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No everyone, Rap's isn't dead. ^_^ Life had, for quite awhile, gotten in the way of my doing ANYTHING I enjoyed. Now back on fanfiction.net, I intend to stay back! Some of you know me, some of you don't, but I want to say a big ol' HI!!! to all the great new authors out there! I'll be reviewing your stories soon, (So many! ^_^) and to everyone who is wondering, 'Save My Tears' will have another chapter out soon. 'Cross the River' might take me a bit longer, but I'll try!

THIS fanfic, will be updated monthly. Um... yay? ^_^
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*Stares at the keyboard in front of her, looking almost woozy*

Wow. About time I started this fic, huh? I've been planning this LOD sequel since the birth of Serdian Zeima- my LOD website. In fact, that is where the quote; "Unlock the soul of existence, and defy the threads of eternity." (Of which is displayed at the top of the opening page.) comes from. It's my tag slogan for COO... and I decided to use it on my webpage. ^_^ In either case, below I have some information regarding this story...

Please- PLEASE read it before moving on to the fic itself.

I have warnings, character and original character brush over stuff, facts you may want to know, and random comments that may yet prove vital to your understanding it better and/or deciding if you even want to READ it.

I really did put alot of work into its planning, and am putting my absolute best into its fabric.


Character Brush Over
~Who is largely involved?

The main characters in 'Cry of Omens' are Albert, Rose, Lloyd, Lavitz, Meru, Miranda, Dart and Shana. This fic also includes Doel, Emily, and her sister Lisa. Haschel and Kongol, I'm afraid, won't have much place in this fic. It's not that I don't enjoy writing for them as characters, but simply that I do not feel I can pull off their representation accurately throughout the course of this fic.

Original Characters
~ Your adding ORIGINAL creations!?? *shakes head* Rap's- for shame... you know how hard it is to get anyone to even LOOK at an original character without getting irritated!!

I DO know that. *Bows her head gently* Guys- just give them a chance, please? *puppy eyes* I have five main original characters total that will be featured in 'Cry of Omens'. Two work with our dragoons, two are the proverbial 'villains', and one... well- you just don't know. I KNOW no one likes original characters because authors may tend to mold their story around said chars. I promise you that in COO, these characters revolve around our favorite originals and are here to help carry the plot. I hope, in time, you'll come to accept them. Just give me the benefit of the doubt, okay? ^_^ They are...


All five of these characters are my original creations, and if you would like to use them in a story or art I would be flattered. ^_^ They are also modified to fit the COO LOD timeline weaved into this fiction from an original novel I've been working on over the years. If you would be interested in knowing more about this, please visit Immortal Inferior-( http://www.raptorjnb.com/immortal/inferior.html ) my personal online site!

Furthermore, If any of you have read my fiction; 'To Stand Alone" ( http://www.raptorjnb.com/serdia/fftsalone.html ) (A story revolving around Rose and Albert) you already know a few tidbits about Marius. I might suggest you read it if you have not as of yet. It's not crucial; but if your a fan of Rose and/or Albert you should enjoy the story, and will learn a bit about Marius in the process.

@_@ Oh!!! And one more thing... The Dragon Angels (of which many of you have seen used in fictions and art.) are my creations; a rarity amongst offspring of one human and one Wingly parent. You can learn more about them by visiting the 'Guardians of Endiness' main site. ( http://www.raptorjnb.com/goe/main.html )I'm also the person who coined the term 'Runner' - in reference to the horse-like creatures seen in LOD. That was just me needing a name for an unnamed species.

^_^ Babbling on, yes, I know... *grins* References can't hurt though, right? Just giving you info that you might find interesting! Now... Warnings... *stamps a bunch of warnings onto COO*

1.) COO will contain violence in varying degree's. If you do not like the idea of seeing your favorite characters hurt and/or tortured, tread warily. No- this isn't for shock value or twisted musings on my part. Everything I write will be relevant to the story, but I can't say it will be for the faint of heart.

2.) COO also contains homosexual interaction between some of the characters involved. No- not any of the original LOD characters. ^_^ It will be strict Shounen ai and not much more... but if this offends you, again, tread warily.

3.) Expect some liberties to be taken with the plot of LOD, for indeed... im screwing with it royally. @_@ Please don't review with flames about this and that not being right- because if they ain't the alteration is intentional and will be explained. Now... if it's just a random goof up? Feel free to beat me. ^_^

4.) Lastly, I am a heavy supporter of Rose/Lloyd and Lavitz/Miranda. Take a guess as to what that might mean for the story... but respect my right to have an opinion on pairings.


ANYWAYS.... @_@ *big ol' sigh* That's all I wanted to say as of right now. ^_^ hehe? I know I've been talking about this fic for awhile, and it's somewhat built up a hype over the months. *Bashfully lowers head* I have no idea if you guys will like this or not. The entire concept may totally flop, and all you LOD peoples will wonder what I was smoking. ^_^ I'm trying though, and I hope, in the end, you'll like it.

As ever and always, tell me what can be improved upon. ^_^ I am eternally open to suggestions! Afterall, suggestions from my friends and readers has made all the difference in helping me both find and pursue a passion for the literary arts. I don't mind being criticized, granted your being constructive. You help me learn! ^_^

*hugs everyone* Thanks! And please enjoy!

Your friendly neighborhood raptorian queen, signing off...