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"If I can't leave any marks how will people know that you are mine?" Stiles breathed out into Derek's ear, his words dripping in arousal. Derek's wolf whimpered in pleasure at the boy's comment as his eyes flashed red.

Instantly Derek had Stiles on his back as he hovered above him. "Then I guess I'll just have to mark you."


Stiles moaned out at Derek's words, feeling the need to be claimed. He had never wanted anything so much in his entire life.

When he felt Derek's warm lips on his throat he instinctually leaned his neck to the side granting the Alpha complete access to his pale skin.

Derek was so hot against his flesh, he felt like his skin was on fire; his body shivered at the sensation.

Derek hummed in appreciation as he worked a spot along the pulse of Stiles' throat. He pulled back slightly to lap at the bruising skin in admiration. He continued sucking and nipping at the younger man's smooth skin until it was covered in marks. Mine.

Derek felt his wolf whimper in satisfaction at the sight before him. Stiles naked, marked and wanting.

He continued his way down the teen's body, stopping only momentarily to tease and nip at his nipples. The hiss of pleasure that resulted only encouraged him and he tucked away that information for later.

When he was faced with Stiles' hard throbbing cock he couldn't help but look up into the eyes of the man before him. Stiles' beautiful honey eyes were glossed over in lust and Derek prided himself in knowing that he was the only one that had seen Stiles like this.

Derek took his time examining Stiles' hard member, worshiping it. He slowly ran his blunt nails over the smooth skin and quickly became addicted to watching the small bubble of pre-cum at the tip grow bigger and bigger until it dripped down towards his balls.

It looked so tasty that he couldn't contain himself. He lapped at the slit and greedily drank up all that Stiles was offering.


Stiles hips bucked as high as they were able under the grasp of Derek's firm hands. Stiles whimpered in need as he squirmed beneath the Alpha.

"Please what Stiles? I'll do anything, just tell me" Stiles moaned at Derek's words. He was going to be the death of him.

"Fuck me,…I need it…more later…just fill me…please." Derek's eyes darkened at the request as he eyed Stiles cautiously to make sure he was positive. Stiles nodded his head and gently spread his legs in encouragement.

That was all the permission Derek needed as he practically dove between Stiles' legs, devouring the skin of his inner thighs. Stiles gasped and cursed out in surprise and pleasure at the sensation and gripped the sheets tightly.

Out of the blue it seemed Derek produced a small bottom of lube and Stiles heard the click of the cap being opened. Moments latter he felt the gentle nudge of a strong finger at his entrance.

The feeling was foreign but incredible and Stiles had to hold back from rocking into Derek's hand. It seemed like mere minutes until he could feel three fingers fucking into him gently, stretching him out.

When Derek curled his finger in just the right way and brushed Stiles' prostate, the teen cried out. "Now…do it…I'm ready."

Stiles' eyes that had just moments before been closed in pleasure opened wide as he watched intently as Derek positioned himself at the newly prepared hole.

Derek leaned forward to give Stiles a loving kiss to his red swollen lips before easing inch by inch into the warmth. Derek's lips muffled the hiss of pain as he urged the teen to relax. He soothing ran his hands along the smooth skin of Stiles' cheat as he tried his best to make the younger man comfortable.

After making sure more then once that Stiles was okay, Derek started to move at a faster pace.

"God Derek!"

It didn't take long for Stiles to thrust back, trying to force the Alpha to go faster and deeper. Derek nipped at the teen's neck as he pounded deep into the warmth that surrounded him.

Stiles ran his hands enthusiastically over the skin of Derek's back and the Alpha yelped in pleasure at the scratch marks the boy made.

"Derek! I want to ride you!" Stiles whimpered. Stiles wanted to be on top and Derek eagerly obliged.

When Stiles adjusted to his new position it was like he had unleashed a hidden purpose to his life. His body was made to ride Derek.

Stiles' nails dug into the Alpha's chest as he kissed and licked at the red marks that formed. He ground his hips into Derek and found the perfect rhythm as he bounced on the man's cock.

Stiles' head flew back as he got overtaken by the feeling of being completely and utterly filled; he was lost in the pleasure.

He came out of his fog slightly at the feel of Derek's strong hard wrapping out his cock, pumping him in time with the teen's bounces.

The room was filed with the filthy sound of skin hitting skin and two men lost in ecstasy. Chests heaving and hearts pounding was Derek's new favorite sound.

"Derek! I'm gonna…fuuuck!" Stiles cried out in warning as he came hard, cum shooting in ropes all over Derek's chest and hand. The feeling of Stiles clenching down tightly around Derek's cock as he rode out his orgasm was just enough to send Derek hurtling over the edge.

Derek gripped down tightly on Stiles' hips hard enough to leave bruises as he filled Stiles' up. Derek felt his own juices drip out of Stiles and down over his balls as he lay paralyzed in pleasure.

Stiles collapsed onto Derek with a humph as his heart tried not to explode in his chest. Derek reached for a discarded piece of clothes, wiping them both clean.

"Well that certainly was…"

"Amazing?" Stiles finished Derek's thought for him as he curled up next to the man, head resting on the Alpha's chest.

Derek kissed the top of Stiles' head in agreement as they both drifted off to sleep.


Hours later the two sleeping lovers were abruptly woken to the sound of heavy footsteps rushing up the stairs and the bedroom door being slammed open, hitting the wall.

"Stiles! I just talked to Deaton he said something happened with Derek…What the fuck!"

Stiles heart caught in his throat as he made eye contact with his best friend.

"Scott!" Yelped out the teen. "I can explain…"

The End!

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