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Chapter 1

"I have spent my whole life trying to bring order to the universe by carefully planning every moment of every day," Sheldon explained what Leonard and Penny already knew. "But all my efforts, our dinner schedule, my pyjama rotation, my bowel movement spreadsheet, it's clear now, I've been wasting my time," he explained with a wave of his hand.

Penny was astounded. She never heard Sheldon talk this way. It had been startling enough when he didn't go crazy over the fact she was sitting in his spot, and now he seemed willing to abandon all his whack-a-doodle forms of organisation, because he finally realised the world wouldn't end just because something changed. That in itself made her feel like the Earth was spinning the wrong way, and yet it had to be a good thing for her friend.

"Y'know, Sheldon, sometimes it's nice not knowing what's coming," she told him, leaning on the counter opposite where he was making a drink. "I mean, look at me and Leonard. We went out, we broke up, now we're trying again. We don't know what's gonna happen."

"Oh, please," the physicist rolled his eyes. "Everyone knows what's going to happen," he told her with a look she didn't care to meet.

Penny hated knowing he was right. She knew her and Leonard were never going to really work out, no happily ever after was swimming around on their horizon. He was a good friend, someone to fall back on when things got rough. He wasn't her knight in shining armour, not a hero, not good enough to make her heart pound with a kiss or passionate enough to truly excite her in the bedroom. He was a nice guy, that was all she could really say, a friend with benefits in so many ways.

Somewhere along the line, Penny had zoned out and came to after Sheldon declared he would 'embrace the chaos' and Leonard asked what he wanted to do first.

"I don't know," his friend said with an odd tone to his voice. "I could do anything," he smiled as he rounded the edge of the counter, his eyes fixed on Penny then.

She wasn't sure how to take that look. From any other man, she might have been able to guess where their intentions lie. When it came to Sheldon, she had almost learnt all his quirks well enough to second guess him, but this was different. This was like being faced with a new man, a completely different person. He was Sheldon unbound, capable of anything, and Penny found she couldn't breathe as she waited to see what he would do next.

"All bets are off. The world is my oyster," said Sheldon as he considered his next move.

There were approximately one thousand, four hundred, and eighty nine things he had considered over his years of restraint that he knew he could never actually do. They ran from the mundane of wearing Saturday's underwear on a Thursday, to the crazy and wild. Most of that deranged end of the spectrum seemed to involve Penny in some way or other, Sheldon realised, as he recalled so many things that came into his mind but were never done, never even spoken of or seriously considered until this moment.

It never really occurred to Sheldon not to make a move on Penny simply because Leonard liked her and fancied to make some kind of incomprehensible and impossible fairytale ending with her. No, Sheldon had certain ideas about keeping his life ordered and organised. Penny was the very opposite of these things. Messy and wild, and whilst she was usually in a clean and fresh-smiling state herself, the idea of getting as close to her as Leonard dared was too frightening a thing for poor Sheldon to really consider on hygiene grounds alone.

He had been standing there too long, staring like a dumb mute at his room-mate's girlfriend. Going wild was all well and good, and doing so with Penny might be exhilarating, but Sheldon couldn't do it. Maybe it was his friendship with Leonard that stooped him, maybe it was the hygiene angle, it might even have been thoughts of Amy Farrah-Fowler, though he highly doubted that last one. No, Sheldon knew he just hadn't the guts to go that far, not right now. He allowed himself an almost inaudible sigh of defeat before painting on a smile.

"I've got it," he said, turning his attention more towards Leonard then. "I'm going to put on my Tuesday pyjamas tonight," he told his friend, before practically running away to his bedroom.

Penny let out a breath she hardly knew she'd been holding then. She was oddly disappointed that Sheldon's boundary-pushing had only extended as far as pyjamas. If his aim was to shake things up in the bedroom, she could have shown him all kinds of better ways. The blonde's mouth dropped open wide when she realised what thoughts she had just been having. Sex with Sheldon, the idea ought never to enter her head, not at all, and yet there it was and somehow it wasn't half bad. She forced a neutral look when she realised Leonard was turning to speak to her, expressing worry for his friend's 'condition'.

"He'll be fine," she waved away his concern, more bothered by the tripping out of her own brain than Sheldon's right now. "I, er... I'm gonna go," she said, leaving fast.

Leonard was a little bemused not to get so much as a goodbye kiss before she left. Penny acted weird sometimes though, and the physicist told himself that was probably how all beautiful women acted with their boyfriends. After all, she was really the only one he ever dated so he had no frame of reference. He chose not to worry about it and moved back to the couch to put away the chess pieces - he still couldn't figure out how Penny beat him so easily on her first game!

Vaguely, Leonard wondered if maybe Sheldon had tried to teach chess to Penny before. They did spend quite a bit of time together during the latest break up between the odd couple who were now giving it another try. Still, it would be strange for Sheldon not to mention it, he did so like to crow about being able to teach Penny or any other 'normal' person a new skill. However unflattering it seemed, to Sheldon such a thing was akin to training an ape.

"Er, Sheldon," he called, tapping on his friend's bedroom door. "You never taught Penny anything about chess, did you?" he checked.

Sheldon stopped half way through buttoning up his pyjama shirt. The moment Leonard mentioned Penny he forgot to breathe somehow. It was as if he were panicking but he wasn't sure why he should. Leonard was not smart enough to read minds, even Sheldon wasn't so far advanced in his mental powers as to achieve that. Focusing on the actual question asked, Sheldon answered quickly and succinctly.

"No, Leonard, I never played chess with Penny, or tried to teach her anything about the game," he assured his friend.

In a moment, Leonard was gone, muttering his way down the hall. Sheldon didn't hear a word. He sat down on the edge of his bed in silence, feeling troubled. As if his journey into chaos were not strange enough, now his mind seemed to be fixating on Penny without his meaning for it too. He had such a ridiculously strong urge to touch her, to go completely crazy and just grab her and kiss her, like some overzealous, wrongly labelled 'hero' in one of those ridiculous so-called romantic movies that the blonde herself enjoyed at times. Sheldon was not a kisser, he kept a safe and reasonable distance from all people, even avoiding handshakes whenever possible. It was true that he had thrown the rule book out of the window tonight, but there still had to be limits, didn't there?

"Oh, this is preposterous," Sheldon muttered to himself as he finished buttoning his shirt and got into bed.

Not everything he did in his new chaotic persona had to be about Penny, it couldn't and wouldn't be so. Leonard would not appreciate his room-mate even thinking about his girlfriend that way, and Sheldon could remain a man of honour, even as he embraced possible chaos. No need to step over too many boundaries all at once, he told himself, and began to think of other things he might do tomorrow instead of going to work.

In a universe of infinite possibilities, with none of his own rules to bind him, and not caring for those laid down by anyone else, what should Sheldon do? What would Spock do? What would his fellow scientists do?

It might have been mere minutes or a great many hours, as Dr Sheldon Cooper drifted in and out of sleep, wondering on all the wonderful, exiting, thrilling things he could do with his young life.

Sheldon was hardly aware of the fact it was past midnight, when he suddenly sat bolt upright in bed, knowing what exactly he wanted to do. He wouldn't wait until morning, daylight would make no difference now. In amongst his wonderings on the great minds of history and their eccentricities, Sheldon had thought of Richard Feynman. He had to get up, he had to go now. There was no doubt at all in Sheldon's mind that what he really needed to do was play bongos!

To Be Continued...

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