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12 hours, that's how long Deaton said it would take for the affects to wear off.

Somehow during a night of patrolling the woods Derek had somehow managed to stumble across a plant that was very rare and very potent to werewolves.

Lucky for Stiles, he had been the only one with the Alpha at the time seeing as the rest of the pack was off on summer holidays. Stiles had been the one who had to drag his werewolf ass to Deaton. He had cursed to himself and tried his best to shake away his inappropriate thoughts as he dragged the stumbling Derek to his powder blue jeep.

What on earth was he supposed to do with Derek for 12 hours? It was difficult on a good day to handle the grumpy, albeit very attractive werewolf, how would he deal with him so…affected by the plant.

Completely honest, over emotional, physically needy. Those were all symptoms that Deaton said Derek would suffer from until the affects took their course. And whether he trusted the Vets expertise or not was irrelevant at the moment as he could have diagnosed that himself.

So that's how Stiles found himself seated on Derek's long leather couch in a tangled mess of arms and legs.

"Derek." Stiles grumbled to the Alpha as he attempted to push him off in vain. Now he had imagined many times having Derek's body pressed against his; in fact for months now that's all that his 'Stiles private time' seemed to consist of. However, he had always hoped that Derek would be doing it of his own volition, not under the influence.

"But Stiles! You feel so soft!" Derek practically yelled as he nuzzled his face in Stiles' neck, tickling the younger man with his stubble. He had also managed to slide his way into Stiles' lap, straddling him and bringing their bodies closer.

"Stop!" Stiles protested very unconvincingly as Derek ran a warm tongue over the pulse in his neck, nipping playfully at the flesh. "You…You don't know what you are doing! You've been affected by something in the forest!" He once again attempted to push Derek away from him, but the alpha had other plans. "…You're going to regret it tomorrow." Stiles added in a whisper, mad that his heart ached slightly at the thought and frustrated that his touch deprived teen body was responding so willingly to Derek's touches.

Derek's head finally left Stile's neck, but only to stare at the boy wide eyed and surprised. "What?! How could you even…I could never…how could I ever regret you?" Over emotional. The words flashed in Stiles' mind as he heard Deaton's voice in his head. He almost chuckled at the way Derek genuinely seemed appalled at the thought.

"Hate to shatter the illusion Derek, but you can't really stand me on a good day." Stiles tried to hide his amusement at the look on Derek's face; it was as though he had spoiled the ending of a good book.

"You're wrong!" Derek huffed out. The sound was the only Derek-like thing he had done since the forest. "I love you. How could you not know that?" Derek jumped out of his lap grabbing Stiles by the arm and pulling him from the couch. He suddenly got a very suspicious smile on his handsome face and yanked the younger man until he was hoisted over the Alpha's shoulder.

"Here! I'll prove it!"

'Oh god" thought Stiles nervously. "Only 11 and a half hours to go…"

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