Midnight Sun

Greetings all, welcome to the first instalment of Midnight Sun. I don't proclaim to be a fantastic writer but I hope some of you will give my story a chance. It's an idea inspired by a story I read a while ago and I couldn't get this idea out of my mind. It's called 'The Sealed Kunai' by Kenchi618 which you can read here:


Also, I don't own Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto does.

Without further ado, please read on and hopefully you'll review and follow at the end.

He sat atop the head of his idol, Senju Tobirama, his head hooded and deep blue eyes shadowed as he stared out across the village for yet another night in a row, a lone golden lock could be seen billowing gently as a light breeze caressed his face. Slowly, he drew his hand up in front of his face to inspect the small item in the palm of his hand and just as he brought it into the light, his crimson speckled irises gazing intently at it, the small device came to life with the sound of laboured breathing and a hint of urgent satisfaction in a distant voice that brought a smirk to the small, 7 year old boy's face.

"Subject spotted atop the Hokage Monument! All units in place! Squad 4 moving into position, Subject unaware and surrounded. Awaiting orders, sir!?"

"Bring him in, Lizard. This has gone on long enough."

"Hai, Sir! All units. Repeat. ALL UNITS! MOVE IN!"

The young boy shifted up into a relaxed standing position and raised his head ever so slightly.

"I don't think so."

It was a simple enough statement, whispered confidently into the night. Some might call it just a bit cocky that some 7 year old brat thought he could go up against 24 of the village's elite shinobi, battle hardened warriors trained in all manner of combat and deception, highly revered sworn protectors of the great Konohagakure no Sato- the strongest village in all the 5 nations- led by it's Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen.

But as he stretched out on the grass in the blonde's mindscape, the Kyuubi no Kitsune couldn't help but snicker softly to himself as he watched the small radio crumble out of his host's now unclenched fist. There was a damn good reason why it took 24 of the village's so-called "elite" shinobi to catch the little brat after all.

"If you aren't going to end their pitiful lives or at least provide some violent entertainment for me, I suggest you make a move Kit" he drawled out in the boy's mind, closing his large red eyes and nuzzling his head into his paw as he waited for the boy to decide his next move.

"Hehehe, don't worry.. I've got this Kurama."

Naruto's voice echoed in his mindscape as he deftly rolled out the way of a desperately flung net, "though you're right, it's time I ended this".

Gracefully, he performed two backflips in quick succession, creating some distance between himself and the approaching "warriors", and landing in a crouch he slowly brought his hand up into the ram seal, causing the Anbu to pause momentarily and consider what his next move could be- it was usually rather unpleasant for those tasked to bring the child in.

"Just what is he planning now?" a harsh female voice could be heard muttering in an annoyed, fatigued tone.

As it were, she had fallen victim to not one, but two of Uzumaki Naruto's pranks that day, and although it stung her pride to admit it.. she knew to be cautious when trying to detain the village's resident troublemaker.

He was cunning, creative and downright sadistic when it came to his pranks and so it brought her no surprise that she found herself gripping her katana slightly tighter than usual. By now the boy's hand had moved into front position and he could be heard crying out "BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!", prompting a few raised eyebrows from those gathered.

As the smoke cleared, there was a collective sweat-drop as a sickly, deformed version of Naruto could be seen flopped over on the ground, a strange blue pus oozing out of it's eyes.

Naruto, however, didn't seem to have noticed as he proceeded to fling his arms out with a huge grin plastered across his face as he yelled out at them.

"Let's see you bastards stop TWO of me! You lazy, useless, pathetic excuses for ninja! I'll show you! I'll show all of you! I, Uzumaki Naruto- along with my invincible clone- shall be UNSTOP- What the fuck!?"

In all his excitement, the small, energetic boy had failed to notice the unimpressed looks on the gathered shinobi's faces and had at last turned to see the outcome of his latest attempt at making a clone.

In his shock filled stare he was seemingly unprepared as a shadowed figure crept up behind him and quickly bound the boy in ninja wire, to the cheers and relieved sighs of the 23 other shinobi gathered. His angry insults could be heard across most of the northern sector of Konoha as he was dragged off towards the Hokage tower by several rather peeved Anbu.

As the rest of the shinobi present dispersed to continue their duties around the village, two figures were left standing on the monument minutes later, a heavy silence hanging in the air between them.

The Anbu commander eventually turned to face the other man, arms crossed and with a glare that could not be seen but most certainly felt as he slowly began to speak.

"So Dog, where exactly were you when the order was given 3 and ½ hours ago to bring the kid in?".

It was then that the man looked up from the small book he held in his hands, his spiky grey hair somehow defying the laws of gravity as he turned to face his commander and drawled out a response.

"Maa, what's got you all worked up Fox-sama? I was looking for Naruto but then a blind old man called out for help as he had lost his guide dog so, of course, as a shinobi of the Leaf, I had to check every dog collar in Konoha until I found the right dog."

The older man didn't even bother to sigh at the blatant disrespect Dog was showing him, tired and feeling a migraine coming on, he turned on his heel and began to march off back down to the village, pausing momentarily to whisper aloud- certain the younger of the two would hear him-

"This isn't what he would've expected from you, and I'm sure you are aware of that fact.. Kakashi".

With that, he left the grey haired man alone up there, frozen in place, staring blankly after him.

Glancing down, the young Anbu realised he was standing on the carved head of the village's beloved Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato; his sensei, his friend and surrogate father. Looking up into the distance he saw the sun begin to rise, a warm, bright glow of yellow spreading out across the sky that only caused his heart to constrict ever so slightly.

"Forgive me sensei, but Naruto is better off not having someone as broken as I am to raise him. The best I can do is watch over him from the shadows."

The man sighed softly to himself as he looked down at where he stood once more, then performed a shunshin out of the area, not once noticing the pair of cold, crimson speckled blue eyes that had studied him from the shadows of the mountain.

Sometime later, Sarutobi Hiruzen looked up from the mounds of paperwork on his desk to observe the small, blonde haired child tied up in the middle of his office, surrounded by his finest Anbu, who were all stood at attention. He allowed a small smile to grace his weathered features.

"At ease. I see you have finally brought young Naruto-kun to me, though, I cannot help but wonder why it could possibly have taken so long?"

His voice remained calm, but the look he was giving his soldiers was enough to have them start spluttering incoherently at him when..


This brought a warm smile to the man hailed as The Professor's face as he looked down at the excitable boy, who was somehow out of his ties, hands clenched into a fist and held up proudly in the air, grinning back up at the old Kage.

He could only chuckle as he saw the distraught postures of his Anbu once they caught on that the troublesome child was no longer bound, but just before they could tackle the boy to the ground, he raised his hand for them to pause.

"That is quite alright, I would like to speak with young Naruto alone now. Dismissed".

Naruto looked up with wide eyes as the Anbu suddenly vanished from the office and he started to look around for some sign of where they had gone, it was then that he felt the Sandaime gazing warmly at him and turned to face the old man.

"So Jiji, what can I do for you tonight?" he said brightly, glancing distractedly around the room, his eyes slowing down briefly to consider the proudly hung pictures of the previous Hokages before he brought them back to the Sandaime.

"Well Naruto, there is a rather important matter I would like to discuss with you actually, would you like to explain to me why you felt the need to break into the Hyūga compound and dye every item of clothing kept there neon orange?"

The old man was rather impressed with the shocked expression which Naruto managed to pull despite the stern stare he was giving the boy, his ability to deceive would only improve with age.

"Oh WOW! Someone really did that, Jiji? Whoever it was must be a crazy awesome ninja? Do you think you could get them to teach me? Do you? Do you?! Who are these Hyūga anyway? And why don't they like orange? Wait- you don't really think it was MEEE, do you Jiji!?

Hiruzen suddenly found himself at the receiving end of the famed "puppy eyes no jutsu" that children seemed to pick up at a particularly early age these days and couldn't help but cringe as he tore his gaze away from the huge, round, tear lined blue orbs that were staring innocently and intently back at him from beneath those golden locks. He could only sigh as he tried not to make eye contact with the child again.

"Are you saying it was not you, Naruto?" Really, he was getting too old for 's endless pranks were only turning the council against him even more and adding greatly to the already towered stacks of paperwork that the Sandaime already had to deal with each day.

"Of course not, Jiji. How could I do something like that and not get caught? It's not as if anyone SAW me breaking in and dyeing all the clothes an awesome orange, did they now.. Jiiijiii?"

The smirk on Naruto's face betrayed his claim of innocence but at the end of the day the child was right. The Sandaime could not prove that it was Naruto and if the council weren't so frustratingly vocal about punishing the boy he probably wouldn't have put his Anbu through the hell of catching him in the first place- not that it didn't make for good training.

Besides, the Hyūga needed reminding that their supposedly all-seeing eyes weren't the greatest thing to grace the world since sliced bread, he only wished it didn't have to add to his workload.

"Very well, Naruto. I suppose without any real proof I cannot punish you- though I do ask that you go easy on the pranks for now. You've been at the academy for a year now and your reports have been disappointing to say the least. Perhaps you should invest more of your time in your studies rather than on wreaking havoc in my village."

He watched on amusedly as Naruto bounded over to the door and called over his back "whatever you say, Jiji! - See ya!" before disappearing down the halls, energetic as ever, shouting merrily on his way out despite the early hour in the morning.

It had been a long day for the aged Hokage and not for the first time in the past 7 years, he found himself wishing he had been the one to sacrifice himself to the Shinigami and save the village on that fateful night.

"My how things might have turned out differently around here", he slowly turned back to his desk a few minutes later, absently noting that he had been staring at the photograph of the Yondaime Hokage and proceeded to pull open the bottom left draw to retrieve his crystal ball.

Focusing his mind and watching as the smoke cleared, a bitter smile crept onto his face as he saw the small figure of Naruto leaping into bed- not even bothering to change out of his dirty clothes.

Returning the now clear ball to it's place, he turned to face out over the village and whispered to himself, "perhaps there is still hope for you yet, Namikaze Naruto."

Yet as he lightly fingered more tobacco into his pipe and leaned back in his chair, the Professor's mind began to whirl. He considered all that had passed in his office during the last 10 minutes, a few key things standing out to him. Things that had him slightly worried, though he couldn't place his finger on why.

First there was Naruto somehow slipping out of his binds without himself and several Anbu seeing how.

Then there was that smirk that flickered across the boy's face as his eyes passed over the faces of the previous Hokages and most disturbingly was the way in which Naruto's face would become suddenly emotionless when he thought the Sandaime wasn't looking at him.

For the past few years, Naruto had become increasingly more difficult for the Anbu to capture and it had reached a point where the Sandaime had to send out 3 more squads to bring the Namikaze heir in. It bothered the Sandaime to no end that regardless who he assigned to keep track of Naruto, the 7 year old academy student was still able to vanish completely without a trace if he so wished. Often only turning up on their radar if he got hungry and went to the Ichiraku ramen stand or if he decided to bother a particularly kind Chuunin by the name of Umino Iruka at the academy.

The boy had grown inexplicably distant towards him even, he still exuded that same cheerfulness that never failed to bring a smile to the old man's face but the sudden lack of desperation for love and praise didn't go unnoticed by the Sandaime. It was as if Naruto had grown independent of him, he no longer burst into the office at random times of day with the Anbu hot on his heels and his pranks had become much less about drawing attention to himself and more about causing the villagers and shinobi trouble just for the sake of it.

Something had gone horribly wrong, he trusted his instincts and they told him he should keep a closer eye on the Yondaime's legacy. Turning once more to watch as a heavy rain spread out across the village, Sarutobi Hiruzen made a silent vow to himself to keep the boy away from that darkness that so painfully often claimed the minds of powerful young shinobi.

If only he knew it was already too late.

Leaning back in his chair, his bandaged face obscured by the shadows, Shimura Danzō allowed a rare smile to grace his face. He considered the boy knelt before him, face blank and emotionless as he gazed up at the aged leader of the Anbu ROOT division, patiently waiting to be addressed. Like a sharp blade waiting to be drawn.

"3 and ½ hours, Naruto. I am impressed. Though do not think for a moment that you can start slacking off on your training. The next time you play "Hide and Seek" with the supposed "Village Elite" you will evade their detection for at least 5 hours".

"Understood, Danzō-sama".

The voice was soft but held a strong edge to it that rang out clearly in the large underground room, it was the voice of a disciplined and confident shinobi and it contrasted greatly with the loud, whiny voice most had come to associate with one Uzumaki Naruto.

This boy, who knelt before his commander, was sharp and obedient. He could command the attention of an entire room without raising his voice and could blend perfectly and silently into the shadows. Danzō was exceptionally proud of him.

"And what of Sarutobi?" he asked his young protégé.

"The henged clone I attached to the Naruto clone just dispelled to let me know that the talk with the Hokage went well and that the Naruto clone has taken my place asleep at the apartment."

Oh yes, the boy would be great one day. "Very well. There is still much left for you to do. Go find Kyoko Sensei and have her train with you in your kenjutsu, tomorrow I will give you another history lesson. Dismissed"

"Hai, Danzō-sama".

As be blinked, Naruto had disappered silently from the room. Son of Namikaze Minato, Jinchuuriki of the Kyūbi no Yōko, seal master in training and currently a high chūnin level kōhai in the ROOT ranks. That Sarutobi might have thought it wise to leave the boy alone to rot but Danzō would be damned if he allowed such a valuable weapon of Konoha to go unsharpened. No, this was just the beginning, Namikaze Naruto would become a feared shinobi like his father one day and would go on to lead the Great Konohagakure no Sato like the strong military village it should be.

He would make sure of it.

And that's a wrap. I hope I've got your attention with this one, let me know what you think below! If I choose to stick with the story I will update either weekly or every two weeks. I've planned out most the chapters so there shouldn't be too much delay. Thanks for reading.