I hate writeing on this theng, Sonic wrote bashfully.

Amy giggled at his remark as she focused his spelling. It seemed like bittersweetness since he was able to move again but his writing was sloppy and uneven like a toddler first learning how to write. Obviously since he was actually relearning all over again from zero. Regardless of that, Amy found that to be adorable.

A female echidna whacked Sonic behind the head playfully, making him puff out air as if laughing. She smiled as she flexed his legs put pressure on certain areas. "You wouldn't need to if you would of listened to your doctor when he said no talking." she remarked. "You almost lost your voice."

At her words Sonics paused and leaned against his soft chair. He reflected the reason of him having to be bandaged up from his throat after his last visit to the hospital and the grimful silence that was amongst him and his family they accompanied him.

Fortunately, they hadn't seemed to realize he had sneaked out the day prior nor did they ask him anything when he came down waltzing into the kitchen with goofy grin spread across his face. Just raise eyebrows, and look away.

They weren't important now. What was important was the girl sitting here in front of him. The lovely Amy Rose. The girl that made the whole world blur and focus only on her bright smile that seemed so contagious when he was near her.

Amy sat on the chair opposite from him doing what seemed to be homework as he got his daily physical therapy. She had begun coming with him after yesterday when he mentioned it over a text saying she wanted to accompany him.

That alone made a smile unconsciously manifest itself onto his features. She was one of a kind. Always so lively, smile, and ultimately bright like the sun when she would appear. Then she was absolutely beautiful, also.

Sonic often found himself blushing like an idiot when she caught him staring at her and would timidly smile back when she smiled at him in response. He couldn't help himself. It wasn't just because she was beautiful. The girl had an affect on him that he didn't understand. He'd never experienced this feeling before. She was just something else.

His eyes suddenly widened when he hissed in pain when his therapist pressed too tightly on his joints. "Sorry, sweetie." she apologized. "We're almost done."

The blue hedgehog nodded, shutting his eyes tightly at the pain he felt. It was bearable, but still hurt.

He felt a soft hand intertwined with his and blinked his eyes open to see Amy smiling compassionately at him and sitting on the armrest of his seat. He smiled back and squeezed her hand, blushing slightly before looking away embarrassed.

"There we go, you're good to go." The echidna said with a smile as she moved away, "it was nice meeting you, Amy." Amy nodded and offered her a smile. "You too, Lara-Sue. See you next time!" she called out as the echidna waved them off and walked away. She turned to Sonic.

"Well, she seemed nice." Sonic nodded back but kept his gaze to the floor. His blush growing. She hadn't let go of his hand. Amy tilted her head in confusion until she made notice and pulled away with her own blush.

"Um, you ready to go now?" Amy said quickly. "I'm starving!"

Sonic smiled, but nodded stood slowly then walked with Amy out to the front parkings and to the car when a buzz was heard and they both blinked until Amy pulled out her cell phone and saw she had a message.

Shadow: Where are you?

Feb 12 12:14 PM

Amy: Heading off to Cherry House Café with my friend. Why?

Feb 12 12:15 PM

Shadow: We need to talk.

Feb 12 12:15 PM

Amy: What's wrong?

Feb 12 12:16

Amy pursued her lips in utter confusion at seeing the message with no instant reply from them like the previous ones. Something didn't seem right. He was being strange.

She decided to ignore it for now as she started her vehicle and drove out of the parkings and onto the road. From the corner of her eye she noticed Sonic wiggling on his seat and raised a questioning brow at him.

He caught her stare and shyly stopped fidgeting and opened his note pad, I stil cont get over the fakt that I can sit in the front noe.

Amy laughed as she then focused on the road and raised the volume of a song on the radio and sung to it proudly. Sonic smiled at her enjoying her lovely voice and how her quills moved with the wind from the open window.

This moment was perfect.

The song suddenly came to a stop and changed, making his eyes widen and he turned away and looked out the window. That song. It brought back memories he was ashamed to confess.

Amy giggled, oblivious to his thoughts and tilted her head. "You don't like the song? I used to always sing it. Carly Rae Jepsen has a great voice."

He cringed inwardly as he remembered that night. It was slightly a blur, but he could faintly remember what he did with Sally. Whatever he did, he wasn't sure. He had never known about sex exactly. His body just reacted and he honestly didn't know what he was doing. All he knew was that it felt good, but he felt bad about it for some reason. He felt as if he betrayed Amy but its not like they were dating. She was with Shadow.

The thought of them being together intimately struck him and he frowned. He hated that thought.

He glanced over at Amy's smiling face and wondered. His eyes drifted to her chest and he blushed as a dirty thought crossed his mind. What would it be like if Amy and him...

"We're here!" Amy suddenly shouted and Sonic panicked and shook away his thoughts. He was going through crazed hormones. Puberty was a fickle.

"So, I made a list." Amy concluded.

Sonic tilted his head at her confused, What?

The pink hedgehog sipped her coke, "A list, silly. Remember when I would show you all those pictures?" he nodded. "Well, I've decided that I'm going to take you to all those places!"

He gaped at her, baffled. You wood do that for me?

"Yeah, you deserve to live a little. You were in that hospital for years. I want you to see the world with me." Amy said shyly.

Sonic searched her eyes, smiling. When do we start?

"Right now. You're first time hanging out with a friend." Amy said.

Sonic frowned, not because he had already gone out without her realization, but because she referred to him as a friend. He didn't like it.

"Can I ask you something?"

Sonic set his menu down for a moment to nod at her with a smile before bringing it back up to his face and trying to pick out what to eat, but was slightly struggling to read.

Amy watched him. "How do you know Sally Acorn?"

Sonic froze on the spot and gulped. They know each other? He thought as he glanced at Amy and smiled nervously as he brought his notepad close and wrote, Her dad cut my hair.

Amy's posture seemed to relax as she smiled sweetly and hid her face with the menu. She felt stupid for asking. It was none of her business, but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't a bit envious at the thought of Sonic close with another girl.

Sonic on the other and was glad she didn't press further.

After they ordered their food and Amy ate her pizza and Sonic hungerly ate his chilli dogs the pair ate in comfortable silence until Amy broke it.

Amy sight sadly,"About your brother..." she began hesitantly. "Are you better now?"

The blue hedgehog paused before taking a sip of his soda and taking his notepad, No. But I can't say I don't feel bad. It wus my idea to go out.

"It wasn't your fault. You were just a kid. You didn't know what would happen so don't blame yourself. If you would have died then..." she trailed off, tears threatening to fall. "I would miss you too much."

Sonic smiled warmly and reached over and placed his hand over hers.. I missed you too.

Amy smiled back with teary eyes and flushed cheeks, but couldn't help herself get butterflies in her stomach.

"Am I interrupting something?" A deep voice rumbled.

The pair blinked their eyes at a figure looming over the table with crossed arms and a glare directed at Sonic.



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