¦| Chapter One |¦

"I still don't understand." Sonic said. He stopped in front of the older males, arms folded over his chest.

"There's nothing to understand," Chuck insisted, gesturing at Manic. "He's your brother! It's pretty obvious when you look at him."

Manic and Sonic both have each others opposite colors and personality. Manic was so strong and controlled, unlike the younger male, who was weak and reckless. Sonic stared up at Manic with bemused wonderment, his eyes wide and awed. In the brief moments he allowed himself to let go of his awe towards his oldest brother.

"You just ran away from home! How could you, I mean, why, where did you go?" Sonic yelled.

"I didn't actually, I've been to many private schools." Manic said with a hint of pride. Sonic's general stoic expression was broken with almost admiring approval.

"Really?" Sonic asked directly.


That's the short answer, but he nodded like that made sense.

"Why did you come back?" As soon as the question came out of his mouth, he wanted to take it back. It was vaguely swoony and not at all menacing, hopefully to prove it was a question of curiosity.

"Money troubles," Manic replied instantly, which rattled him. "Education can wait, I came back to help."

"I didn't know we were having money troubles," Sonic retorted. "I want to help too!"

"Trust me, you don't have to worry. Your still young," Chuck said with a smile.

Manic nodded his head, as he ruffled the eight-year-olds hair. He knew a large part of him didn't want Sonic to suffer and wanted to protect him from harm.

"No need to worry about nothing, little brother, us older ones can deal with this situation, you just enjoy your childhood," he said.

"I want to help, besides your only 4 years older than me, your still considered a kid too."

Manic leaned away from the young blue and eyed him warily.

"Just trust me," Manic said as he looked straight at his brothers eyes, "Drove all night to get here. I'm pretty beat, so why dont you show me to my room?"

"Uh, sure." Sonic looked over at Chuck.

"Down that way, make a turn, down the bathroom." Chuck pointed to his right.

Manic nodded and smiled at him, then walked the direction Chuck had pointed. Once he was gone, Sonic sat down on the coffee table in front of Chuck and lowered his voice.

"I still don't understand what's going on, and I don't know get why you never told me about my own brother."

"He's your brother," Chuck said wearily. "Honest, Sonic. I would never, ever lie about something this major. The reason we never mentioned him was because we thought you remembered him when he was still around when you were a toddler, your parents wanted the best for him since he was a little Einstein and sent him off to a expensive private school over at a big city with the little extra money the whole family here could provide, we just didn't want you to feel bad he was able to go and you weren't."

"Uncle..." Sonic rubbed his forehead, sighing. "I was little of coarse I wouldn't remember but I wouldn't feel bad just be happy for him."

"I know," Chuck said. "Please. It was a mistake we all made but now I we cant change that so why don't you just go bond with him."

"Alright!" Sonic replied with a change of emotion and grin an ran off.

Sonic moved a bit closer to Manic, he wanted to learn about his brother as he showed him around the whole town.

"Was it fun over at that private school?" Sonic asked.

This whole process would go a lot easier the more he asked questions.

"Pretty fun." Manic shrugged, unsure of what exactly he planned to say. "Lots of pretty girls too."

Despite Manic's obvious reservations, Sonic went along with it. It felt very odd to have to bond on a subject on something as icky as girls but anything was good to start a conversation at this rate.

Sonic made a face, "Girls are annoying, I don't get what's so great about them."

In response Manic let out a chuckle and smirk, "Everything great about them, their lots fun!"

"Fun? How exactly are then fun when all they do is play dolls and house."

"I wouldn't mind playing husband and wife with a girl."

Sonic didn't quite understand what the older male had meant and took it literally which earned a laugh from his brother to his obliviousness.

To Sonic girls were just annoying, all they did was whine and complain about their hair. The only he even liked was his mom!

"What's so fun-" Sonic was cut off by a loud high pitched scream. The boys turned to the cause of the scream when Sonic was trampled and fell with a thud.

Vanilla had been talking for a while, but Sonic hadn't been listening. He lay on the bed, staring into space and trying to figure out what to do.

When Jules and Aleena had came the night before, they both seemed to have agreed that they had continued life normally. That meant by acting as if nothing was out normal, that Sonic wasn't paralyzed.

"Oh I wonder if she'll like it," Vanilla told him as she paced our around the room.

"I bet she will,"she said. "It's the thought that counts. Though I'm sure she will. Little girls absolutely love baby dolls. Oh, here I go rambling about my personal life, boring you. Am I right?"

Vanilla stopped pacing and looked uneasily at at Sonic. She was right. All she ever talked about was herself. She was like a radio. No offence to her, she was a sweet lady, though she didn't know when to stop talking.

"Though you're the only one who ever listens, ever since my husband died I have no one to talk to," She said. "But I have you, and I know you will always listen."

"Now why don't I add droplets into your eyes?" She asked, completely unfazed by his blank stare. "Your eyes are looking dry, we don't want them getting too dry.'"

Sonic's thoughts flashed back to Manic and how he hadn't been visiting lately. He frowned mentally since he couldn't physically. "Now where are those drops?"

Vanilla didn't look pleased, she had lost the droplets. She wasn't much of an organized nurse like she should be.

She rummaged through the drawers and cabinets. Her frantic struggles were amusing, she was the only entertainment he had... He had no television, but it was reasonable since they thought he was in a coma.

With that thought burning in my mind, Sonic cussed mentally. He had been like this for years now, but no one seemed to care.

"Hello?" A deep voice asked, and the room door opened.

A male figure stood at the door and made his way inside. His eyes were buried under bushy eyebrows though you could see they were blue and matched his blue fur.

"Mr. Hedgehog, hello, how are you today?" Vanilla asked, holding the droplets she had succeeded to find on her gloved hands.

"Call me Jules, Vanilla." The man said, smiling at her. "We've known each other for a long time now."

"My dearest apologies, Jules." Vanilla responded dropping liquid in Sonic's eyes. "You are right."

"Do not apologize. We are practically like family," Jules laughed, making his way to his sons' bed.

"Right," Vanilla said, genuinely honored by the idea.

"So how is my boy?" Jules asked, squeezing Sonic's leg. His gaze fell as he got no reaction from him, but brushed it off. When it came down to things, this was nothing new. "Making any progress?" he asked.

"Same as always," Vanilla replied, sounding sad.

"Oh really?" Jules asked breathlessly, realizing a thought he had in his mind.

"Yes," Vanilla said turning to Sonic. "But he'll get better."

"Are you sure of that?" Jules asked lowering his eyelids.

Before Vanilla could answer a buzz noise came from out of sight of Jules jeans. He pulled out a phone from his pocket, read a text message and sight.

"They don't give me a break." Jules complained.

Vanilla nodded reluctantly. She led him to the door, and led him out this time. They stood staring at each other as if communicating through their gaze until Jules smiled turning.

"See you tomorrow," Jules said, trying to hide his sadness.

"You don't have much of a choice," Vanilla whispered. "See you tomorrow."

The door opened a bit, and Jules stood still, letting her words sink in, he laughed sadly.

"Well?" Vanilla asked. "Goodbye."

Jules left the door shut, leaving his negative energy behind. Vanilla sight and walked over to Sonic, who stated at the door shut. Vanilla patted him on the head, already trying to brighten up the mood.

"Well, I need to leave now to." Vanilla said.

She gestured down to her pocket. She had a black device which was vibrating and flashing lights. Vanilla clicked it as she turned her heels, and making her way out.

"They keep beeping me to go attend other patients." She smiled at Sonic and took a hold of the door handle. She turned it and the door opened.

Sonic concentrated hard, trying to say 'stay' through his eyes. He liked her presence since she was the only one he had. His struggles did nothing because even though inward he was filled with emotions, outward he was nothing but a limp body.

A bemused smile crossed Vanilla's lips, and she turned and left. "Goodbye, Sonic, see you later." she called shutting the door.

Silence filled the room all over. Sonic could head the sounds of shoes as people walked in the hallway outside his room.

His thoughts went to all over his mind, he felt anger this had happened to him. He had done nothing wrong to deserve this.

He was just a child when this had occurred. He began to fill guilt, his family had been having money problems and this just made things worse.

He had caused a divorce with his mother and father. Watched them frequently argue when both came to visit at the same time.

Sonic stared out the window that was in the corner of the room but from his view point he could see nothing but light. He wondered why didn't they just pull the plug on him?

He was practically dead already if it wasn't for the machines keeping him alive. All he was, was nothing but a burden that took up space.

These constant inner war in his head was giving him migraines. If only he could call the nurse for help.

Sonic did what he always did in these type of situations. He let his body rest and slept, with his eyes open, something he had mastered over the years.

Sonic woke up as noon had arrived, staring at the door as he heard loud chatter, usually it was rather quiet. For a brief moment he had forgot about his situation as his ears caught the sound of heels amongst the chatter. He listened curiously at the sound of heels as they neared, it was making his stomach feel like tied knots, he wanted, no, needed to know the source of these sounds.

Then it all came back to him, his senses, when the sounds stopped just behind the door of his room.

It made him anxious onto why it had stopped. The handle seemed to jiggle and turn, then, slowly it opened to reveal a smiling rabbit. The nurse, Vanilla, though behind her stood many younger creatures. They seemed to young to be nurses, they looked like teenagers, though they wore the nurse attire of all white.

This caught Sonic's full interest, nothing interesting ever happened, other than arguments. Laying in bed all day, he had nothing to do, he couldn't do anything anyway.

"Hello, Sonic!" Vanilla greeted gingerly making her way inside as she led the teenagers in. At the moment she moved away from them Sonic took the time to observe them. He noticed a gray hedgehog amongst them followed by a yellow fox, red echidna, white bat, and black and red hedgehog. They all wore white coats over what seemed to be they normal clothes and were holding notepads to take notes.

"Can he even hear you?" asked the gray hedgehog walking over to Sonic and looking him over with a tilt of his head and perplexed expression.

"Of coarse he can," Vanilla paused as she checked my health, "He's not dead."

"Yeah, Silver, don't be a moron!" The red echidna said in his deep voice, hitting the Silver guy behind the head.

"No calling others a moron here, Knuckles!" Vanilla snapped with a from which caused the echidna to laugh and mumble sorry.

The bat stepped forward leaning over Sonic with her arms crossed over her chest. "So what's wrong with the guy?" she asked.

"That is an excellent question, Rouge!" Vanilla said sweetly and motioned the black hedgehog to come over, "Come closer to the group, Shadow."

The hedgehog walked over silently staring without an expression which made Sonic shocked. Mostly everyone that came always showed sympathy towards him except this guy. It somehow made him happy not being shown sympathy.

"Shouldn't we wait for Amy to come back from the bathroom?" The yellow fox asked nervously as he stood next to Knuckles.

"Why should we?" Rouge asked annoyed. "Her fault if she misses the lessons, she should of gone before we came."

"No, no, Miles is right, dear." Vanilla said as she fixed Sonic's bed so it was higher.

"He prefers the term Tails." Knuckles said as he watched the bed lifting.

"Yes, please." Tails said shyly. "I'm used to being called that."

Vanilla giggled and patted Tails head, "Well, once you become a doctor, you'll have to get used to the name Dr. Power."

Tails blushed knowing she was right and nodded.

So that's what they were, high school training students, just then the clacking of heels was heard again approaching. All head turned to the door as a pink hedgehog stood there.

She was dressed like the others, a white coat over her attire, under could be seen she wore a red knee length skirt and a black long sleeved shirt with black heel boots. So she had been the source, she was also very beautiful, no, gloss with dark mascara and eyeliner which made her eyes pop out.

Her eye were an amazing sight for sore eyes, they were a glowing and lively shade of emerald green, Sonic had never seen beauty till now.

"Sorry, guys." She said walking in and taking a notepad from Shadow who had been holding onto hers and standing next to him, "So, where were we?" she asked with a sing-song voice. Even her voice was beautiful.

Rouge huffed and rolled her eyes as she put her free hand on her hip. "About time you came back, pinkie." she said rudely.

"It's Amy!" the pink hedgehog barked back.

The two girls gave each other death glares making it obvious they had hatred for one another.

"Let's just get back to the lesson, girls." Vanilla said desperately as she laughed nervously.

"Yes," Amy said turning to Sonic, "Lets."

Vanilla clapped her hands together and smiled. "Alright, well Sonic here had suffered from a horrible accident which caused him an extreme injury to the brain and..."

Sonic knew it all, his eyes were too occupied by the beauty in front of him, he watched as she listen intentionally to Vanilla and took motes on her notepad. She seemed to lively and trying to understand every word. She turned and looked at him and smiled sweetly taking Sonic's breath away. He wondered how he might have looked right now compared to the other males in the room.

He was probably the same age as them by now, he was scrony though from doing nothing but laying on the bed, unlike the males here who looked fit.

Amy raised her hand.

"Yes, what's your question, Amy? "

"What was the accident?" She asked catching others attention.

Vanilla sight sadly and set her hand on top of Sonic's head. "He was hit by a car when he was just a little bot, and he's been like this since."

"That's so sad." Amy said frowning and looking at Sonic which made his face feel hot.

"Yes," Vanilla said. "But sad stories are what you'll have to get used to working in a hospital."

She earned nods from the students. Sonic never really had thought of that, he wasn't the only one.

He stared at Amy again only to see she had put her attention back to Vanilla who spoke. Al he saw was her mouth moving but neared no words. Never before had Sonic felt so desperate to get someone's attention. He concentrated hard on Amy, pleading with his eyes for her attention. He could feel his eyes water and hurt from the force he was putting in.

"He's crying!"

Silver was pointing to Sonic and everyone was staring shocked. Sonic's eyes had successfully moved and he was staring straight at Amy Rose who looked mixed with emotions. Shocked to scared and then to creeper out.

Shadow seemed to hug and pull Amy away, which angered him, as Vanilla rushed to Sonic.

"This isn't possible!" Vanilla said stunned and turned to the students. "Every one, out now." she instructed as they did as told with Amy having a final glace at Sonic before she was out with a smile.

Vanilla pulled out her beeper and clicked it which resulted in more nurses and doctors coming in to witness the miracle. In fact Sonic was shocked himself, though he couldn't move his eyes any more, they burned. At least he had made a start to progress after all these years...