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Tags: Moemon, Gijinka, Lemons, 18+

He blinked.

"Hello, Red."


"I see you're still as silent as ever."

That was an understatement, but Red figured that even if he were normally talkative, he had a good reason for being stupefied into silence right now. After all, it was not every night that one had the Legendary Creator of Pokemon, Arceus, appear in his dreams.

"Never mind, I suppose even I can't get you to talk," The equine-like Alpha Pokemon stated, "Since you have no real interest in conversing with me, let me tell you why I'm here today, Red. I notice you haven't left the mountain more than one week a year in the last four years."

Red furrowed his brows.

"You're a rare human, you know that? Even most hermits that my children have encountered over the years have more contact with their fellow kin than you. You stay at the top of the world, waiting for the strongest of the strong to catch rumours on the wind, investigate and follow up to come and challenge you. I suppose your battle with Mewtwo did that to you. To date, you've only been defeated by three trainers, and their victories come in between many, many losses."

Red continued holding an impassive stare.

Arceus just sighed. "All of Pokemon kind are my children, Red, yes, even Mewtwo, and I hope you'll find it in your heart to eventually forgive him someday. You come the closest to any human in perfect understanding with Pokemon, even those whom you've only just met. It's a rare gift that shows up once in a thousand years. Your rivals come close, but they lack that last little bit that you have. If every human was like them, I would be pleased, but they aren't. But I want every human to be like that, and really, the easiest way for that to happen is if they inherit that talent, both genetics and humanity."

Red narrowed his amber-red eyes. What was the kirin-like God of all Pokemon getting at?

"Well, really, you need to get out more, Red," Arceus continued, and Red's eyes narrowed even further. "Unfortunately, you don't really seem to like your fellow humans that much to get into more than weak platonic relationships with family members and rivals, yet what I want is for you to go forth and multiply. For that, I have to take drastic measures."

For the first time in the one-sided conversation, Red showed visible alarm as he quickly understood what Arceus wanted him to do, and paled. Have children? But he was only fifteen...and even in ten years, he was still likely to be on this mountain if he had his way, a part of his mind reminded him.

"Your fellow humans may be uninteresting to you," and Arceus' smile was terrifying, with all the teeth it bared, "But I'm sure that your Pokemon may be different. I'm a god, so don't be going accusing me of deus ex machina. Wake up, Red!"

For the first time, Red wanted to actually scream something out as he cottoned on to Arceus' statement about his Pokemon, something like "But I'm not a Pokephile!", but the Dream World he had been summoned into was quickly falling apart, shimmering and folding in on itself, trippier than the one time he had accidentally ingested Paras shrooms.