"Snape !" Harry Potter ran through the dungeon corridors calling the potion master's name. "Professor Snape, please, sir."

Snape's robes swirled dramatically as he turned to face Potter, he inhaled sharply and at the bridge of his nose wrinkles appeared as if he had smelt something distasteful. Coal black eyes stared at the young saviour coldly.

"Mr Potter." Snape said, inclining his head slightly.

"May I- er that is, could we, oh bugger. Can we speak in your office? Uh, please" Harry gulped, turning beetroot red.

"Eloquent as ever, Potter, follow me." A perfectly arched eyebrow accompanied the condescending tone. He turned sharply on his heel, once again causing his robes to flare, and marched to his office with Potter trailing behind him.

Harry shivered; the dungeons were colder than he remembered although it had been many months since he had attended potion class or any class really. He watched as Snape whispered the password to the portrait guardian, and beckoned him inside. Snape indicated a chair for Harry to sit in, but he walked to a hidden cabinet and removed a bottle of scotch and two tumblers. He placed a glass and half filled it then –to the young man's surprise- placed it in front of him.

"I believe you are here to discuss the debt between us."

"Yes sir, I have decided what I want from you in return for saving your life."


"I want you to marry Hermione Granger"

There was a minute of utter silence, then, Snape's eyes narrowed, his lip curled in anger.

"It is the only way to save her."

"Save her? Potter, I am hardly able to..."

"...Sir, the paper, surely you've seen it?"

Confusion - a rare emotion- flickered across Snape's face, until Harry passed the Daily Prophet across the table. The blaring headline and the photo of the new Minister of Magic, Alexander Oakley, a pureblood and Voldemort sympathiser- but not a death eater immediately caught the potion master's attention. Snape cursed as he read the article.

"Surely Ms. Granger is doing her best to oppose this? She after all founded S.P.E.W, surely for her own kind she is fighting?"

"Sir, Hermione... she can't, she doesn't see a point. If she does she'll lose her magic and it just isn't worth it to her. Also, since Ron..."

"Quite. Well. If Ms Granger agrees then I will and this is acceptable repayment of the debt?"

"Yes sir, I want you to marry Hermione and protect her always."

A sharp nod answered this statement. Severus Snape potions extraordinaire was to be wed to the Gryffindor-Golden-Girl, one-third of the golden trio, know-it-all, muggleborn, Hermione Granger. All because of a new marriage law, stating that muggleborn's must marry a half or pure blooded partner and produce offspring due to depleting wizarding numbers. He was going to be married. Severus Snape, married.