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Everything would be blamed on the Weasly twins when people looked back on it all.

Somehow, someway, they managed to find a summoning circle and the ingredients to bring forth Loki, the Norse Trickster god. A few minutes into the summoning, the sugar-crazed god appeared, looking rather surprised they had managed it...then delighted when he heard their request. And so began the war between the Toad and the Trickster.

You almost had to feel sorry for Umbridge. Almost.

Loki disguised himself as a seventh year Gryffindor so he could bunk with the twins. Lee had been told who he really was and why they had brought him to the school.

So long as Loki never pranked him, Lee could keep his mouth shut about it.

Of course there were a few unforeseen problems that came from summoning a Trickster god to a school full of magic users. Namely what happened when Loki ran into Angel Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived.

"Hey there gorgeous. Why so glum?" asked Loki, who went by the name Gabe. He had even modified everyone's memories so that they thought he was a student.

Angel looked at Loki with an annoyed gaze.

"I know you don't belong, though from how chummy you are with the twins I can only assume you were brought in by them. As for why I'm in a bad mood, take a look around you. Everyone seems to believe I'm the only person to take out that self-styled dark lord without raising a finger to help me. They either believe I'm crazy and delusional, or they think I'm a liar. Those that believe me just assume that I'm the one who's going to lay down everything when I don't even have any good memories of the magicals," she said bitterly.

Hermione had called her a damn emo once she saw her best friend's mood, but she honestly didn't care. With how much crap was piled on her, she was allowed to be an emotional wreck! She had even taken to wearing black more often to show how depressed she was.

Some of the duller Gryffindors were even starting to call her a mini-Snape with how dour she was.

Angel was allowed to be a Goth dammit. If it kept those horny bastards who harassed her like that idiot Cormac McLaggen, she would be a damn goth!

Loki grinned wildly at her.

"And if I could make you smile again?"

Angel looked at the fake Gryffindor.

"If you can get me to smile about my life again, I will go out with you," she said flatly.

Fred and George cornered him five minutes later.

"Why'd you approach Angel?"

"She looked suicidally depressed. Besides, she's rather cute if you get to look at her properly."

"Well yeah, everyone knows she's hot. The problem is most idiots can't looked past her money," said Fred.

"Her looks," said George.

"Her fame," said Fred.

"Or her power. And she looks at us more like brothers than boyfriend material," finished George.

"So would you be objective if I were to try and date her?" asked Loki.

"If you can make her happy like she used to be, before all this crap was dumped on her, no."

Loki clapped his hands.

"Excellent. Now I can have some real fun!"

Loki rather liked Angel, and he knew how much fun James had been. Cheering up the man's daughter (he knew James would never object to Loki dating his daughter) would definitely make his day.

Angel looked at Snape, who seemed to be under an illusion spell at the moment. She snorted, but it didn't lift her spirits. Loki seemed disappointed. So he snapped his fingers, causing Snape and Umbridge to switch color schemes to the amusement of most.

It got Angel to move her lips into a semblance of a smile, but it was only there for five seconds. But in Loki's mind it was a start.

Angel came into the great hall, blinked, then walked back out. She looked inside again to find that yes, the place apparently grew an entire field of her favorite flowers and not a single petunia in sight. Hermione took one look and giggled.

"He's really serious about making you smile isn't he?" she said.

"Apparently, don't see why though. He's a Trickster god for crying out loud...surely he could do better than a borderline goth."

Hermione smiled at her clueless friend...at least she was aware of Loki trying to court her.

The teachers tried to remove the flowers but nothing worked. Finally they gave up...only to see the flowers vanish into nothing except for the single bouquet in front of Angel. It was rather sweet really, and it did make her smile a little.

McGonagall pulled Hermione aside and asked quietly, "Someone is trying to court Angel again...right?"

"Her condition was rather simple. If her current admirer can make her smile like she used to, she would date him. So far he's gotten a few small ones."

"...At least this one has good taste," said McGonagall with a grimace.

"He must follow along the lines of 'go big or go home'. If you want to know more about him ask the twins. From what Angel said they called him here."

"Thank you for the advice."

She was less than pleased to find out that they had summoned Loki for a laugh, but considering his side project was to drive the Toad insane while he attempted to court one of her lions, she was willing to ignore his presence. Her only request was that he not hurt Angel.

Angel's next encounter with Loki was in Honeydukes. She was getting some chocolate frogs, specifically the dark variety, only to learn that they had all be bought out by a seventh year five minutes earlier. Angel frowned as her disappointment became obvious. She tried to find any kind of dark chocolate only to learn all of it had been bought by the same seventh year.

She would hex whoever stopped her chocolate fix from being sated...until a thought occurred to her. She could always make her own, as she knew how.

She left Honeydukes only to spot Loki standing a few feet down the road with a large bag, and her nose smelt chocolate. She growled.

He had been the one to buy out all the chocolate. He would pay. A few stinging hexes aimed at his direction later, and he turned to find the culprit.

"What's got your knickers in a knot?" he asked grumpily.

"You bought all the dark chocolate from Honeydukes," she replied moodily. Her eyes glinted when he held out a large chunk of Honeydukes best dark chocolate fudge.

"What do you want for it?" she asked.

"Hmm...how about you join me around Hogsmeade for the day and I give you all the dark chocolate I bought?" he said.

"And if I refuse?" she asked.

"Suit yourself. I was considering pranking Malfoy today but if you don't want front row seats to the show..." he said, eyes glinting.

"Mind if I join in? He's been one of my worst pests since he hit puberty," she said flatly.

Loki held out an arm, and she cautiously took it.

"You don't need to be so tense, I'm not going to try anything," said Loki.

Angel finally relaxed a bit after he handed her a dark chocolate frog to snack on. She actually started to enjoy herself as Draco ended up in various illusions and looking like an idiot in Hogsmeade. Lucius would be pissed when he found out how undignified his son was acting.

Loki even escorted her back to the castle and held her hand until they got into the great hall. Angel looked at him.

"I actually enjoyed myself today. How...odd," she said. It had been a long time since she actually enjoyed Hogsmeade on her own. Usually Hermione or Ron was next to her and dragged her all over the place.

Loki grinned at her.

"If you like, I can be your shield against idiots."

"No thanks, but if you can shield against what I would consider mind-rape then I would be interested," she said mirthlessly.

Loki blinked at her.

"Voldemort seems to like harassing me with images of a door, Snape is supposed to be teaching me how to shield my mind, and Dumbledore is doing fuck all about the fact I keep having crappy visions other than to force me to deal with Snape more than I like. Never mind that these supposed lessons give me headaches and make me throw up after each one," she said bitterly.

Loki looked angry about that news.

"Give me a few days and I'll make it so that you have shields and keep snake-face out," he said. He knew that things had been bad, but not this bad.

"Do that and I may actually kiss you," she said seriously.

A few days later, before her next 'detention' with Snape, Loki slipped something around her wrist.

"What's this?"

"Watch what happens next time Snape tries to get in."

Angel raised an eyebrow but went to the dungeons anyway. Half an hour later she had a smile on her face as she came back to the common room. It was small, but it was definitely a smile.

"Well?" asked Ron dumbly.

"Gabe's bracelet did the trick. Snape was actually thrown back into a hair-growth potion from the force of trying to break into my mind. I felt leaving was the smarter choice...though I did stop by Madam Pomphrey to tell her that Snape had been injured."

She saw no reason to piss him off further, and at least this time she could honestly say she had done something for him.

She would wait to see if it did something for her nightmare issue before she actually followed through with her promise to kiss Loki though. And after a night of dreamless sleep, the next morning she gave Loki a full kiss on the cheek to his shock. His grin the rest of the day spoke of his mood though.

After giving her the bracelet, Angel started to smile a little more...and eventually started to wear something other than black. And that made rumors sprout like wildfire among the staff.

Loki's next act of getting Angel to agree to a simple date was to bring one of his kids over. She already knew he was the god Loki and she once told Fred and George she didn't hate all snakes just because Salazar Slytherin made them a symbol of his house. So he vanished for a weekend and came back with a new addition to the Black Lake, to the displeasure of the merpeople population and the Giant squid.

He brought the World Serpent to Hogwarts.

"So what's the big surprise?" asked Angel.

"Open your eyes and see," said Loki with a smirk.

Angel opened them and blinked twice. Before her was a massive snake, easily bigger than the one that had bit her in second year.

"Is that who I think it is?" she asked cautiously.

"If you think it's the serpent that supposedly will attack and kill Thor at Ragnarok, then yes, yes he is."

Angel grinned and hissed. The serpent hissed back with clear pleasure in his eyes. Loki watched amused as Angel and his son Midgardsomr chatted in Parseltongue.

Finally Midgardsomr looked at Loki with a glint of amusement in his eyes.

"Father I like her. Can we keep her?" he asked in English.

Loki laughed openly at the surprise then delight on Angel's face.

Angel walked back to the school with Loki after telling him how to find the Acromantula colony to fed Midgardsomr with. She liked snakes, but disliked spiders. Besides, Aragog tried to eat her once... Hagrid's pet or not he was going to be eaten.

"So how was your date?" said Hermione with a smirk.

"It wasn't a date. He introduced me to the World Serpent, who doesn't have nearly as dirty a mind as most snakes I've spoken to," said Angel.

Hermione blinked at that response.

"Wait, so that legend is true then?"

"Apparently. Coincidentally he happens to like me. He asked in English if they could keep me," said Angel, a small smile on her face.

Hermione looked at her friend.

"I think he's good for you. You haven't smiled like this in a while."

"It's nice to have someone interested who isn't a total asshole," said Angel, wincing as she remembered the time Ron tried to pick her up for the Yule Ball, only to go stag instead since no one had her interest. That had not been a fun year as accusations of her being a lesbian had been thrown about thanks to Rita's stupid article.

Angel had actually punched that hag black and blue when she finally ran into her at Hogsmeade for a drink and she would have stabbed her with a broken butterbeer bottle had Hermione not forcefully dragged her out of the stunned pub. After the threat Angel made towards Rita via owl post, the woman had wisely avoided any more articles about her.

It had taken even longer and more death threats against the other students to stop mocking her about the article before that rumor dropped. Though to be fair the insults only dropped after she broke Draco's nose and threatened to castrate him in a very painful manner in full view of the other boys.

The fifty point deduction had been entirely worth it.

"He still took you out alone by the lake. By normal standards that is a date," said Lavender.

"I'm not even sure I like him yet. I mean most of the boys who show interest in me only want something."

For Ron it had been fame and money.

For Draco it had been power.

For Cormac it had been bragging rights among the other boys.

For most of the other boys, it had been about getting into her pants.

About the only boys she would willingly associate now were Neville, Fred, George, Seamus, Dean and now Loki. They were the only ones to treat her like a person and not an object. Most of the girls understood her problem, as the magical community was very backwards. Some marriage contracts turned the women into little more than a commodity, to her disgust.

"So are you going to keep dragging him along?" asked Parvati.

"He has yet to complete the task I gave him," said Angel.

"Which was?"

"Make her smile like she used to. That was the only condition she set," said Hermione.

"Oooh...nice impossible task," said Lavender with a giggle.

"Not so impossible apparently. He's gotten me to cheer up and away from the goth side of being a teenager," said Angel. The other girls giggled as they chatted about Angel's possible new boyfriend.