Selina Couple Matcher

Selina's Pov

I'm back, now I am going to get Jasper. How am I going to get them together? Should I give Piper a make-over? NO, she would kill me with that weapon of ,I know exactly what to , where is Jake from the Apollo cabin. Oh, there he is.

"Jake I need a favor from you" He replied "What is it sweet heart" I said "I need you to flirt with my half-sister Piper when she is talking to Jason" He said "Sure thing Sweety"

I'm watching Piper and Jason from behind a bush. There is Jake coming up to them right now. Let see what happens. Jake said "Do you have a sunburn ,or are you always this hot?" Piper stared blushing and Jason looked really asked "Piper I wa-" he was cut off by Jason saying "Piper can I talk to you in private please"

Piper and Jason went inside The Zeus cabin. I ran up to Jake and started to whisper and yell at the same time."You weren't suppose to ask her out" He said "Sorry, I thought that's what you wanted me to do" I said "Your lucky it lets wait out here to see what happens"

In the Zeus cabin

Jason and Piper's Pov

(A/N I'm going to underline what Piper is saying just incase you get confused)

Jason asked "Are you seriously falling for that?" Piper asked "What are you talking about?"Jason said "Those cheesy pick-up lines" Piper said "Well it's the first time a boy has showed interest in me and I think he was going to ask me out. So, I'm going to say yes!" Piper was walking out the door.

Jason thought I love you Piper McLean. Piper turned around went up to him and kissed him and said "I love you too" Jason asked "Did I just say that out loud" Piper laughed and shook her head yes. Piper grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the are going to show everyone at camp that they are a couple.

End of Zeus cabin scene

Selina's Pov

I see Jason and Piper walking out of the Zeus cabin hand in hand. Yes, I did it and I'm still behind the bush. Oh no I got dirt on my skirt. Well that happens when you put two people together. I did it they are together. Mission complete. I hope Mom is proud of me.

Aphrodite's Pov

I am very proud of her.I wonder which couple she will get together.

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