Fans of Riain and RCMCD:

Ann here, (and yes I am the real life inspiration for Ann in the book, but you all think it was Beth...LOL. Nope, all me!) letting you all know that the original CMC book is up for sale on Amazon. The Kindle version is up now, and the paperback should be up in the next week as well. Same title, so please search using that. Please understand that no one is forcing you to buy the book, I am posting this here for Riain to let you all know it is up for purchase. Riain has no control over the formatting or price, just to make you aware. That is all TPTB, and what they dictate it to be.

I was lucky enough to get a proof copy of the paperback from Riain, and I will tell you there is 100+ pages different from the fanfic version. Also, you need to know that the original version was always written first, Riain just changed it to suit fanfic, as she thought the fans would enjoy the story with their favorite TWD characters in place of Ann and Logan. The original story is so much more beautiful than the fanfic, I cried in parts of the California weekend. Logan is so very different from Daryl and Ann, well, it's like looking in a mirror. I laugh at Paddy and look forward to seeing how his book takes shape for 2015.

Riain no longer associates with this account, (which I totally understand why after knowing what some reviewers have said to her) and has asked me to be her "publicist" of sorts along with another young lady that has worked closely with her throughout CMC. Please direct your complaints/praise/questions to me at anderton underscore ann at yahoo dot com and I will be sure to get an answer from Riain back to you within due time.

Riain is thankful for the fans and friends she has made through this site, and hopes you have enjoyed what she has written here. I'm sure that eventually, one day down the road, Riain will return to fanfic. I can tell you that it will probably be after she finishes Paddy's book and I can almost bet that it will not be here. If you search for her Tumblr, I'm sure you will be able to read her works continued there.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you all the best!