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Harry Potter and the 7 Reincarnated Spirits

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Chosen 7

There are many pantheons of gods… many... They all create or destroy. Take vengeance or are merciful.

And sometimes they get bored…

A group of gods one day did this.

"Want to create a new Harry Potter verse?" asked one.

"Sure why not…" responded another.

And so a bunch of very bored gods got together and began to spitball ideas.

"Let's have him be the heir of Gryffindor… and maybe Slytherin since you got it by conquest." Said one.

"What about the other houses?" asked a goddess.

"Ravenclaw… sure that will be fun, but not Hufflepuff, they already got heirs running around..." Responded the one who came up with the idea.

"So evil Weasleys?" asked another.

"I'm tired of that… let's make them good." Said another, "Dumbledore too… because I'm getting sick of those universes…"

"Oh I got the perfect idea! Let's not make Harry over powered." Said the goddess.

They all stared at her.

"Here me out!" she said, "what if we also made a crossover verse, one where 7 different people are reincarnated as Harry's classmates no one seems to notice."

"That's so crazy it just might work!" said the one whop came up with the idea.

They began to come up with ideas of who the 7 should…e to the magical nature of the number). It was decided that these people will be from anime verses and then someone came up with this idea.

"Let's not only have all girls but also have the harem law in tact!" said the one who first agreed to it.

"Brilliant!" said the one who first agreed to it.

"I have an idea! Let them not be dead but cloned souls!" said the goddess.

"Why?" asked the one who came up with the idea.

"To mix things up." Said the goddess.

They all shrugged and decided maybe it was a good idea.

And so they began their list of anime girls. They all drew straws who would chose the anime girls.

The goddess was the first choice.

"I chose Nico Robin from One Piece." Said the goddess, "And the point in time sometime after the Enies Lobby Incident."

Another goddess had second choice.

"I chose Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica, a few seconds before she gets head chomped." Said the second god.

"What seriously?" asked the god who came up with the idea.

"It would make things interesting plus she needs to catch a break." Said the second goddess.

The one who first agreed to it was next.

"I choose Momo Hinamori from Bleach, set before Aizen fakes his death." Said the one who agreed to it.

They all stared at him.

"Like Mami I think she needs to catch a break…" he explained.

One who decided on no evil Weasleys or Dumbledore chose next.

"I pick Shampoo from Ranma ½ and sometime after the Pantyhose Taro incident since I can't come up with a good spot."

Another goddess stepped up.

"I choose Haruna Salome from Negima and sometime after Mahora Fest."

All of them stared at her, it was much stranger than the other choices.

"Why her?" asked the one who started the idea.

"I think she'll provide levity." Said the goddess.

The next who was the one who suggested Evil Weasleys.

"I choose Ino Yamanaka from Naruto… sometime after she avenges her Sensei…" said the god.

"See, that's why levity is needed." Said the third goddess.

The one who started all of this had a final choice.

"I chose Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail sometime after the Tower of Heaven Incident." Said the one who came up with the idea.

They all shuddered in fear.

"Poor Voldie." Said the second Goddess.

"It's going to be fun…" said the third.

They began the preparations for the new universe.

After deicing on the personalities of their parents and which girls to use along with a few other details (such as Veela) they started up the universe.

Now they just ad toe retrieve those souls…

One Piece World…

The party celebrating the return of Robin and the defeat of the CP9.

Robin smiled at Luffy antics. That was when she felt herself being pulled away. For a brief second she thought she saw her body still enjoying the party.

Naruto World…

Ino was laying in her bed. After all that happened she needed it.

She couldn't believe everything that happened the last few days.

That was when she felt as if she was being pulled away, for a brief second she saw her body and realized it had something to do with her soul.

Madoka Magical World…

Mami stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. The witch was about to eat her.

That was when she felt herself being pull away. She wasn't sure but she could have sworn she saw her body being eaten by that Witch.

Fairy Tail World…

Team Natsu just got back from the Akane Resort and were just given a tour of the new Guild Hall…

While everything was different one thing remained: opt wasn't uncommon for a bar brawl!

Suddenly Erza felt herself being pulled away for a brief second she thought she saw her body still beating the crap of her fellow guild members because of her cake.

Ranma ½ World:

Shampoo was delivering noodles while think of her latest plan to win over Ranma.

That was when she felt being pulled away. For a brief second she thought she saw her body still going to deliver.

Negima World:

Haruna was working on her latest manga. Thanks to her new powers thanks the Pactio she was able opt get her work down in record time.

That was when she felt herself being pulled away and for a brief second she saw her body still working on her manga.

Bleach World:

Momo was walking to Capitan Aizen's quarters thinking about what's been going on especially what happened with Renji.

That was when she felt herself being pulled away and for a brief second she saw herself enter Captain Aizen's quarters.

All 7 of them found themselves in a great room surrounded by cloaked figures.

"Where are we?" asked Robin.

"I don't know…" said Mami.

"We are in the realm of gods." Said one of the cloaked figures, "And you 7 has been chosen for a very important task."

"Okay! Who are you?" asked Ino.

"We are gods!" said another the cloaked figures.

"Each one of you have been chosen for this task to protect one young Harry Potter."

"Wait why me?" asked Haruna, "I mean you could have chosen someone else."

"Haruna Saotome. You have been chosen due to your skill with art and you're personality will give levity for dark times to come."

Haruna smirked.

"Shampoo you have been chosen thanks tot Amazonian heritage and skills with potions and other things." Explained one of the other cloaked figures.

Shampoo was still confused.

"Mami Tomoe, you have been chosen not only for facing danger and protecting the innocent but also your skills." Said another cloaked figure.

Mami smiled.

"Momo Hinamori you have been chosen for your skill out of all of the female Lieutenants you were deemed the best suited for this mission." Said yet another cloaked figure.

"I see…" said Momo realizing why Yachiru and Nemu would not be among them, but still unsure why she was chosen.

"Nico Robin, you're knowledge and intelligence along with your powers it was deemed fit that you are one chosen mission." Said still yet another cloaked figure.

Robin smiled.

"Ino Yamanaka. Thanks to the loyalty of how you care about, and your families Justus is the reason why you were chosen." Explained yet another cloaked figure.

"Yeah…" said Ino very unsure why she was the one chosen thinking that Sakura or Hinata probably would have been better choices.

"And Erza Scarlet." Said the cloaked figure who was clearly the leader, "You have been chosen due your great skill which I need not go into details of…"

"Seriously!" yelled both Ino and Haruna.

"So what is this mission?" asked Robin.

"All 7 of you will be reincarnated in order to properly protect a boy named Harry Potter." Said the leader, "He is a young wizard and his mortal enemy is a being who has deified death that he needs to be taken care of."

"Wait… reincarnated." Said Haruna.

"Wait are you saying… we're dead?" asked Robin in shock.

All but Mami were in shock…

"No… no… You consciousness has been split in half then both sides were made whole again... All but one of you are still alive." Said the leader of the cloaked figures.

"Who's the one who died?" asked Ino.

"It was me." Sighed Mami, "Though I don't understand why you didn't just reincarnate me…"

"It's complicated Mami… very, very complicated." Said the leader.

"So wait… we're clones then?" asked Haruna.

"Well I'd put more like literal slip personalities…" said a cloaked woman.

"Now all of your will retain your abilities. However some changes will be made. Mami, you will no long require a Soul Gem to transform. Momo, you're Soul Reaper abilities will be more of a transformation rather than leave your body and everyone can see you as one. Haruna you will no longer need a contract to gain your items. Erza copies of all of your armors and weapons as been added to a greatly expanded hyperspace and Shampoo your curse will become a gift you will be able to turn in a cat at will and Robin you will no longer be weak in the water." Explained the leader.

"Oh wow! Awesome." Said Haruna.

"Thank you so much." Said Mami.

"This is really weird." Said Ino, "And why didn't I get an updated ability?"

"Because I'm afraid were weren't able to give you one…"

Ino sighed.

"Now we have given you a book about your new world and you be given one month to get to know each other. Then all of you be reincarnated… Don't worry we have made sure that all of your will be able to meet up before you're need to protect Harry."

All of the gods vanished.

Almost everyone just gaped as the gods vanished.

"Well this is interesting." Said Robin with a mysterious smile.

Over the course of the month they all got to know each other.

Haruna was amazed but the fact that her partners in this were a Chinese Amazon, a pirate, a soul reaper and a magical girl…

She had to explain to Erza that she was the partner to a mage and one of her classmates was a ninja so they didn't impress her much.

After a few days they managed to pry the information from Mami about her "death". Everyone agreed to drop it.

They also managed to pry the information from Shampoo who was the least happy with this situation why she didn't like it.

"Oh it's about a guy…" said Haruna, "That's pretty shallow."

"Why you…" muttered Shampoo.

They also learned about each other's abilities. Robin realized that one of them had a kill different than the others, Shampoo's was hand to hand combat, Momo's was energy attacks (with some other abilities thrown in), Ino's was infiltration and healing, Mami's was long range weapons, Erza's short range weaponry and her own and Haruna's were unpredictable.

Also Robin read the entire book and explained what kind of world they would be in. Mami had to get used to the fact that the term "Witch" wasn't a bad think, and Erza and Mami had to get used to the fact that magic was different.

Haruna was new when it came to magic so she didn't really have to.

However eventually the month was up and the gods returned.

"We will give you a few pointers and gifts when the time is right…" said the gods, "And I said before we have chosen your parents perfectly."

All 7 of them vanished in a bright light.

"Look like we have to wait for a while…" said one of the gods.

"Let's go make some cream cheese." Said another.

Everyone else stared at that one… extremely confused.

In the Harry Potter world…

About 3 years later…

Christopher Turpin was fascinated by Muggle-borns. He always wondered where they came from. In school he befriended one name Sonya, she had heard stuff about genetics.

He came up with a theory involving Muggle-borns. They were descended by squibs.

He and Sonya began to work on the theories and tested out new ways (in conjunction with Gringotts) to find ways to determine a wizard's genetic background… along the way the two fell in love, got married and had a daughter named Lisa.

But that was besides the point, it was discovered that Sonya was a very distant relative of the Malfoy family. And soon they recruited a few other Muggle-Borns in order the publish a book.

They met up with Jonathan and Patty Perks to run their tests, both of them were Muggle-borns and a Married Couple.

"We brought along our daughter." Said Patty.

"That's okay." Said Sonya, "She can play with ours."

They both looked at they're daughter who was a three old with red hair.

"So what's your name?" asked Christopher.

She refused to answer.

"Her name is Sally-Anne." Said Patty.

"You might want to meet our daughter." Said Christopher, "She right upstairs in our library."

"Fine…" said Sally-Anne.

Sally-Anne headed to the house's library.

"Sorry for our daughter's behavior." Said Jonathan.

"She's always so cold, I don't' understand." Said Patty, "She's only three."

"It's fine… our daughter's the same way." Said Christopher.

"I don't get why though…" mumbled Sonya.

Sally-Anne entered the library and found Lisa, was girl with black hair reading a book no three year old should.

"Oh hello…" said Lisa with a mysterious smile, "You wouldn't happen to be Erza would."

Sally-Anne nodded, "Robin?" she asked.

"That's right." Said Lisa.

Indeed Sally-Anne Perks was the reincarnation of Erza Scarlett and Lisa Turpin was the reincarnation of Nico Robin.

About a year later…

Samantha Brocklehurst had a plan. A plan to get back and annoy those who mocked her in school.

She was a teen rebel in her days. She fell was a pureblood who fell in love with a Muggle. He and her got married, partially out of spite against her pure blood parents.

Turns out Paul, her darling husband had founded Brocklehurst industries which was now one of the most powerful Muggle Companies in Britain.

Samantha always had fun with revenge and decided a grand ball was in order. After her family bought an old large warding mansion she set up her plan to show up the old pure bloods while also inventing other people she knew to balance it out.

Of course the shot was anonymous… so when the hosts were announced almost eve single bigoted pure blood was in shock that one of the hosts was a Muggle.

There was also a children's room, after all they had a young daughter named Mandy and it would be a good for to meet other children.

"So your father is a Muggle?" asked one Draco Malfoy.

"That's right. And the mansion was bought with my father's money." Said Mandy who had long black hair that seemed to have a greenish tint, "My dad was nothing less than 10 years ago, but I bet he can buy your daddy!"

Draco was accompanied by two very large boys. The boys went to attack Mandy. However a blonde girl got in front of.

"What do you think you're doing Moon?" asked Draco.

"You really think it's a good idea to beat her up." Said the girl, named Lily Moon, who was part of one of the less powerful pureblood families.

However both large boys ignored Lily and ran over to Mandy. But before they could hit her another girl, this time with long black hair that seemed to have a blue tint caught both of their punches as it was nothing. She then proceeded tossed the two in a way no four year old could.

"What do you think your doing Davis?" asked Draco.

The girl, named Tracey Davis glared at Draco.

"You're stupid." Said Tracey.

"What!" yelled Draco.

"Hey! Can we talk?" asked Mandy.

She grabbed Tracey's hand and lead her away to a small play suture that was in the room.

"What? "asked Tracey.

"That was pretty good Tracey… or should I saw Shampoo…" said Mandy.

Tracey smirked.

"So you caught on." Said Tracey.

"Hey didn't you used to have speech impediment?" asked Mandy.

Tracey sighed, "My new parents drilled it out of me." Said Tracey.

"I see." Said Mandy.

"I heard everything." Said Lily coming in.

"How can you hear everything" asked Mandy.

"You two don't honestly don't recognize me, do you?" asked Lily.

"Hey… I remember now." Said Mandy, "You're Mami right?"

Lily fell to the ground, "Ino!" yelled Lily.

"Oh yeah…" said Mandy.

"There's two blondes remember." Mumbled Tracey.

"Oh… right…" said Mandy.

Indeed Mandy Brocklehurst was Haruna Saotome, Lily Moon was Ino Yamanaka and Tracey Davis was Shampoo.

Three months later at Flourish and Blotts.

Megan Jones was looking through books. She was a girl that had just turned five, she had brown hair that was put into a ponytail. As she was looking through the book she didn't noticed a large stack next to her that was going to topple.

That was when heard a cry of "look out."

She saw the stack tumbling over her. However she felt her someone tug on her arm out of the way, thankfully she was hurt.

"You okay?" asked a girl the same age as her with blond hair put into two curtly pigtails.

"I'm fine." Respond Megan. That was when she saw the ribbon on her arm that was dissolving.

"Did you do this?" asked Megan.

"Yes…" said the girl.

Megan realized something.

"Does the name Mami ring a bell?" she asked.

The girl's eyes winded, then realized, "Momo?" she asked.

Megan nodded.

"Fay are you all right?" asked the girl's mother.

"I'm fine." Said the girl named Fay.

"Megan! Honey!" said Megan's mother running towards her.

"I'm fine… Fay saved me." Said Megan.

The two mother's struck up a conversation with Megan's mother treating Fay to ice cream.

That December…

The Brocklehurst family decided to host another wizarding balls. But this time host families that they knew they would get along with.

In the playroom, Mandy sighed with her two friends by her side.

"They invited the Smith family?" asked Lily, "Oh, I hate them!"

"What's so wrong with them?" asked Mandy.

"I've met Zacharias! He's such a jerk." Said Lily.

"Mom gave me the list to the guest's kids… he's coming along with other kids too!" said Mandy.

"Any girls that we never met yet?" asked Tracey.

"Oh yeah, lots!" said Mandy giving the thumbs up.

"Let's hope we find another one… it's been to long…" sighed Ino.

During the kid's party, Zacharias Smith was teasing a boy named Neville Longbottom.

"I can't believe they invited you." Said Zacharias.

"Why?" asked Neville.

"Aren't you a Squib? They should have left you out." Said Zacharias.

"That's not a very nice thing to say." Said Megan Jones coming to Neville's defense.

"But it's true." Said Zacharias.

This hit Neville hard.

Fay (who's last name was Dunbar) was comforting Neville.

"You know… my parents keep proving that Muggle-Borns are decedents of Squibs." Said Lisa Turpin making her presence known.

"Well… it takes years for that to happen!" said Zacharias.

"So…" said Sally-Anne who was with Lisa.

"Are you causing trouble?" asked Mandy, "Because I'll tell me my mom and you don't like her when she takes revenge…"

Mandy was flanked by Lily and Tracey.

"Brno… I'm not causing problems." Said Zacharias hearing stories about Tracey, "I have to go."

Neville started crying.

"It's true! I'm a squib!" cried Neville, "I can't even do accidental magic."

That was when Tracey punched him.

"What was that for!" cried Neville.

"You're a boy… you shouldn't be crying." Said Tracey.

"But…" cried Neville.

Tracey was about to hit him again, however Sally-Anne grabbed her arm.

"That's enough." Said Sally-Anne.

Tracey began to sweat… then she realized something.

"Erza." Said Tracey.

Sally-Anne smirked.

Neville was confused by what "Erza" meant. But the girls around all smiled.

They were finally fully united.

Over the course of the next few years they became the closest of friends… mostly because they all had the minds of teenagers and adults…

They even decided to use their past lives as "nicknames for each other". They're parents all became friends, though not as close.

Through the years, Tracey (or rather Shampoo) got a gift from the gods… a goblin made set of Chui.

Her parents were confused but when they contracted the goblin nation it was explained that they got the payment from anonymous source that wasn't her to have them.

But other than that they hadn't heard anything from them.

Until the day they all got their Hogwarts letters, they tot another one.

"Shop on the 31st, you will meet him then."

They all got in contact through a magic mirror that Mandy (well Haruna) all bought them.

"Looks like our mission is starting." Said Haruna who now wore glasses much like her past life did..

"Well this will be interesting." Said Lisa (Robin).

"Remember his life is in our hands. So we need to take this seriously." Said Sally-Anne (Erza).

"Whatever…" mumbled Shampoo.

"Let's make sure that no matter happens, we'll stick by him." Said Fay (Mami)

The others agreed and soon they're mission would begin.

Next Time: While shopping for school supplies all 7 girls meet Harry Potter. However Harry never knew he was a wizard until that day and knows nothing about the wizarding world. Thanks to Sonya he takes the heritage test and leans more than he ever expected... What is it? Find out next time!

A/N: About the girls... I am well aware that Fay is brunette and not a blonde... but hey, I had to change it... But yeah, and if you could tell by most of the names you can tell who's in which house... Please no complaints...