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Perfect Hazard - Chapter 1 - The Error

The tamer's stared on under the orange sky. Their feet made no sound on the dark marble floor as none dared to move. A massive spiked tower loomed in the distance as Jeri Katou stood in shock with her gaze fixed upon her D-Ark. She couldn't believe it. Where there was one the face of Leomon her partner, only static remained. She finally looked up, but received no comfort as Takato had turned Guilmon, once an innocent soul, into a blood-thirsty monster.

"What have I done to you boy?" Takato Matsuki whispered to himself as he gazed, in horror, at the warped serpent/dragon. Megidramon currently had Beelzemon pinned with Beelzemon struggling to hold the jaws of the serpent open, lest they crush his head. Acid drool dripped from Megidramon's tongue. It was a lose - lose situation as the tamers feared that no matter the victor, the winner of this fight would move on and finish them off.

The situation only got worse. Rika Nonaka struggled to concentrate while Henry Wong tried desperately to appease his little sister, Suzie. Kenta and Kazu were of no help what so-ever as they gaped helplessly the, considerably one sided fight, Rika finally gave up thinking and went over to help Henry. She tried but little Suzie didn't even seem to hear her. She was about to try something else when the ground split open. It Didn't take long to realize that the crack came from Megidramon. More appeared. They got bigger and deeper.

"I should've realized it sooner, the mark on Megidramon's chest, it's a hazard symbol!" Henry pointed to the four specifically arranged triangles on Megidramon's chest. They Flashed crimson as more cracks appeared and the tamers scrambled to get out of the way.

"AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHH" Beelzemon screamed as his arms began to give. After everything he did, all the data he loaded. He was going to lose. The worst part of it was, this is the same pineapple head he chased around only a few weeks ago. He stared down the throat of the beast in front of him, determined not to give up. Megidramon's acid drool rolled off one of his teeth and sank into Beelzemon's shoulder. His eye twitched and caught a glimpse out of some that he hadn't noticed before. He turned his head noticing Makuramon.

Makuramon: Ugh, Is this all your capable of?

Beelzemon: Shut up.

Makuramon: Really *Shakes his head* I knew you were going to be a failure. I don't know why the sovereign bothered to give you any power in the first place.

Beelzemon: Shut up!

Makuramon: We gave you one simple task to destroy the tamers but you botch that up just like everything else. You're a failure, your worse than a failure. You give weakness and incompetence new meaning


Letting go of Megidramon's lower jaw momentarily. Beelzemon reached over and grabbed Makuramon by the head. Ignoring the scream he squeezed till all that was left of Makuramon was data. Beelzemon quickly loaded it and turned back to Megidramon snarling.


Megidramon was being forced back slightly. With the new data Beelzemon loaded he was on equal terms with Megidramon in strength.

.Or so he thought.

Rika: Renamon! *Rika took out a blue card*

Renamon: Yes Rika

Henry: You too Terriermon!

Terriermon: Momentai Henry, I'll get him. Just which one is Him?

Beelzemon turned to see Taomon and Rapidmon flying at him. Growling, He held out his hand again "Primal Orb" He screamed and at once the two remaining Ultimate digimon were trapped in a sphere of light and losing power. While all the tamer's, apart from Jeri, looked on in horror. Jeri just stood looking silently at her D-Ark.

Rika: Oh no! Taomon!

Henry: Err, what are we going to do... Wait I got it

Henry pulled out a card and turned to face Rika, It was an alias card. Rika turned back after recognizing the card and pulled one her own out. She was hesitant at first but then swiped the card seeing as how she had no alternative.

Rika: We may lose the fight. But I don't want to lose Renamon

Terriermon and Renamon both came out of the light orbs which quickly turned their Ultimate forms into scrape data to be loaded and used as the demon lord saw fit. After loading the data a grin wider than the equator appeared on Beelzemon's face. He pushed the huge Mega-level digimon off of him with ease. And then, while still holding onto Megidramon's jaw, brought his knee up hard sending the serpent back into a small crater next to Takato. Megidramon did not move after that.

Takato crumpled into a heap in total disbelief of what had happened. He hadn't gotten revenge for Leomon he had merely lost another friend, and the worst part is that despite Beelzemon's bloodlust. It was Takato's fault for what had happened to Guilmon. He looked at Beelzemon, he was walking towards Megidramon slowly getting ready for a joyous kill and more power. Then the young Goggle-head turned to Jeri, Who backed away with tears streaming down her face.

Takato: Jeri.

Jeri: NO! I don't wanna hear it 'sniff' Guilmon was so sweet and innocent 'sniff' and. and LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO HIM.

Takato got up (She's right) he began walking toward his fallen partner, slowly at first but then he picked up into a run. "What. what have I done. GUILMON" Beelzemon looked amused as Takato put himself between the huge dragon and himself. He didn't say a word as he reached the Gogglehead, merely looked past him.

Beelzemon walked up and lightly knocked Takato out of the way, Of course to Takato it felt like a brick being slammed into his head. Beelzemon continued without moving his gaze from Megidramon's chest. Takato staggered to his feet wincing, breathing heavily, and wiping the tears to his eyes.

(What can I do) Takato thought while helplessly watching Beelzemon.

Nothing Another voice echoed back at him it was cold and without emotion

(But I have to help my friends)

Your friends? Or Yourself.


Look at what your greed has done to Guilmon. Was that for you "friends"?


It was for yourself.

(It can't be)

But it is. Now your friends will die. Perhaps it's better for Jeri seeing the suffering you caused her.

(Can't I make this right.?)

Megidramon's eyes slammed open. What some might consider a smile crossed the dragon's lips. His hazard had stopped flashing since he was knocked out. Now it began to flash again slowly and white instead of red. Beelzemon looked him over not noticing the beast had woken up. He was standing on the chest plat now. "So this is your weak spot?" He grinned. Hope ya don't mind if I put a couple holes in it.


(Can I make this right!)

.No it's too late

Takato was about to topple over again as soon as that response came into his mind but he felt something grab his arm and give him support. He turned and saw Rika, apparently the only one who was brave enough to go near him after what happened with Beelzemon. She smiled, Takato could see her face very clearly now, no shading, no frown, no sunglasses. Just plain and simple. Rika. He more than likely would have blushed if it were a less serious situation.

Takato: Rika. aren't you afraid?

Rika: *Smirking* Of what ya stupid Gogglehead, I'm the Digimon Queen. I may be a bit tense but I've faced worse.

Takato: But why are you here? I thought you disliked me and that you were only here to get Calumon back.

Rika: Just consider this payback for helping me with Ice Devimon, not that I needed your help.

Takato: okay. Thanks. Rika

Takato said the last word in a way that caught her attention. She turned to look at him but he was already transfixed on Megidramon. wait was he blushing, it was very faint so she couldn't tell. He took his arm off of Rika's should able to support himself now.

(It's not to late)

The White flashing hazard sign on Megidramon's chest picked up it's pace.

Beelzemon drew back his arm. "Goodbye, Pineapple head."

But it is, your friends will all die. They will become nothing more than data. That's all Guilmon ever was.

(You lie, he's my friend. What's happened will never change no matter what. Everything from Guilmon sneaking into school, to Rika's abduction by Ice Devimon. It won't change)

Beelzemon drove his hand down into Megidramon's chest screaming "Darkness Claw". The symbol was no rapidly flashing. It pierce through the breastplate and a white light came out, encompassing everything in sight, Takato first.

The last thing the Tamers heard before the light drowned their senses was Takato screaming



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