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Anyway, we pick up here where Harry meets with Carlisle, Kingsley, and Hermione to figure out if he's truly pregnant. The diagnosis is said, and then we go to a discussion on the upcoming meeting in front of the Wizenagamot. This might not be as long as the last chapters, but it's a filler until I can write up the next one.

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Harry and Caius' quarters:

"Are you alright Harry?"

"I don't know Caius, I don't know." Harry was sitting on the big armchair in his and Caius' quarters, where he'd been for hours after Aro talked to him a few days ago.

'Pregnant…I might be pregnant…' Harry knew that when he became a vampire he would be giving up any chances of having more children, but to hear this…that he might be pregnant while he's a vampire completely baffled him.

Aro had sent word to Carlisle and Kingsley, hoping the two of them could help in any way possible. Harry also wrote to Hermione, asking her to come with Kingsley but keep it discreet until they knew more. If he truly was pregnant he didn't know what to think, Desiree wasn't even a year old and she might have a sibling growing inside him. Ginny…what would Ginny think if she saw him now? If she knew?

'She'd want you to be happy, you talked about it.' he remembered the talk they had in case either of them ever found someone else. Harry wanted Ginny happy and Ginny wanted Harry happy, they agreed once the divorce was finalized they could start seeing other people. Of course Harry hadn't planned on it on account of the baby, focusing more on fatherhood first, but things changed when he met Caius.

"Harry." Caius knelt down in front of Harry and took his hands in his. "It'll be alright."

"I know, but Caius we didn't think this was possible. I thought Dessy was going to be it, just her, and us, but now…" he kept touching his stomach, feeling the same movements from before.

"We'll figure this out, trust me Tesoro." smooth lips kissed Harry's forehead.

"Is Desiree still asleep?" Harry decided to change the subject.

"She is, otherwise we would hear her love." Caius held up the baby monitor, reminding Harry the girls were watching Desiree. Vivienne and Eliana were overly excited about a possible new baby, as were everyone else living in the castle but Harry still worried.

"I just wish they'd get here already." Harry sighed.

Knock knock knock

"Come in." Caius called and the door cracked open.

"They're here masters." that was Jane.

"Where are they?"

"The main study, the others have gathered in there as well."

"Thank you Jane, we'll be there shortly." Harry heard Jane leave and stood up. He followed Caius out of their rooms and towards the study. Kingsley, Hermione, Aro, Marcus, Severus, and Carlisle plus the twins were all there.

"Hello there Harry." Kingsley nodded at him. "You look good."

"Thank you Kingsley, sorry we had to call you out here." Hermione went up and hugged Harry, Caius didn't seem to mind.

"We don't mind Harry, nothing huge is happening at the Ministry and we can't help but come see you." she kissed his cheek. "Ron sends his love, but he couldn't get away from work anyway." she winked.

"Yeah send my love back, and thank Arthur for the toys he sent Dessy."

"Oh I will, now…" she reached into her purse and pulled out a book titled 'Magical Mommy and Baby'. "I picked this up from McGonagall, she was more than happy to provide the most accurate information we have on magical pregnancies." Harry rolled his eyes.

"Hermione you know I can't memorize a book like you." she smirked.

"That's why I took the liberty of reading it myself, finished it this morning. It covers everything from pregnant witches to expecting wizards and magical creature pregnancies; one chapter for each known, though we might be adding to it later."

"I told you she was resourceful." Kingsley looked at Aro.

"That she is, now…Harry are you alright?" Harry smiled slightly.

"I'm fine, just…let's get this done." he took a seat in the chair Caius pulled up for him. "I know what Bella went through in her pregnancy, but I don't know if I'll be having any similarities."

"Only one way to find out, I have my machines in the next room all ready for testing. We'll see if you're actually pregnant, and then we'll run some tests with Ms. Granger here to see if anything is amiss." Harry quirked a dark eyebrow at him. "Other than the obvious of course."

"Alright, let's get this done." Harry let Carlisle lead him into the next room with everyone else behind them. Harry normally didn't mind a crowd, but this was a bit personal though they all had a right to know the truth.

"We'll start with an ultrasound, to see if there is a baby present. Ms. Granger could you hand me the cream on the table?" Hermione grabbed a tube and handed it to Carlisle. "Harry sit down over here, and lift your shirt just above your belly." Harry sat on a chair and did as told, Carlisle put on some gloves and rubbed the cream over his stomach.

"Does your family know?"

"I told Alice and Edward to keep quiet for now, we'll know more after this." he turned on the ultrasound machine, punched a few buttons and pulled up a rod-like tool. The screen was blank for now, but on. "Now let' see…" placing the end of the rod on Harry's bare stomach Carlisle moved it around slightly until an image popped up on the screen.

"Oh…" Harry gasped at what he saw, and he heard a few gasps go around the room as well.

"It's…" Hermione whispered.

"There's definitely a baby in there." something was moving around on the screen, but from the way the picture looked it was almost like it was…kicking.

"Our child." Caius whispered in Harry's ear.

"Wait…why does it look so developed?" Hermione turned to Harry. "When did you first think you were pregnant?"

"Not too long ago…not even a week ago." Harry looked back at the screen. "How far along does it look?"

"Based on the movements and images, I'd say eight weeks." Harry's eyes widened. "This child is definitely growing fast, but for how fast we'll need to keep checking." Carlisle looked at Harry's stomach. "You definitely have a bulge growing, but it's not noticeable unless you look close enough."

"So it's fast growing, but not as fast as Renesmee." Aro stared at the screen with awe.

"Possibly slower because of the magic." Hermione spoke up. "Magical pregnancies can vary in time depending on if it's between two magical beings like witches and wizards, magical creatures like elves or veela, even combinations each one is different."

"Though we've never heard of this." Kingsley sighed. "A wizard-turned vampire and a natural vampire, this astounds us all."

"Incredibly." Marcus touched Severus' arm.

"The magic must be what's allowing Harry to conceive and give birth, it still exists in him as we've seen. This will definitely be a new one for our world."

"I'm sure you'll add it to the books eh?" Harry chuckled. "Do you want me to record all that goes on?"

"No, just keep an open eye or let Aro read your thoughts and he might be able to make a book of it." that got everyone laughing, except Severus who just smirked.

"That's for later, this might change the meeting." Caius looked to his brothers. "Now that we've confirmed Harry is pregnant, he cannot go with us to the meeting."

"Of course I can." Harry sounded determined. "I'm not going to let this bother me."

"Harry, we don't know if this pregnancy is a risk or not. You can't fly or disapparate, and floo won't work until we have one set up in the study." Aro looked to Kingsley. "We will continue with the meeting, but Harry will remain behind."

"I think I agree Harry." Hermione patted his shoulder. "Other than the pregnancy, there's Molly."

"What about her?" he wondered if she'd snapped again.

"She's been getting better, seeing a healer and all but…since we mentioned you might be visiting she's been acting odd. We can't be sure if anything's wrong, and you can't be stressed out right now."

"But…" Caius stopped him.

"I think we should stay behind tesoro, Aro, Marcus, Ms. Granger, and Severus will handle everything."

"You should listen Harry." that time Severus stepped up. "You are in a delicate situation right now, besides if Molly Weasley is as you've said, she will not like the idea of you mated and impregnated by a vampire. She's just beginning to get better, but you don't need to fight with her."

"There's also a possible chance this will strain your magic." Kingsley held out his hand for the book, Hermione handed it over and he flipped through some pages. "Magical pregnancies in the case of two men tend to be a bit more strenuous than with an average magical couple. Your body is adjusting to the change, so most of your powers are going to be protecting the baby. You'll weaken, but not in a life-threatening way unless you try to use your magic abruptly."

"In the case of if you were in danger and tried to defend yourself, naturally your magic would react to protect you and the baby but at the same time it could drain your energy. That alone would cause complications, from mere fainting to miscarriage." if Harry could pale right now he would, but the horrified look in his eyes said it all.

"Easy love." Caius' cool lips on his neck helped calm him.

"I…" Harry thought for a moment, they were right about Molly he couldn't be stressed out. If all Hermione and Kingsley were saying was true, he could likely hurt himself and the baby. They knew nothing about this, not between a wizard/vampire and a normal vampire, so they didn't know what to expect.

"Harry if you need time to talk this over we can leave."

"No." Harry broke out of his thoughts and looked at Kingsley. "No, you're right. I shouldn't overwork myself, I need to be sure me and the baby will be safe and I know we will be. I'll…I'll skip the meeting but if it's not too much to ask can you please not mention this?" he pointed at his belly. "You can tell them I'm…friends with the Volturi but nothing that could have anyone popping over here uninvited."

"We can do that, no one needs to know everything yet." Kingsley would keep the mating a secret until Harry was ready to announce it himself. That would likely require more meetings in the future, but they had time to plan ahead.

"Harry did Bella ever tell you about her pregnancy?" Harry nodded. "Good, you can call and talk to her if you wish."

"That'd be an idea, but she said her pregnancy lasted a month, and then three months after Renesmee was born she was as big as a four year old. How can we know if this one grows the same?" Carlisle gave a kind smile.

"We'll only know when he or she comes, and if you're lucky this one might be a boy. It's a bit soon to tell, but we'll know more as it progresses."

"Something else Carlisle, you couldn't see Renesmee on the ultrasound correct?" Aro asked. "I wonder how you can see this one…magic no doubt or…it's not a full vampire like us perhaps."

"Possibly, vampires don't age and if this were a vampire child it'd be stuck as an infant."

"Do not call my baby an it." Harry growled and Kingsley stepped back a bit.

"Forgive me Harry, I meant no offense." the others chuckled.

"Sounds like those hormones are coming." Severus muttered.

"Shut up you old bat." Harry leaned back in the chair and Carlisle cleaned off his stomach. "A baby…and Dessy's not even a year old yet."

"We'll manage love, don't worry." Caius kissed his head again. "Ms. Granger, the book if you please?" Kingsley gave it back and Hermione marked a place in the book.

"That chapter's all about male pregnancies, it'll be of good help. Harry…there is something else I'd like to ask if you're up to listen."

"Sure Mione what is it?" Hermione sighed.

"Desiree's name is down for Hogwarts, and I'm sure this baby will be too. Do you have a plan on that?"

"We've actually talked about moving to London, the entire Volturi is thinking about it." Harry looked to Aro.

"You have?" Kingsley stared at the leaders.

"Nothing is set in concrete yet Minister, but we have discussed it. We have homes in London we can use, of course they are spread out but it's nothing we can't handle." Aro assured him and looked to Harry. "Caius I think you and Harry need to talk though, we'll finish this up."

"Good idea." Caius spent no time lifting Harry into his arms and running out of the study into their rooms again.

"Hey!" Harry yelped when Caius set him down on the bed, gently though. "Not funny."

"You love it." the dark-haired one smirked.

"I do, lucky for you." they shared a quick kiss and a knock came at the door. "Come in." it opened a crack and Eliana's head poked inside.

"So is it true?" she had a mischievous glint in her eyes. "You're really pregnant?" they stared at her.

"It's true…"

"YEEEE!" Eliana cheered and jumped until she caught Caius around the neck. "Congratulations big brother! I get to be an aunt again!" Caius laughed and hugged her back as tightly as she hugged him, and Harry couldn't help but join in.

"Hey now no rough-housing." Vivienne came in holding Desiree, who reached for her papa.

"There's my little dove." Harry took her without fuss, and she glanced down at his stomach. "Oh…" he felt something move again, and Desiree put her tiny hands against his shirt. "You feel the baby too?"

"Gah." that was her answer.

"She must've sensed the child." Vivienne smiled. "I think magical children have an apt for these things."

"They do." Caius put the book down on the dresser. "We can cover more of that later, Aro and the others are talking about the meeting but we aren't going."

"Because of the baby." Eliana knew it. "Good idea."

"Yeah, this is unheard of so it's a risk. I wonder if you'll get any odd cravings though, since you have a child growing inside you he or she might want food instead of blood."

"Renesmee wanted blood when Bella was pregnant, but Bella was still human and Edward being a vampire the trait just passed. Thing is though, Bella didn't have magic but she still survived. She had Edward and the other Cullens."

"True, but hey you can still compare with her. I'm sure once Carlisle breaks the news the other Cullens will come by in a flash. Though that Rosalie girl…" Vivienne frowned.

"I know, she's desperate for a child but…" Harry stopped for a minute, not wanting to bring it up further. "Let's not get into that yet." he leaned back onto the pillows with Desiree babbling at his stomach, gently patting it with her tiny palms.

"Alright, Harry needs rest now you two go find Aro I'm sure he'll want to speak with you about this."

"Sure I need to see Carlisle anyway, c'mon Elly." Vivienne practically yanked Eliana out of the room leaving the couple and child alone. Caius picked Dessy up and started blowing raspberries on her tummy, and she giggled so loudly it was infectious. Harry loved seeing this moment between them, part of him wished that Ginny was here to see it too.

'Ginny…' suddenly Harry felt terrible, remembering how he had the love and life that Ginny should've had too. Her death still haunted him, and he now wondered what she would think if she saw him again. He knew he'd thought this not too long ago, but he still kept it in his head.

"Love?" Caius saw him staring at Desiree, and he broke out of his mind.

"Sorry Caius, I was just thinking about Ginny." he stroked Desiree's cheek. "I wish she could see this, she deserved this happiness too." Caius was quiet for a moment.

"I'm sure she'd be happy for you, that you and her child are being cared for and protected." he sighed. "Athenodora I know would be scorning me, but your Ginny, from what you've told me might've been glad that you have someone to love you both."

"Maybe, but I still wish I could see her again to know." he shouldn't wish that, he should know Ginny would be happy, but still.

"Harry I believe you should talk with Hermione about this sometime, didn't she and her husband know Ginny more than you?"

"They did, but I don't know how to ask." he felt Desiree move towards him. "C'mere sweetie." he kissed her. "You look so much like your mummy, she would've loved you to no end."

"Ma." she spoke, but looking directly at Harry. "Ma."

"Me? No Dessy I'm not mummy, I'm Papa." Desiree looked up at Caius.

"Papa." their eyes widened.

"She…" Harry gasped.

"Called me papa." that was unexpected. "She thinks you're her mother, and I'm her father."

"Now I'm even more worried." Harry spotted the picture of Ginny on the shelf, her smile just shining in the photo like sunlight. "Caius grab that will you?" he pointed at it and Caius did so. "Dessy, this is your mummy."

"Ma ma." Desiree pointed at the picture, and then looked back at Harry. "Mama."

"That's a bit odd." Caius was stunned. "She knows this is her mother, but she also thinks you're her mother."

"Seeing as I've babied her thus far it is a little odd." Harry sighed. "What a mess this is."

"Indeed, but it's our mess darling." Caius kissed him and Desiree again. "Tonight though…it'll just be us together." he kissed Harry's neck.

"Caius no…" he giggled slightly. "Not with the baby present."

"Alright, but tonight you are all mine." they shared another kiss, and they spent the rest of the afternoon with Desiree. Caius took the chance to feed her and put her to bed, but while Harry was changing into more comfortable clothing he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror. He saw the bulge, and ran his hand over it to feel the baby move again.

'You my child, you are special just like your sister. I know we weren't prepared for this, but your papa and I will love you no matter what.'

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