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"Hold it there!"

Kamijou and Othinus turned their head to the source of the voice.

What they got was a dozen flashlights shining at them.

From the storm, a small unit of Academy City Special team revealed themself.

Assault rifles are pointed at the injured blonde girl in a witch outfit.


A normal highschool boy shielded her from those gun barrels.

"Interesting..."-A voiced called out.

Both Kamijou and Othinus widen their eyes.

A figure came into their view.

"Aiwass?"-Was Othinus question.

"Correct. So, what are you doing, Imagine Breaker boy?"-The being that is Aiwass asked.

"Protecting her."-Was Kamijou's only response.

"Well, it's rare for me to ever make such a grand appearance. You should enjoy it."

"Othinus, stay back."


Aiwass was a super natural being. A touch from Imagine Breaker could cause serious damage. Yet said being didn't mind standing just a few feet in front of the boy. And it's not like it's confident the soldiers has it's back.

"Are you really willing to fight me?"

"I would fight anything to keep her safe."

"Too bad then."


Kamijou tenses up and prepare for the hit that should come. His instinct kick in, ready to take in the moment and his right hand would swung at the next instant.


Soon as he reads an attack, he turned back in shock.

Aiwass wasn't aiming for Kamijou.

Instead, it aimed for the Magic God behind him.

He turned back just in time to see an attack knocked her out and send her into his arms.

Catching her in a quick motion, Kamijou didn't have actual time to do anything.

The next attack came.


Othinus woke up in a daze.

Her vision was blurry and she didn't have any strength. A heavy weight seems to capture her limbs.

She seems to be walking.

No, she was being drag.

A few armored men was dragging her along, with a figure at front.

In her blurry view, she recognize that it was Aiwass.

It was started to clear out.

They were in a hallway. The sides are cell blocks.

'Prison?'-Othinus thought.

The design seems high-tech, so she guessed it was in Academy City.

Giving herself a quick look, she noticed she is bound with spiritual chain that limits her power, and if connected to a wall, her movement.

She didn't have much power to begin with anyway, in this state.

"You're awake."-Aiwass noticed.


"Stand up and walk if you are. Dragging your legs is not good for beauty."



"... Where are we?"-Othinus finally asked something, her voice weak.

"Not many building can contain you, Magic God Othinus. There's only one that can keep you in and keep the world from knowing you're still alive."

"...Windowless building."

"Good. You seems to be waking up nicely."

"...Why am I still alive?"

"Because you are still of use."

"I see."-Othinus lower her head.

So she was here for one of Silver Star's plan. It's ironic that she used that #2 in the same way. Squeeze out every drop of power.

But if she's here...

Where's him?

"Good question."-Aiwass stopped.


Turning to the side, she can see an empty cell. Guess it's where she'll be staying for what's left of her life.

True enough, the cell door opens and Othinus is thrown inside.

Compare to the other cell, which was mostly used for esper abilities, this cell seems to have magic defenses, as well as an old dungeon design to match it.

The end of the chains connecting to Othinus's binding connect and sealed itself into reinforced hooks on the wall.

And then, the cell door close, with Aiwass standing there, smuggling slightly.

It was rather dark, with only a dim light showing their faces.

Stumbling to get up, Othinus grabbed the bars, the two being staring into eachother.

"What's wrong? You need something?"-Aiwass smug grew slightly larger.

"Where is he?"-Othinus asked with slight venom in her voice.

"He? You mean...Imagine Breaker right?"

'Is he safe? Is he still alive? Does he know I'm still alive?!'-Othinus's thoughts raced.

If the boy knew...he would recklessly charge in.

That would only means death. And she can't accept that. She can't let her effort in bringing the boy back go to waste like that.





But her assumption are based on that Kamijou is outside and safe.


"You didn't noticed?"-Aiwass turned her gaze to the corner of the cell.


It dropped Othinus's heartbeat.

She was, in all honesty, afraid.

She was afraid to turn back. She was afraid to follow that gaze.

Seeing Othinus's expression just increased the smile on Aiwass's face.

The Magic God slowly forced herself to turn back.




It silenced her more than anything she had lived through.

She has seen him in worse states, but this one she can't wave her hand and let him be safe again.

In the corner, the bloodied form of Kamijou Touma laid against the wall.

Cuts and scratches everywhere, a broken right hand now bound completely in a steel shackle that covered every which part of his hand. His left shoulder seem to have gunshot wound, there was blood leaking from his mouth and from a large gash on his torso, his legs completely dipped in a pool of blood. Shackle and chains were also there, keeping him from moving too far. It looked like he didn't receive any medical attention, and has been thrown in just like she was.


"I could have put him in the freezer like #2, but Aleister thought you could use a cellmate."-Aiwass commented.

That snapped Othinus out.

Forget about pride of being a Magic God, she gasped and stumbly rushed toward the boy, the chain clanking against the ground.

The only thing she could do is hope he is still alive and that she can perform a healing spell.

'He's still breathing, but weak. I have to do it now!'-Othinus quickly tries to perform a healing spell, but with the restraint on her power, and Imagine Breaker needed to be avoided, it was too demanding for her own form. She repeatedly tries it again and again, but the magic last only a second before it is negated. It's like inching forward with a giant weight dragging you back.

Tears openly fell from the caged goddess.

"It's quite sad and rare to see a god now drown in despair, isn't it?"

Othinus whipped her head to Aiwass direction, her eyes were giving off more hate then ever.

"Oh, my."-Aiwass just smiled-"Don't mind me. I'll be leaving. I'll just say that Aleister doesn't really mind if you are out there or in here. If you managed to escape, no one will go after you. Assuming you can escape. Though I doubt you would leave him behind."-With that, Aiwass waved its hand and left, the armoured guards following. The only sound indicates they left was the sound of a door slamming shut.

It was true.

Kamijou was here, heavily injured and receive no medical treatment because Othinus would never leave him in that state. She would have to stay. And the question of how to get out was still there. The best lock to the cage. The lock placed on the heart.

Othinus can only cursed herself while crying human tears. She could have do things differently. She could reject his help from the begining, could fight instead of leaving it to him, could have at least warned him, do something! Even though she knows it might still lead to the same result, it was still better than what she did. Nothing.

And with that despair hitting her as she see Kamijou breathe out blood, Othinus can only hug him.

"Touma...Touma...I'm sorry! Touma! Wake up! I'm sorry! Just open your eyes!...I'm...sorry... ...I'm so...sorry..."

She cried out loud, her tears trickling down on the wounds, her blonde hair cascading down on his bloodied form.

Her cries turned into whimpering...

It was the only sound echoed through the dark hallway.

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