It was a regular day in the life of 15 year-old Iki Hiyori... except for the fact that she had slipped out of her body (again) and was busy trying to not get murdered by a youkai.

"Get away!" she screeched as she ran. The 20 foot tall monster slammed one of its 5 limbs on the ground, barely missing Hiyori by inches. She turned as white as paper and her eyes widened with the shock that she was almost made into a pancake. "Eeeeeek!" she screeched again, forcing her legs to run faster. She didn't know what to do. How would she get out of this one?

The monster caught up to her and wrapped it's goo-like arm around Hiyori. "One of us," it said with a twisted voice that switched from low to high pitched. Hiyori struggled to free herself from its grasp, trying to protect her tail for the most part. Just as the monster was about to... eat her? The monster was directing Hiyori's body towards its mouth. Hiyori's skin turned whiter and her eyes got watery. Without thinking, she whispered out the name of the only person that could save her.

"Yato..." she called for the God of Calamity. She shut her her eyes tightly after calling his name, getting ready to be eaten as tears of fear and hopelessness rolled down her cheeks.

"Sekki!" she heard suddenly, but she was too terrified to open her eyes just yet. She kept her eyes closed, listening to the monster growling and the sound of slashing. Suddenly, she felt like the grip around her waste loosened an she started to fall. Just as Hiyori was about to open her eyes to see herself fall to her death, she was caught by someone.

She finally decided to open her eyes, slowly. She blinked a few times to get a better look at what was happening. The shock had made her vision blurred.

The first thing she saw as her sight came back to her, was a pair of bright turquoise ovals that stared back at her. It was then that she realized that she wasn't just being carried, but she was being carried bridal-style.

She instantly started to squirm away in embarrassment, causing her to fall out of Yato's arms and hit the ground.

"Hiyori, are you hurt?" Yato finally spoke, sincere concern in his voice – something that wasn't heard very often.

"I-I'm fine..." Hiyori answered, turning her head away and blushing bright red. She remained sitting on the floor, not knowing how to thank Yato for saving her tail back there.

"Ooooh? You didn't seem fine just a second ago. You were calling my name, the great God Yato's name. 'Yato! Yato!' you were yelling," Yato said with his usual arrogant tone.

"I wasn't yelling!" Hiyori stood up quickly and pouted at Yato, still burning red.

"It's not like she'd ever say your name that way," a third voice piped in.

"Yukine-kun!" Hiyori turned her attention to Yukine, who had gone back to his human form.

"I wasn't the only one who heard her call my name was I? You heard it too. Right, Yukine?" Yato pleaded for Yukine's agreement.

"Did not!" yelled out Hiyori before Yukine could answer the question that was directed towards him. She turned even redder, remembering that she indeed did call Yato's name.

"I didn't hear anything, you Jersey God. Why would she even call your name, when..." Yukine stopped mid sentence and suddenly blushed a little. "Never mind."

"A-anyway, I need to get back to my body. I wouldn't want anything bad happening to it," Hiyori tried to change the subject.

"Where did you leave it?" asked Yato, protecting his eyes from the sun with his hand, which was firmly planted on his forehead as he looked around.

"Uhm... if I recall correctly, I left it..." Hiyori's sentence abruptly started to trail off as soon as Yato turned back to listen to her answer.

"What?" he asked, still with a hint of arrogance in his tone.

"I..." she trailed off again.

Hiyori wasn't sure why, but she just felt hypnotized by Yato's eyes. She couldn't take her eyes off of the turquoise colored ovals. She wasn't thinking straight. All she could think of was staring into his eyes.

"...yori?" Hiyori heard a few muffled voices speaking, but she couldn't even notice the fact that Yato's mouth was moving because she was so hypnotized with those eyes. "Hiyori?"

"Huh? What?" Hiyori snapped out of her trance and gently shook her head. "What is it?"

"Are you sure you're okay?" asked Yukine, who took a step closer to Hiyori.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just got distracted for a moment..." Hiyori looked at Yukine to answer his question. When she turned her attention back to Yato, she felt like her chest had been lightly tapped from the inside.

"We should go find your body. Where was it that you left it?" asked Yato.

"I think I left it by my school," Hiyori finally answered, still thinking about that strange tapping that she felt in her chest. She didn't know why, but she kind of liked the feeling.

"At least my body's still warm after being asleep on the snow," Hiyori commented after going back into her body.

"We really have to find a way for you to stop slipping out of your body," said Yukine.

Hiyori glared at Yato, who gave her back a confused look. "Someone is supposed to be working on that."

"I am working on it," Yato said, defending himself.

"I swear, one day I'm going to be eaten up by a monster." At the mention of her own words, Hiyori turned pale again, remembering her near-death experience.

"Not if you call my name like you did before," teased Yato, bringing up the topic that Hiyori did not want to fall back into.

"I already told you that I didn't call your name!" Hiyori didn't quite understand herself why she had reacted so violently, but she almost bit her tongue after she said it.

Yukine looked like he was about to say something, but Yato interrupted him with his movements. He stepped closer to Hiyori and lowered his face to the height of hers. He looked into her eyes for a second, seeming a little bit surprised of himself by how close he was to her. He moved his mouth right by her ear, but not before turning a little bit pink.

Hiyori froze, feeling that tapping in her chest again. She felt as if the feeling was a guilty pleasure. But why did she feel guilty about it?

Yato finally spoke into her ear, "You can't lie to a God." With those words, chills were sent down Hiyori's spine and senses suddenly heightened. The smell... the unique smell of the God of Calamity filled her nostrils. She loved that smell. But she felt a little bit guilty about that, too. Was it wrong to love the scent that this God gave off? Or to enjoy that lightly painful tapping in her chest?

Yato stepped back, giving Hiyori a teasing smirk. Yukine looked at Yato, trying to keep his jaw from dropping. He hadn't been involved in the whole ear-whispering thing, but for some reason, he found himself blushing a little.

However, nothing could compare to Hiyori's completely cherry-red face. Of course, Yato was too dense to notice that both Yukine and Hiyori were blushing. Hell, he didn't even think that what he had done counted as "flirting" as so many people could have assumed he was doing.

"Hello~ Yato God here!" Yato suddenly blurted out. Hiyori was about to ask him what he was taking about when she noticed that Yato was holding a mobile phone against his cheek. "Mhm... I see. Great! We'll be there right away!." He slammed the upper half of his flip phone unto the bottom half and stuffed the device into his pocket. "Yukine, we have a job."

"What is..." Before Yukine could even finish asking his question, Yato had already transported both of them to the desired location.

Hiyori stood there, looking at where Yukine and Yato had been. Her red face was starting to turn back into its original peach color. She took in a deep breath, feeling both of her guilty pleasures fade away. She looked at her watch. "I should be getting home," she said to herself, starting to make her way towards her house.