distance coming from the dead Smoker, "Haha, taught her everything she knows! I knew she could do it!"


"Yeah, Nick?"

"You're pathetic."

"And you're an ass." You snapped, "Plus, I've only known you for an hour. Some first impression you've made."

Wow, your first outburst..

"Don't try to flatter me, sweet cheeks." He gave you a smug grin, but quickly glared at Ellis whom was laughing hysterically at your retort,

"I like her. She's already tired of your shit, Nick."

"I hate you, Ellis."

"Well, I still like you, Nick." Ellis gave his trademarked goofy smile and moved on as you followed after him to leave the gambler cursing the both of you.

Finally. People you can relate to and get along with for the most part. They were growing on you already!

-Lame Page Break-

Two Chargers, three Smokers, two Hunters, six Boomers, four Spitters, two Jockeys, a shit-ton of zombies, and a crying witch in a pear tree.

No, really. She was by a tree.

Now, the sewers,

"Whoa, shit!" Nick nearly fell over the broken staircase right into the sewer water. You and Coach grabbed him by his suit to prevent him from landing face first in- well, what he said,

"So... We have to jump down there?" You questioned, cupping your nose from the putrid stench arising from the area below,

"Sadly, yes." Rochelle answered, not looking too thrilled about sloshing through the sewers either,

"Great." Nick snorted,

"Alright well... Who's first? I vote Suit." You said, pointing your thumb back at Nick. He gave you an "I will take this gun, and kill you" look,

"We don't have time for this, y'all!" Coach reprimanded as he jumped down on the only seemingly dry spot below,

"C'mon [name]!" Ellis hopped down and waited for you,"If it's heights you're worried about, I gotcha!" He smiled and waited with his arms wide opened.

He thinks it's jumping and not walking through a disgusting sewer that is the problem. Cute.

You couldn't help but grin at his offer, even though you weren't exactly thrilled about going in, you didn't mind jumping into his arms.

You bent your knees slightly and hopped down. Ellis grabbed you by the waist and slowed your fall, "Thanks friend."

He nodded and stared at you for a moment until Rochelle looked down at the both of you and called out,"Here I come!"

"We'll catch you!" You yelled back, opening your arms to her and giggling uncontrollably.

She let out a hearty laugh and jumped down to you two. Nick still remained on the staircase,

"I'll catch you too, Nicky, even though you were a huge ass before!"

"Whatever." He hopped down like it was nothing, yet you couldn't help but notice the look of disgust that plastered on his face.

The group laughed at the look he gave. Coach even chuckled at the poor conman's pain. You agreed with Nick on this one, but you did not show it.

Before walking through the water, you rolled your jean legs up, Rochelle complimenting your smart idea and following your lead, "Great day to dress fancy, eh Nick?" Ellis joked, elbowing Nick in the side,

"Once again, I hate you Ellis."

"But I still like you, Nick." The mechanic turned away from him and followed you and Rochelle to catch up to Coach,

"I am breathing shit air into my lungs. It is being absorbed into my bloodstream. I am literally full of shit." Nick complained as he began to walk through the water after minutes of irritated and repulsed groans,

"Hey, Nick! Splash fight!" Rochelle yelled to him,

"NOOO!" He yelled back, nearly falling over from trying to get as far away from everyone as possible. You nearly lost it right then and there, but immediately stopped laughing when Nick gave you a deadly glare,

"I have to agree, this is disgusting." You commented in attempt to ignore the fact you were walking in toilet water.

Nick snorted, "No shit."

"Actually, yes shit." You motioned your hand towards the water and grinned towards the glaring conman,

"Now would be a great time for a Hunter.. Maybe even a Charger." You said sarcastically, eyeing Nick's reaction once more,

"Cupcake. Don't test me." The conman said threateningly. Your eyes widened at his deadly glare and it immediately shut you up once more,

"We're almost out!" Coach called out in order to ease everyone's anxiety. A ladder was so ideally placed at the end of the crappy journey to climb up and get out,

"Oh hell yes!" You picked up your speed and got up the ladder first, shaking the disgusting liquid off your legs. Nick was right behind you, figuring he had probably followed your lead, "I will never... Ever! Go into sewers again."

"I wouldn't speak too soon." Rochelle said, going ahead through one of the two tunnels. The five of you went down and found a gate with a button. Probably alarmed...

"Let's go!" Ellis yelled, rushing over to the button as soon as everyone reloaded. A loud ringing echoed throughout the underground tour as well as the eerie roar of infected,

"Ellis! What did you do?!" Nick screamed over the alarm,

"We don't have time for this! Run!" Coach hollered, jumping down into more of the ghastly sewage,

"No, not again." Nick groaned as you and him were the last ones to jump,

"Stop being such a wuss!" You yelled, pushing him over. Nick stumbled to regain his balance, just nearly falling into the water. You hopped after him and began running before he could scold and, or insult you.

At any moment, it felt as if you were going to slip or something was going to drag you down into the sewage.

The water slowed your running and yet, the infected didn't seem as affected by it. They came at your group with great speed, wanting to rip the flesh from your body in a bloody, horrid array of attacks,

"Hey look!" Ellis called out, noticing a red ladder emerging from the dimly lit light above.

You and Nick were in the back, shooting the infected that would be troublesome during the short climb up,

"Ladies first." You smiled grimly at Nick as he gave you a nasty look before climbing. You followed after him. The sound of creaking metal erupted from underneath the group's feet from everyone running at the same time,

"Go!" Ellis yelled, pressing the button once more. As soon as the gate opened, you guys were off again. A large tunnel was seen just a few feet away,

"Through there!" Rochelle said just as anxious as anyone to get out,

"Thank The Lord!" You said cheerily, the power of whatever hope that was left in you giving your legs the strength to keep going. Ignore the pain. Ignore the pain. IGNORE. THE. PAIN,

"Ah! Burning.. Goo.. Shit!" Nick growled, the path being blocked by the sizzling acid in which was mixing with the murky water. The (ugly as fahk) infected came towards the group as you shot it down before it could touch you, the liquid pouring from the corpse and into the water surrounding your legs. There was a sudden burning sensation on your exposed skin from rolling your pants up,

"Oh God!" Your gun dropped into the water as your hands flew to your leg. At the same time, you tried to move away without falling over and getting killed. The pain was too intense to ignore now,

"What in the hell was that thing!?" You called out frantically looking for your group. You limped into the tunnel as soon as the acid had buffered, knocking down remaining infected with your golf club since you were unable to find your fallen Uzi.

This is the longest tunnel EVER!

Your eyes adjusted to the terrible lighting at the scene up ahead. The four were waiting for you and fighting off the none stop stream of infected,

"There she is, y'all!" Coach gestured towards you. Everyone began to cover you as you slowly made your way towards them,

"Guys... Guys... That ugly ass zombie really screwed up my legs." Pain continued to flare up the burned skin with each step. Tears began to form behind your stubbornly closed eyelids,

"Easy girl. We are almost there." Rochelle reassured.

You nodded and continued smacking away the zombies with your melee weapon as everyone else shot. Soon enough, all of you were able to climb the ladder and stairs leading up to the final safe room of the city.

A charger appeared at the end of the stairs, just your luck, and charged towards the five of you. Thankfully, as the charger was charging, bullets pierced it and you finished the kill with one final blow to its face.

Leveled a charge.

"Safe room up ahead!" Ellis sang out,

"Thank GOD we are out of the sewers." Nick added.

You limped over to the door as the others jogged in.

"Damn I'm so much weaker than them..."

"Let's go! Let's go!" Nick screamed impatiently,

"I-I'm going as fast as I can! Don't get your trousers in a bunch!" You snapped back. Ellis and Rochelle came out and helped you in,

"Oooh..." You moaned sorely, sitting on one of the boxes within the safe room and reaching for your health kit,

"Damn, did the Spitter bitch do that?" Coach asked, looking over your irritated skin,

"Yeah... It was kinda hard to avoid the acid when it was mixing with the water." You said looking down at the contents of the health pack. You reached for some peroxide and, with a shaking hand, poured some on the burned skin. You let out a yelp of pain and shut your eyes as everyone turned to you,

"Heh sorry." You reopened your eyes and continued cleaning the burns. Your legs weren't as bad as they felt, just a bit red and aching. Finally, you wrapped your legs up with bandages and leaned your head back on the box with relief,

"Much better." You said, never making eye contact with the others,

"We'll rest for a few minutes, y'all, but then we gotta get going. Those folks on the bridge are waiting for us." Coach stated. It was obvious that he too wished time would freeze and there would be a few moments of relaxation before heading out once more.

There was a moment of awkward silence until...

"Hey Nick, there's a turd on your shoulder." Ellis joked

"I'm not even going to look."


Much better than the awkward silence.