Chapter 28: Battling the Basilisk

They all made it down into the chamber, it took a while but they made it. When everyone was down they were surprised that Mami already changed into her Magical Girl outfit.

Well she was the first one to go down.

Momo quickly changed into her Soul Reaper uniform and summoned Tobiume.

"I can sense it, the diary's down here." Said Momo.

Haruna summoned her items.

"Is everyone ready?" asked Erza.

"I am." Said Shampoo taking her Chui out of her bag.

As they went to find the chamber Haruna brought something up.

"Slytherin was a bit of a pervert wasn't he?" asked Haruna.

"What?" asked Harry.

"I know the bathroom must be pretty recent, but I'm sure that place must have a place for female students to freshen up 1,000 years ago." Said Haruna.

Everyone stared at Haruna.

"Please don't bring that up again… this is serous." Muttered Erza.

"Okay…" said Haruna.

Thought inwardly Erza couldn't help but to wonder if Haruna was right.

As they counted they saw something that made them freeze. IT was the Basilisk. However it wasn't moving, Mami walked over to it and examined it.

"Don't worry, it's just its shed skin." Said Mami.

"Oh right…" said Ron, "Giant snake."

They all countrified down into the tunnel, when they came across another door covered snakes.

Harry managed to use Parseltongue for the first try this time. The snakes moved around the door and it opened.

What they saw was a very large chamber. Inside of the chamber was a large stature of Salazar Slytherin, along with snake statures everywhere.

On the floor, Ginny laid unconscious, and standing above her was the image of a young Tom Riddle.

"Ginny!" yelled Ron.

He ran to her, Mami and Ino followed.

Ino touched her neck.

"She has a pulse, but it's weak." Said Ino.

Momo was staring at the image of Tom Riddle, which got clearer and clearer. She sensed it, despite not looking like one he felt like a Hollow.

"What are you." Yelled Momo drawing Tobiume.

"Now, now don't draw your sword." Said Tom polity. "I doubt it will do anything to me. Harry it's good to see you again."

"It's better to play dumb." Whispered Erza.

Harry nodded.

"Tom! We need your help! To find out what's wrong with Ginny." Said Harry.

"I can't." said Tom (which is what he will be called).

"Why not?" demanded Harry.

"Because when she dies, I will turkey be alive!" said Tom.

"You're draining her life force. Aren't you?" asked Momo.

"My aren't you perceptive." Said Tom, "You're right, I am…"

"Why?" asked Harry.

"If you must know I was the one behind it." Said Tom, "You see when she found me she would write about her problem "Oh Tom Harry's so mean! He keeps calling me by my real name"… "Oh Tom, everyone keeps making fun of me!" I hated all of it."

Harry gritted his teeth.

"However the more she put herself into me it allowed me to put me into her." Said Tom, "Soon enough I was able to control her body…"

Mami's eyes widened while Momo gripped her sword tighter. They remember her pleas from Chimes Break.

"She figured it out, didn't she?" muttered Momo.

"Oh as you noticed." Said Tom, "She did, it did take her a while though... I was surprised that I was able to still take control after she took me back from Harry.

"You made her suffer!" yelled Harry.

"What would you care? You just teased her all the time Harry." Mocked Tom.

Harry gritted his teeth.

"Harry didn't like the fact that she acted like a love sick puppy!" said Haruna.

"Oh it's you." Said Tom, "I'm going to enjoy killing you…"

"You mad about the drawings?" asked Haruna.

"Why do you draw those things!" muttered Tom in disgust.

"Hey things change from when you were kid." Said Haruna.

Tom rolled his eyes.

"Even so I changed my goal after hearing the stories Ginny told." Said Tom, "After all you are the boy who supposal defeated the greatest wizard of all time."

"You have a big head." Said Shampoo.

"What?" asked Tom.

"Nothing…" muttered Shampoo.

"You see none of you noticed." Said Tom who happened to be holding Ginny's wand, "But In mu future I become someone important."

He wrote the name "Tom MARVOLO RIDDLE" in the air with the wand, then he switched the letters around so it now spelled "I AM LORD VOLDEMORT"

There was an awkward silence in the chamber.

"Okay… I can't play dumb any more!" said Shampoo, "You're stupid!"

"What?" asked Tom.

"You're very lucky that your name has the phrase "I am lord"" said Ino.

"I never expected that he got the name from an anagram." Laughed Robin.

"This is serous." Muttered Erza although he got a bit distracted, "Although… he is beyond lucky… to also have the word that means "Flight from death" in French in his name after he took out "I am lord"…"

Tom was steaming in his angry, but then he realized what they said.

"Did you say you were playing dumb?" he asked.

"I knew the whole time you were Voldemort." Said Harry.

Tom was shocked.

"I was trying to get you to tell me the truth, but you never did!" said Harry.

"How did you know?" asked Tom.

"When you attack me as a baby I inherited the title of Heir of Slytherin." Said Harry.

Tom was in shock, but he began to laugh, "That doesn't matter anymore. You're in my domain now. Once I will you I will surpass the man I became."

He hissed at the stature of Salazar Slytherin. The statures mouth opened and the Basilisk came slithering out.

"Prepare to meet your deaths…" said Tom.

"It's the Basilisk…" said Robin.

"All right! Time for the plan!" said Erza.

The girls nodded.

The 7 girls all stood in a line at the same spot.

"Are you sure about this." Said Shampoo.

"I'm sure." Said Erza.

Shampoo grabbed blindfolds and an eye patch. She gave the eye patch to Erza who covered her left eye while the girls expect for Mami covered their eyes.

"Here!" yelled Erza tossing the rest of the blindfolds to Ron and Harry.

"But you're eye." Said Harry.

"I'll be fine." Said Erza.

"I will to..." said Mami.

"Are you sure?" asked Erza.

"I have a trick up my sleeve." Said Mami.

"All right then! I'll take the left you take the right." Said Erza.

Mami nodded.

Erza requiped into the Black Wing Armor while Mami summoned one of her guns.

"Are you insane! Do you both want to die!" said Tom.

Both of them stood in front of the Basilisk. The Basilisk itself was shocked, both were still alive and neither were petrified. They gazed into the basilisk's eyes.

"How is that possible?" asked Tom.

Basilisk was in complete and utter shock. Combined with that it had no idea what a gun was, because of that Mami shot the Basilisk's eye out.

As it hissed in pain, Erza jabbed the other eye with the sword. The basilisk was still a danger but now it didn't have any eyes so that it was at least safe to look at. Everyone took off the blindfolds since it was now safe.

"How dare you!" yelled Tom.

He aimed Ginny's wand Mami and performed a nonverbal curse on Mami.

"Mami!" yelled Momo.

They watched in horror as it hit. However Mami's body exploded in a shower of ribbons.

"Sorry about that…" said Mami appearing out of the shadows of the room, "I realized that if you knew I could do that you guys would give away that it was a clone."

"A clone?" asked Ino.

"You can do that?" asked Haruna, "Since when."

"I get it… remember those meetings." Said Robin.

"Oh the ones where she said something went wrong…" said Ino, "Wait…"

They allow turned to Mami, "You really didn't attend any of those meetings!" yelled Ino, Erza and Shampoo.

"Sorry about that but someone needed my help on those days." Said Mami looking at the unconscious Ginny.

"Haruna! Create something to act a barrier to protect Harry, Ron and Ginny. Ino, figure out a way to use your Charka to stabilize her…" said Erza.

"Okay." Said Ino.

"I've already got something in mind." Said Haruna creating a large robot that had giant shields for arms.

Haruna joined Ino since she wasn't a physical fighter.

The giant robot used it's arms to protect them from the fight.

"Momo, you face off against Voldemort while the rest will face the basilisk." Said Erza.

Momo nodded.

Tom was in shock, how did these girls have so much power…

"Who are you!" he yelled out in confusion.

However he had to dodge a bolt of elasticity that came form Momo's hand.

"I could say the same thing to you." Said Momo.

The group facing the Basilisk all got ready to take down the snake, which was now thrashing about. That was when they all heard a song.

"What's that?" asked Harry.

"It's a phoenix song." Said Robin.

That was when Fawkes swooped in holding the Sorting hat. He dropped the hat in front of Erza and mentioned her to pick it up. The bird landed after seeing that the giant snake was already blinded.

Erza picked up the hat, that was when she felt something very heavy inside of the hat and took it out. Turns out it was a sword with rubies adoring the hilt.

"Did Erza just pull a sword out of the sorting hat?" asked Shampoo.

"She did…" said Robin.

"Of course did…" sighed Shampoo.

Mami looked at the Basilisk, "I made a promise to Ginny that I would kill it." She said.

"All right, is everyone ready?" asked Erza knowing that she should use the sword she found in the hat.

They nodded.

"All right!" said Erza.

That was when the Basilisk was suddenly thrown into the air. The cause where a couple dozen arms on the ground thrown it into the air.

"Remember a phoenix's tear can heal Basilisk venom." Said Robin.

"Okay so we can go all out with it," said Shampoo.

Tom on hr. hand was watching in shock.

"Where did those arms come from" he asked.

That was when his arms were suddenly forced behind his back.

"You are a soul… aren't you?" asked Momo, "Or at least a piece of one…"

"You figured it out…" said Tom, "Impressive… I didn't know someone about them…"

"What is he talking about…" thought Momo.

"Though this is impressive magic." Said Tom.

However Momo decided to just ignore him and grab Ginny's wand, which was lying on the floor.

Not far away, both Shampoo and Erza jumped into the air. Shampoo bashed in the basilisk's skull while sliced off part of its maw with the sword she had received.

"Time to finish this!" said Mami.

Mami took off the ribbon around her, causing it to form a very large cannon.

"Tiro Finale!" called out Mami.

The group being protected by the robot heard this shout and the large boom afterwards.

"What was that?" asked Ron.

"Just the Tiro Finale." Said Haruna, "It sounded like one of the medium ones…"

"Tiro Finale?" asked Ron.

Harry and Ino however were concentrating on Ginny. Ino was putting healing Chakra into Ginny's body hoping it would work.

Outside of the robot barrier, the remains of the basilisk started raining down. Tom was shaking in shock.

"How was she able to create that thing!" said Tom.

"I'm not telling you." Said Momo.

However Tom looked at Momo. He decided it was now or never, he managed to free himself from the Kido that Momo had placed on him and tried to reach out at Momo. However Momo turned around and cut off his arm.

Tom watched in shock.

"I'm not as close to Ginny as Mami is… but I was there when she asked us to kill them monster…" said Momo, "What you done is unforgivable!"

That was when she plunged her Zanpakuto into Tom's chest, Tom gave an unearthly scream then exploded in a flash of light.

Nearby the diary laid alone and forgotten, however it began to bleed ink everywhere.

The robot disappeared as Ginny began to wake up.

"What happened?" asked Ginny.

"It's fine now Ginny." Said Mami.

Ginny began to cry, "It's all my fault!" she cried.

"Ginny it's fine." Said Haruna, "Look at the massive pile of snake meat that covers most this place now."

"This worse than the troll." Mumbled Ron.

"It was all me this time." Said Mami.

"We did mange to get a chunk of it." Said Shampoo.

Erza nodded as she reequipped out of her armor.

"I'm going to get expelled." Cried Ginny, "Ever since Bill first went to Hogwarts I always wanted to go and now… now…"

"Ginny it will fine." Said Harry, "I won't let them expel you."

Ginny looked at Harry, her eyes widened, "You called me Ginny."

"Remember Ginny, Harry can do that." Said Haruna.

"He di prevent Dumbledore from getting suspended, I'm sure he can prevent you from getting expelled."

"Ginny…" said Mami de-transforming from her magical girl, "I kept my problems, I killed the monster."

Ginny hugged Mami, "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"Hey! Where did you get the sword?" asked Ron.

"Fawkes gave it to me." Said Erza.

"Fawkes?" asked Ron.

Fawkes trilled happily.

"Apparently it was in the sorting hat." Said Erza.

"So are you going to keep it?" asked Haruna.

"I don't think so… it belongs to Godric Gryffindor." Said Erza she pointed to the fact it had its name on it, "I think it really belongs to Harry."

"What?" asked Harry.

"It belonged to your ancestor, so I think it belongs to you." Said Erza.

"Right." Said Harry.

Harry however was lost in though, he looked at when the most of the remains of the basilisk was.

"He was after me and I didn't even do anything." Thought Harry.

"You okay…" said Ron.

"I'm fine…" said Harry.

Mami let Ginny cry for a while. While Momo picked up the ink stained remains of the diary.

"Okay, everything's fine…" said Ino, "Now how are we going to get out of here?"

Fawkes flew over to Ino and waged his tail feathers.

"I guess that's the way to get out." Said Harry.

Erza grabbed the tail feathers, Mami used her ribbons so Erza could carry the rest on her own.

They knew something was going opt happen once they got back up to the surface… all that was known was that the basilisk was dead… and the school was safe once again...

Next Time: Everything is reported to Dumbledore, nothing only that but the real culprit reveals himself (kind of sort of)... Also everyone celebrates! however Harry is feeling a little down? Why? And what will he do? Find out next time!