A/N - As with everything I publish these days, this story is already complete and updates will be very regular. This is set in sixth year when Voldemort hasn't been an issue and isn't around.

Draco Malfoy was bored, he was currently sitting in his sixth year Charms lesson waiting for Professor Flitwick to stop talking. Despite spending three whole lessons teaching the class about various magnetic charms Flitwick still insisted on giving the class a final lecture before he would allow them to do any practical work. When Flitwick finally finished speaking and announced the class could start the practical work Draco turned to his best friend, Blaise Zabini, and the two boys began preparing for their practical work.

Less than five minutes later Draco was distracted from his work by the students at the next table, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. When Draco turned round he found Hermione scolding the redhead for pronouncing the charm wrong. Smirking at the sight Draco continued to watch the bickering Gryffindors, he always loved to see Weasley getting put in his place and it was even better when it was Hermione doing it.

Over the course of the last six years Draco had watched Hermione blossom into a gorgeous witch and he was now sporting a massive crush on the feisty Gryffindor. Like it always did when he watched her, Draco's mind started to wander, producing all sorts of sexual fantasies surrounding the brunette witch. He was currently looking at her legs, wondering what they would feel like wrapped around his waist as he took her on the table.

"Don't Ron, it won't work." Hermione's voice pulled Draco out of his fantasies and back into reality. Draco refocused his concentration in time to see Hermione trying to stop Ron from casting the wrong charm on the rocks sitting on their table.

"I know what I'm doing, Hermione." Ron insisted as he began to cast the magnetic spell.

As he spoke Ron wrenched his arm from Hermione's grip, causing his elbow to knock into her cheek. Hermione staggered back, slightly off-balance. Without thinking Draco reached out to steady the witch, only for her momentum to send them both crashing to the floor. At the commotion Ron turned round, unfortunately he was still in the middle of conducting the spell and finished casting it with his wand pointed towards Hermione and Draco.

"Are you okay?" Draco asked Hermione. He was currently lying under Hermione and was quite enjoying the view he had right down her shirt.

"Yeah." Hermione nodded as she began to try to get up.

"What have you done, Weasley?" Blaise demanded. He'd missed how Draco and Hermione had ended up on the floor but he had seen Weasley cast a spell on them.

"It was an accident." Ron said, looking down to where Hermione and Draco were slowly disentangling themselves from each other. "I'm sorry Hermione, I didn't mean to knock you over."

"What's going on here?" Professor Flitwick cried as he came rushing over to the group.

"Weasley cast some sort of spell on Draco and Granger." Blaise explained as Draco and Hermione finally got to their feet.

"What do you mean he cast a spell on us?" Draco demanded, turning to glare at Ron.

"It was an accident." Ron protested. "I was in the middle of casting the magnetic spell when I turned around."

"And you carried on casting it?" Hermione gaped at Ron in amazement. "Are you a complete idiot?"

"That's enough." Professor Flitwick said, interrupting the bickering students. "Mr Zabini will you go and get Professor Dumbledore, please. Miss Granger and Mr Malfoy you two sit down here, Mr Weasley you can also wait here."

As Blaise headed off to find Dumbledore, Professor Flitwick ended the class early and dismissed everyone. As he passed by Hermione and Ron's best friend, Harry Potter, tried to stay and find out what was going on but Flitwick soon moved him along. Once the class had left Flitwick headed back over to Hermione and Draco, where he proceeded to wave his wand over the pair and mutter spells under his breath.

"What's happening?" Draco asked. "What has Weasley done to us?"

"You're both showing traces of the magnetic charm." Flitwick said, still studying Hermione and Draco. "We'll wait until Professor Dumbledore arrives before we run more tests."

"If we've been hit with the spell does that mean we'll not be able to move more than a few inches apart?" Hermione asked, sounding worried.

The point of the spell they had been casting was to charm two objects together and make it so they couldn't be more than a little way apart, when they were separated further than the spell would allow they crashed back together.

"Let's just wait and see." Flitwick said to Hermione and Draco before turning to Ron. "For a start you will have a month's worth of detention with me, starting tonight after dinner. For now you can leave."

"I'm sorry, Hermione." Ron shot a pitiful look at his best friend before he slunk away.

"Stupid bloody Weasel." Draco muttered as the redhead left the classroom. "Can you reverse the spell?" He asked Flitwick.

"We need to run more tests." Flitwick replied, stalling for time.

"This spell isn't meant to be used on humans is it?" Hermione questioned, remembering everything she had learnt about the spell. "It's designed for inanimate objects."

"It is." Flitwick nodded. "But I'm sure we can work out how to fix this." He smiled reassuringly at the two teenagers as the door opened and Blaise appeared with Dumbledore.

"You may go off to your next class Mr Zabini." Dumbledore said to Blaise before approaching Hermione and Draco. "What exactly happened here?"

"Mr Weasley accidentally cast a magnetic charm on Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger." Flitwick explained. "We need to run a few tests to see how far apart they can move and how strong the charm is."

"First thing first, let's check the distance first." Dumbledore said. "Mr Malfoy you stay where you are and Miss Granger I want you to stand up and walk away from Mr Malfoy slowly."

Hermione stood up and slowly began to walk away from where she had been sitting near the back of the class. The further away she walked the harder she had to fight the impulse to turn around and return from where she had come from. Unbeknown to Hermione, Draco was facing the same battle to remain in his seat, all he wanted to do was go after Hermione. Just as Hermione reached Flitwick's desk she felt a strong pull in her body and before she could react she was flying backwards, landing awkwardly on Draco and causing them both to go falling to the floor again.

"Well we at least have some space to work with." Dumbledore mused, watching proceedings with interest. "For now I suggest the pair of you head up to the hospital wing where we can conduct a few more tests."

"So when can we go back to normal?" Draco asked.

Draco and Hermione were currently sitting in the hospital wing after spending all afternoon undergoing various magical tests. Over the course of the afternoon Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape had joined proceedings. At the minute Professor's Dumbledore, Flitwick, McGonagall and Snape were all gathered around the two beds Hermione and Draco were sitting on.

"That will take a while I'm afraid." Dumbledore said. "This spell isn't designed to be used on humans so breaking it is a very delicate process."

"We have to move cautiously as one wrong move may result in the pair of you being bound together forever." Flitwick added, causing the two teenagers to share panicked looks.

"What happens now?" Hermione asked. "How are we going to manage considering we can only be a short distance away from each other?"

"What about sleeping arrangement?" Draco demanded. "There's no way I'm sleeping in Gryffindor Tower."

"Well there's no way I'm sleeping in the Slytherin dungeons." Hermione retorted, glaring at the blond Slytherin she had the misfortune to be stuck with.

"We've arranged for some shared living quarters to be set up on the fourth floor." Dumbledore explained. "Obviously for the time being you're going to have to learn to get along. This will potentially take weeks to fix so I suggest you both try to make this whole experience as pain free as possible."

"What about Quidditch?" Draco asked. "Slytherin are playing Gryffindor next weekend."

"I'm afraid Quidditch is out of the question." McGonagall answered. "It's impossible for you to play without forcing Miss Granger onto the broom with you and we can't have two people sharing a broom during a match."

"Can we postpone the game?" Draco asked, turning to Snape who was the Head of Slytherin.

"Apparently not." Snape drawled, looking less than happy about the situation himself.

"It's not really practical." McGonagall snapped. "We have no idea how long this could last and we can't just postpone games indefinitely."

"Perhaps we should be getting on." Dumbledore interrupted. "Dinner is in a few minutes so perhaps Miss Granger and Mr Malfoy should go and get some food before we settle them into their new quarters."

Hermione and Draco stood up and followed McGonagall out of the hospital wing. Dumbledore, Flitwick and Snape had all disappeared to discuss the problem further leaving the deputy headmistress to escort the two teenagers to dinner.

"I'm not sitting with Potter and Weasley for dinner." Draco said as they made their way through the corridors. "With Weasley's table manners I won't be able to eat anything, it's bad enough sitting a few tables away but up close it must be horrendous."

"Well I'm not sitting with your friends." Hermione argued. "They all hate me, I'm not sitting with a bunch of people who don't like me."

"Neither of you will have to sit with anyone other than your friends." McGonagall said, turning her head to look at the bickering pair. "We've changed the tables around so the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables are back to back. While you'll both have limited movement at least you can both sit with your friends."

Turning back to face the direction she was walking in McGonagall shook her head at the two students following her. Even with the announcement they could sit with their friends they were still bickering with each other. Judging from their reactions so far it was going to be a long few weeks as a remedy was found, she was already dreading Transfiguration classes when the pair would have to work together.

Outside The Great Hall McGonagall came to a stop and turned to face Hermione and Draco. "What has happened to you two is unfortunate but I expect you both to handle this with the minimum of fuss. A lot of adjustments will need to be made by both of you and I suggest that if you can learn to get along it will make things easier for you both. Now I want you to go and eat dinner with the minimum of fuss and when dinner is over the pair of you will meet me back here and I can show you where you'll be staying for the next few weeks."

When McGonagall dismissed them Hermione and Draco walked into The Great Hall together. For a minute they stopped to work out which table had been moved, it turned out the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs had switched places so the Gryffindor table was now next to the Slytherin one. Another minute was taken as they both found their groups of friends, luckily they were sitting practically back to back so there would be no major trouble with the seating arrangements.

Heading over to the two tables Hermione and Draco slipped into their seats, each facing a barrage of questions from their friends over what had happened. As best they could Draco and Hermione spent their dinner time explaining what was happening to their friends and what would be happening over the coming weeks.