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Perfect Hazard - Epilogue

Takato woke up drearily. The world was black around him save for a glowing white floor. He was floating somewhere like he was in space, though, to be honest, he had no way of knowing that for sure. Everything seemed the same, there was no wind, no sound, only a slight moving sensation. He immediately went to move and realized his was restrained. Looking down, he was several chains wrapped around him, leading off in front of him. There was another chain as well. It went past him though, Takato turned around to ChaosGallantmon's human form being dragged with him.

Takato whined "What ever happened to the old days when I dreamed of Kari and Digimon was a TV show?"

Crimson Youth frowned "Stupid baby. Look at what you did. Were both dead now."

Takato "Dead...? I thought it would be... different. You know, doves and stuff for me and pitchforks and fire for you."

Crimson Youth "This is limbo where judgement is passed. It's the final stop before being either reformatted, or sent to Purgatory. Anubimon rules this realm. He's a Mega and an immortal one, so we're basically screwed."

Takato floated over to his clone "What's this we stuff? I'm nice, I'll get reformatted. You're the one that's going to Digi-hell."

Crimson Youth shuffled under the chains, trying to get a foot free so he could kick Takato, preferably in the head "Hello, Red Hazard ring a bell? You going down with me, moron!"

Takato felt something give the chain a yank away from the Crimson Youth "Hey, that's not good. Can we escape?"

Crimson Youth "No."

Takato "What if we work together?"

Crimson Youth "Heh. If you can get these chains off me, I'll gladly put aside my hatred for you to punch Anubimon a couple times."

Takato "Damn... I don't know how to get the chains off... Hey. Why are we both here? I thought I'd go to human limbo, being a human and all."

Crimson Youth chuckled "Apparently I was right about you being a digimon, Takatomon. You were removed from the world as data, and came back in the real world, still as data. The Hazard gave you attributes. There is no difference between you and a normal digimon, except for the whole Tamer thing."

Takato frowned "Did you just call me Takatomon?"

Crimson Youth laughed again "Yep."

An long silenced passed before Takato eventually spoke again. Chaos Gallantmon was trying to go to sleep.

Takato "Hey. Umm... WAKE UP!"

Crimson Youth "mmm mph. Huh? Oh it's just you. What do you want now?"

Takato "I was hoping you could answer some questions for me."

Crimson Youth glanced over ""

Takato "What?! Why? it's not like we having anything better to do."

Crimson Youth closed his eyes "...Well if it makes you happy... then definitely NO."

Takato "Pleeaase. How come Rika and Henry were able to be the Deva's without me? I mean, not to sound conceited or anything but-"

Crimson Youth called out with his eyes still closed "Shut up.........The time line still had to follow the same path because you only removed yourself and nothing else. It's fate's way of avoiding a paradox that'll crush itself."

Takato "Oh... so simple when you say it... Hey what's going on with you and Daemon?"

Crimson Youth replied to the second question in the same manner as he had the first "Yawn He was playing you for the Hazard. He was playing me too but I was fully aware of it. I just wanted to kill, er, delete you."

Takato Why that two timing little weasel. "Uh, I got one more question."

Crimson Youth "Do you have to ask now? It's not like we won't be seeing each other enough over the next while."

Takato "That's my question, how long are these sentences for Purgatory."

Crimson Youth "Weeell. I'll likely be there forever, you'll just be there for a few thousand years."

Takato "WHAT??? No way, I am not spending that much time in a place like that."

Crimson Youth opened one eye and looked over casually "What did you expect. Your Hazard did a lot of damage. I'm surprised your squabbling about it so much. Your lucky if you don't get the same sentence as me."

Takato looked like he was about to say something but then stopped. The chains were both getting slack. He realized why when Anubimon came into view. The timeless Mega had stopped moving in front of a gate. He was very large and had the face of a dog with purple skin and large thick white pants. He had large brown wings and an Egyptian shoulder piece covering his upper chest. His hands were massive and reached down to his feet. The Mega looked to be twice as tall as MegaGargomon and the gate in front of him tripled his size. It was decorated in gold designs and blue jewels.

Anubimon "We are here."

Takato was now floating upside down "Hey. What's going on?"

Anubimon's voice was low "This is the gate to purgatory. This is where you will spend the rest of your existence."

Crimson Youth smiled "Guess you lucked out Takato. Hope you brought your digimon cards, we are going to spending quite a while together."

Takato "Hey, shut up. I don't wanna go in there."

Anubimon "'Tis not your choice, young one... The gates will open soon. Embrace your fate as the others all have."

Takato struggled fussily "Make me!"

Crimson Youth smiled floating around peacefully... It was at that moment something occurred to him "Excuse me... Where is Guilmon?"

As if on cue, the doors of the gate flew off their hinges and an large red dragon lashed out. Anubimon dropped the chains and moved to shield himself. Megidramon bit into his arm deeply and forced the giant Mega backwards. The Crimson Youth shed the chains and drew his long sword swiftly.

Crimson Youth "Nevermind."

Takato "Megidramon?!"

ChaosGallantmon ran up to his counterpart and slashed at his head. Being dead was no excuse not to kill each other. However a black arm caught the blade of the sword, and threw it to the side with the child on the other end still attached. Beelzemon: Blast Mode turned to Takato.

Takato gaped in shock "Beelzemon? You got wings!"

Beelzemon smirked and motioned to the Evil Dragon, then to the child he just threw "Long time no see. Mind explaining this?"

Takato "Er, long story. Thanks for the save, ya mind helping me with these chains?"

Crimson Youth "Ugh. Who the hell is the bird man?"

Megidramon was thrown back and reverted to Guilmon. Without the Hazard being active his strength left quickly. Takato was helped by Beelzemon and rushed over to the baby dragon as Anubimon reentered the fight. Crimson Youth went to his normal mode and aimed his lance at Takato. Takato was fidgeting with his digivice trying to get it work, he went through the various statistics before settling on something.

Takato scratched his head "What the? Partner added?"

Partner Added


- Guilmon/Kuzuhamon

Takato blinked So that's how she made it inside the D-Reaper without getting deleted."

ChaosGallantmon "Demon's Disaster."

A White Hazard symbol appeared above Takato and Guilmon. Beelzemon had become busy with Anubimon so he couldn't help. The symbol morphed into a portal, next Sakuyamon and Kuzuhamon dropped out of it effectively blocking the attack.

Sakuyamon "Talisman Sphere!"

Kuzuhamon "Womb Mandala!"

The attack collided into the combined barriers of the two Mega digimon and dispersed into nothingness.

Sakuyamon "Hey Gogglehead. We're here to bail you out again."

Kuzuhamon "Takato! We're here to save you."

Takato looked up still holding the unconscious Guilmon. "Ruki... Rika.... You both came for me...?"

Sakuyamon "Of course. Don't tell anyone I said so but it's actually nice having you around."

Beelzemon "Corona Blaster!!!"

Anubimon opened a portal that caught the attack and sent it elsewhere. The portal closed immediately afterwards. A twinge of rage could be seen in his eyes. He had been fighting Beelzemon ever since the damn Mega arrived and now he had more problems to contend with.

Anubimon spread his arms and portals opened up everywhere. You couldn't even turn around without nearly falling into one. "THAT'S IT! ALL OF YOU, GET OUT! PYRAMID POWER!"

Anubimon's entire body emanated golden light, it was forcing everyone around it backwards towards one of the many other worlds he had opened up... Well... Almost everyone. The light seemed to have negative effects against digimon. It split Rika who still had her shades on from before, and Renamon apart, Kuzuhamon went back to her human form, Beelzemon dropped to one knee, even ChaosGallantmon, the most stubborn of them all, was giving in to fatigue. Renamon was being sent backwards with everyone else but Rika was having the opposite effect. She was being drawn forward.

Anubimon "You who can shift the borders of reality, you must be annihilated."

Rika "No, dammit the pull is too strong." Renamon, Takato. Little help would be nice.

Takato rushed over to Beelzemon, drawing his sword "Can you get me over there to Anubimon?"

Beelzemon looked up from his kneeling position "I don't see how with destroying you. He's weak but he rules this world absolutely so he's got a few advantages."

ChaosGallantmon threw his shield over to Takato and Beelzemon "Use this. He will NOT destroy MY Hazard. I don't care which part or who has it. It's mine."

Takato resisted the urge to argue. After all, the Dark Knight was helping for once "We can use this."

Beelzemon "...It's risky... But I guess if anyone can take it'd be you or Rika."

Beelzemon drew a pentagram symbol with his hand. When he was done more symbols appeared and he aimed the end of his energy cannon at the middle, straight at Anubimon. Takato held the shield against his back as he stood in front of the pentagram and braced himself for a heck of a ride. Beelzemon fired. He hit the shield and sent it blazing towards Anubimon and Rika. The shock had nearly knocked Takato out, but he managed to stay awake. Soon after the shield began to slow down, Takato let it go so he was flying through the air by himself. A portal moved to block his path. It led to a world covered by strange multi-colored plants, like a tie-dye nature world.

Takato "Damn. I don't want to be stopped here..." Takato didn't notice something else take effect.

Level Gained

Influence Level: 5

Merge Level: 5

Digivolution Level: 5

Hazard Level: 1

Takato raised his hands and shut his eyes getting ready to collide with the portal. Oddly, it seemed to come slow, or better said, it seemed like it wasn't coming at all. Takato opened his eyes and looked ahead... nothing but Anubimon, looking back he saw the portal. He guess he must've cleared the portal by luck... But that's not what anyone else saw, even though there were only two left in the dark world; ChaosGallantmon and Rika. For a moment, however brief, Takato had wings of white feathers. They faded in, and out, without making sound, wind, or light. Takato didn't even know they had ever been there.

Rika Guardian... Angel......

Takato landed on Anubimon's shoulder and skidded a few feet after rolling on his side. The digimon was glowing so bright now it was incredible. He ran across his shoulder over to the other side and down his arm with his sword still in hand. He plunged the blade into Anubimon's thumb, he let go and screamed, halting his attack though the portals stayed open. Rika fell but felt Takato grab her hand. The two ended up falling down together. She looked up to see him smiling... Even in such a bad situation his goofy Goggleheaded grin was there, same as always. He was falling with her, hand in hand.

Rika looked at him through her violet shades "You know if smile like that all the time your face might stay like that."

Takato blushed, unsure of what to say to that "..."

Rika smiled, taking off her shades with her free hand "But then again, could be worse. You could be Kazu."

Takato and Rika both laughed. When they stopped they became very aware that they were getting closer together as they fell. They were so close now they could see their own reflection in each other's eyes. Rika closed her eyes. Takato gripped her hand tighter and gulped. He drew he face in close to hers. This was going to be the one time she actually excepted it, falling though the blackness together.

A chain wrapped around Takato's free hand and ripped him away from Rika. She fell into a portal while the boy continued to fall elsewhere. He spun in air, the turbulence of the fall blowing his hair back wildly, and glared at the person who had ruined his moment with Rika: ChaosGallantmon. He had the chain that formerly imprisoned him in his hands and with one fluid motion, he whipped it again, causing it to wrap around Takato's body altering his trajectory. He fell to the left and right into a portal that led to who-knows-where. The Dark Knight stepped back dropping the chain and moving into a portal behind him. Anubimon was left howling alone. The portals closed... The Tamers were separated once again.


In the night. When children slept comfy in their apartments. One figure traced the rooftops, searching for those closest to her. Renamon moved into a tree and watched the happy couples below her pass by. Her thoughts drifted to Guilmon. With her right hand she took out a book hidden in her mane, the one she had found in Matsuki Bakery and had been reading since.

Renamon sighed "Guilmon... It had a happy ending... Just like you wanted... That's why... I know I'll find you. So wait for me... I'm coming."

She dropped the book below her. Since she was done reading it there was no need to keep it. She could tell Guilmon when she found him because she remembered the words. The book reminded her of herself in some ways. It had an appropriate title...

Beauty and the Beast


The knight stood nobly in the moonlight. He was gazing at his hand studying it, looking for answers that weren't even there. Takato wasn't a human type digimon, he was an Angel...

"So then......... what does that... make me?"


Rika fell through the portal at top speed. Fortunately she landed on something soft enough not to kill her... sand? She got up and dusted herself with little effect, right before she was pounced by another. Looking up in dismay, Ruki was smiling back down on her.

Ruki "So where's Takato?"

Rika blushed for a second then stuttered "Uh, C-ChaosGallantmon separated us. Looks like he's lost again."

Ruki rolled off backwards and ended up sitting with her legs off to the side "No problem. We'll just have to find him again. Whaddaya you say?"

Rika slipped on her shades "Travelling though a desert with no one to talk to other than you? Sounds rough. But I like the part about finding Gogglehead though."

Ruki smirked and hopped to her feet "Then what are we waiting for?"

The last sentence was said by both at exactly the same time

"Let's go."

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