COO Story Note

So. Everyone and their mother's mother thinks I'm dead, and for the past... oh... eight months-? I have been. X_X *Dies sadly* Life. Ate. Me. The same issues that initially tore me away from have returned in full force, and once again the hiatus is extended... and extended... and extended.

So I should probably just say that I don't know when I'll be back, aside that I know it'll be this year. o_O My Legend of Dragoon website will make a comeback right around the same time. Some of you may know it as Serdian Zeima; now renamed Serdian Winter.

You can visit, my website, for details.

Lol-- I'm sorry. I know I sound out of it; I'm just sort of stressed and tired at the moment. Naturally, I have no plans to give up on this story, I just manage to get delayed because real life is bloody evil sometimes. o_O

Everyone rock on, keep writing, and pray for LOD2! Keep the faith!!!

And thank you, friggin HELL... for puttin' up with me. @_@