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Chapter 10—End of a Year at Hogwarts

The party in the Gryffindor Common Room went on until McGonagall stormed in at one in the morning, telling everyone to go to bed or there'd be hell to pay. Ginny was glad of this, because she was quite tired at this point.

Something seemed to be drawing her to Harry's bed. When she got there, she saw his Cloak. She picked it up, put it in her bag, and went down to the Common Room, where she found Hermione.

As soon as there was enough of a distraction, Ginny and Hermione put on the Cloak and went up to the Hospital Wing to Harry's bedside. This is where Madam Pomfrey found them the next morning.

"Mind telling me what you are doing here?" she said. "Visiting hours were over hours ago."

"We just wanted to see Harry," said Ginny, giving the nurse a look that few could resist.

Pomfrey's glasses were charmed to see magic, like the glasses she'd let the Trio use earlier in the year. Instead of a small tentacle connecting the three, there now seemed to be a big-damned tentacle connecting the three, and not below the waist.

None of that could happen in sickbay, anyway. She had it charmed against all...physical manifestations of love.

Gifts from the other students had started to pour in for the Gryffindor Seeker: there were cards wishing him to get well soon; there was a 'die soon, you Mudblood-lover' card from Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle, which Pomfrey had quickly confiscated; there was candy of all shapes and sizes, including Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's Every-Flavoured Beans, Treacle tart (that looked like it came from The Burrow), and a bag each of Jelly Babies and sherbet lemons (likely from the Headmaster).


Around midday the day after the Quidditch match, there was a commotion outside the door after Pomfrey went to the door to let someone in.

"What is that?" she asked of the people outside the door. Ginny recognised the voices of the answerers immediately.

"We wanted" said Twin A.

"To Bring" said B.

"A Hogwarts Toilet Seat"

"To Harry as a joke" finished Twin B.

Ginny was nearly falling off the bed laughing at her brothers. Where did they get the idea of a 'toilet seat'?

"You are not bringing that in here under any circumstances," said Pomfrey. "That is completely unsanitary and unhygienic. The Headmaster will hear about this."

The Headmaster will probably laugh his head off and deduct a certain number of points equal to the number of points he gives them.


For two days, Ginny and Hermione remained in the Hospital Wing at Harry's bedside. The nurse was very understanding, given the bond between the three, and was even having food sent up.

On day number three, Harry woke up. The first thing that he noticed was a large mass of red on his chest, as someone was using it for a pillow. "Ginny?" he asked.

That was enough to wake Ginny up. She shook Hermione awake. "What?!" asked Hermione grumpily before noticing. "Harry! You're awake," she said, handing him his glasses.

"Apparently so," he said. "How long was I out?"

"Three days," said Ginny.

"You missed the Quidditch match," said Hermione. "Your replacement, however, did a decent job."

"Only a decent job?" groaned Harry. "How much is Wood going to kill me?"

"Let's just say that he might give me a promotion," said Ginny jokingly.

"You won?!" asked Harry. "Great job. Just don't take mine." He paused for a minute. "What's been going on?"

"We don't know much," said Hermione. "We only know until McGonagall broke up the Party in the Common Room."

"We've been sitting here for three days waiting for our boyfriend to wake up," said Ginny. "By the way, the twins attempted to send you a toilet seat at least once."

Harry finally caught up with the beginning of her sentence. "Boyfriend?" he asked.

"We've both claimed you as ours," said Hermione.

"We've claimed each other, too," said Ginny.

They talked for a while, even after Pomfrey came to check on Harry, and only left when the Headmaster told them that he needed to talk to Harry alone.


"The Flamels are just going to die?" asked Ginny.

"According to Dumbledore, 'Death is but the next great adventure'." quoted Harry.

"That wizard's just a crazy old man," said Hermione, laughing at her own joke.

"That's from Star Wars, right?" asked Harry.

Hermione nodded, but both Ginny and Harry could tell that she was wondering how he knew that.

"I saw it once on a field trip to the cinema," replied Harry. "My aunt and uncle were more than a little displeased with the choice of movie. They were afraid that I'd follow someone on some type of damn fool idealistic crusade like my mother did."

Hermione laughed at his Star Wars reference, and made a mental note to introduce Ginny to television and cinema.

Harry would tell them a long time later that Uncle Vernon had actually forbade Harry ever going to the cinema again.


The next day was the Leaving Feast. Harry had to fight hard to convince Pomfrey to let him go to the feast. He almost regretted that decision as he walked in to the Great Hall to find it decked in Slytherin green.

The Quidditch Cup win just hadn't been enough to redeem them in the House Cup Standings. The Slytherins had won with 562 points, Gryffindor had earned 363, Ravenclaw got 362, and Hufflepuff got 352.

Dumbledore interrupted the celebrations of the Slytherins. "Congratulations, Slytherin. However, there are certain events that need to be taken into account.

"First to Ronald Weasley for the best chess match this school has ever seen, I award Gryffindor 50 points."

Percy was heard saying, "My brother beat McGonagall's giant chess set."

"Second to Ms Hermione Granger, for cool use of logic under fire, I award 50 points"

Snape was managing to look both disgusted and impressed at the same time.

"Third, to Ms Ginevra Weasley, for being able to think critically in a crisis situation, I award 30 points. Fourth, to Mr Harry James Potter, for nerve and outstanding courage, I award 60 points.

"Finally, it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends. I award Neville Longbottom 10 points."

Those who were able to do maths in their head realised at this point what the Headmaster was going to say next.

"If my calculations are correct, we need a change of decoration," he said as he clapped his hands, and the Green and Silver Snakes of Slytherin were replaced with Red and Gold Lions. Even the Hufflepuffs and the Ravenclaws were celebrating, as this was the first time in at least seven years that anyone other than Slytherin had won the Cup.


Exams results were distributed the next day. The Trio had all done excellently on their exams, and Ron had done decently on his. Unfortunately, Malfoy and his goons somehow managed to get good enough grades to pass their classes.

Neville also did well, his excellent score in Herbology making up for his lousy score in Potions.

The administrators passed out the notifications that stated that pupils were not allowed to use magic during Holidays. The twins bemoaned this notice, and wished that they'd forget about the notice one year. Soon, they were on their way to King's Cross, London.

As they were getting off the train, Ginny said, "I'll owl every day" and Hermione told Harry that she'd send him messages through the Royal Mail.

"I love you girls," responded Harry.


Almost as soon as they got off the train, they were met by Mrs Weasley.

"I'm sorry for how the year started, dear," she said to him. "How did your year go?"

"It went well, thank you," replied Harry. "Thank you for the jumper and the fudge. You have a very smart daughter, Mrs Weasley. She and Hermione kept me on track all year."

"That's good to hear," said Molly Weasley. "I'm glad that you enjoyed your gifts."

They walked to the Muggle side of the Platform, where Hermione spotted her parents. Molly was telling Harry, "now if you need anything, just write us a note. Dumbledore says that we can retrieve you on your birthday."

"Thanks, Mrs Weasley," said Harry.

Harry noticed Hermione's parents. Mrs Granger looked like an older version of Hermione, while her dad was tall, fit, blond hair, blue eyes, and looked like he'd played sports in his youth. Tough, muscle-building sports like rugby.

So that's one of the Hermione lookalikes from the mirror. Harry and Ginny both thought to themselves. Where's the other? It was at this point that Ginny remembered that the mini-Hermione from the mirror had only been a couple years old.

Hermione was guiding her parents over to meet Harry and Ginny. Molly introduced herself, "Hello, I'm Molly Weasley. You must be Hermione's parents. Nice to meet you."

The Grangers nodded, and Hermione said, "This is my girlfriend Ginny, and my boyfriend Harry."

Ginny thought that the looks on the Grangers' faces were hilarious. To her, it looked like they were trying to figure out the meaning of the words their daughter had just used. They said goodbye, and left.

"Boy" came an unpleasant voice. The voice was attached to a large, beefy man with a large purple face, a large moustache, and hardly any neck. He looked to be a very unpleasant man.

"You must be Harry's family," Mrs Weasley said pleasantly.

"In a manner of speaking," said Vernon gruffly. "Come, boy."

Ginny resisted the urge to woof at that statement by Harry's uncle.

"Harry's Uncle!" shouted Mrs Weasley. Ginny could tell that he was very displeased with this honorific title. "I've invited Harry over after his birthday, if that's all right with you?"

Harry's uncle grunted. Ginny figured that meant 'yes' Her mum obviously thought so too, because she said, "Thank you. We'll pick Harry up at 16:00 on 31 July."

As Mrs Weasley led her family to the public Floo, she asked Ginny, "What did Hermione mean by that?"

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