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Part 1: The Beginning

By PinkScyther

DISCLAIMER:  Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Bowser, the Goombas, etc, all are characters belonging to Nintendo.  The dragon is my own invention.

Although I haven't been doing much posting recently, I have actually been working on a few of my stories, a little…  This is the first chapter of my brand new, very first Mario fic.  To everyone that knows who I am already, I'm sorry I almost never post any more, but year nine is turning out to be more work than I thought, and anyway I almost never get online when I have something ready to post.  To the people of a more Mario-ish persuasion, hi.  Nice to meet you.

Okay, please try not to take too much notice of the title but I thought of it at 11:00pm and sadly, I know I won't come up with a better one even after a good night's sleep.  This is a story of a princess's most traditional enemy—a dragon.  When he finds a mysterious egg in a mysterious area permeated with evil, Bowser attempts to use its contents against Mario.  However he inadvertently gives it more power than he can control, and it soon escapes and begins to do things its own way…

Started: 15/09/02


"Once every hundred thousand years or so,

Where the sun don't shine and the moon don't glow…" —From "Tribute" (Tenacious D)

There is a place that the sun barely shines on, and strangely, the moon doesn't either.  Evil lies without the northern border of the Mushroom Kingdom.  It is a dark place, of portents, such as the fact that the moon is never seen from there. 

It is said that history often repeats itself.  Magic also likes cycles.  And once every hundred thousand years, in this magical area, something strange happens…

A different phenomenon every time.  This time around, it was midnight.  The calendar would have given it to be a full moon, but as usual there was none.  The only sounds in the blackness were the whistling of the wind through the gnarled, dead-looking trees, and the rustling of the grass as it waved.

There was not a cloud in the sky, but suddenly—


—there was a mighty flash of lighting, which struck a single, empty point on the ground.  Grass was singed away completely in a shower of sparks, leaving the ground bare.

Lying there was a large, mottled, dull-red, leathery-skinned egg.


"Did you hear that?"

Mario rolled over sleepily and saw Luigi staring out his bedroom window.

"Muh…?" he groaned, muffled by the pillow.  He sat up.  "What are you doing in here?"

"Didn't you hear that?" Luigi repeated.

"Hear what?"  Mario rolled over.

"It was a huge thunderclap.  How could you not wake up?"

"Thunder?  There's not a cloud in the sky.  Where did it come from?" Mario was half asleep still, but he sounded vaguely concerned.

"Up north somewhere," was Luigi's reply.

"How far?"

Luigi's brow creased.  "Around the border."  He sounded worried.

Mario was worried too, but he rolled over and closed his eyes.  "It was just a noise.  Maybe there's a perfectly innocent explanation for it, just like there is every time we think something strange is happening on the northern border…" He couldn't see Luigi's face, but he hoped that his brother was convinced.  Mario sure wasn't.


"Where did it hit?"

"Dunno, over there somewhere…"

Two raspy voices whispered hurriedly to each other in the darkness outside the northern border.

"It's here, I found it!"

"What is it?"

"I don't know!"

"It's too big, what do we do with it?"

"We've gotta get it to King Bowser!"


"Go get King Bowser!"

"Go GET him?!  Are you crazy?"

"Just do it!"

"Why don't you?"

"No, I gotta stay here to watch the thing!"

The argument was interrupted by a snort from somewhere in the darkness.

"Goombas," it grunted derisively.  "I don't know why he keeps you around."

The two goombas jumped. 

"What the—you!  What are YOU doing here?"

The figure in the darkness sniggered.  "Bowser sent me.  I guess he didn't think you two numbskulls could cope out here on your own."

The goombas bristled.  "Oh yeah?  Well—"

The invisible speaker ignored them and made a signal.  From above their heads two shapes with large, feathery wings flapped to the ground. 

One of the goombas narrowed his eyes.  "Para-koopas?  How many of those did you bring?"  He sounded offended.

The figure in the shadows laughed without humour as the two para-koopas picked up the egg and rose into the air again.  "Come on.  You know King Bowser doesn't like being kept waiting."


Finished: 21/09/02

I know, it's a bit short, but the next part won't be long in coming—I promise.  However no promises on how long it will take for me to be able to post it… or if the Mario section with even still be there.  If sections keep being removed from this site, eventually they'll find it easier to just say "Sorry, no fanfiction allowed on this site anymore.  Have a nice day."  Anywho, I would really like some reviews.  I'm an emotionally dependent person; I need positive reinforcement from people!  Please, tell me I'm good…  (I'm kidding—you knew that right?)