Chapter I: Through the Net

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Jaime was reminded of the last time his sister was birthing, the blood, her screams, and the lack of circulation reaching his hand. Not once did he flinch from the pain running up his arm uncomfortably, his pain was nothing compared to his sister's. The screams emitted from Cersei were blood curling, but Jaime was her strength. The drunken oaf that was her husband wouldn't be here for her the way her twin was.

"One more push should do it, your Grace," Maester Pycelle was barely heard over Cersei's loud breathing.

Cersei tensed her whole body as she pushed with all of her might until there was a sharp cry that filled the room. She let her body relax as Grand Maester Pycelle stood back with a bloody bundle in his arms.

"It's a girl, your Grace. A strong, healthy girl." Maester Pycelle said, he stood straighter now that the babe was wrapped in a blanket. The babe was handed to the tired mother, who barely held in her gasp at the same time her twin did. The babe had black hair, like Robert's. The first child Cersei had given birth to had also had black hair, named Steffon. The boy was dead due to a fever. The second child Cersei bore had golden hair, much like his father, Jaime.

The babe opened her eyes as she was placed in Cersei's arms, once more the brother and sister both had to hold in their gasps when they saw her stormy blue eyes. This child was Robert's, no one would debate that issue.

This child would be a threat to Joffrey, if she or anyone else found out who their fathers were in truth. Cersei had to accept this child, her eyes locked with Maester Pycelle's, "Marina. Princess Marina Baratheon." She said firmly.

Even though she was Robert's, Cersei felt a fierce protectiveness towards this little girl of hers.

Several years later…

The halls of the Red Keep were filled with a joyful whistling as Princess Marina skipped through the halls. She was in a good mood, yesterday she had stayed with her cat Pia.

Marina had made a curious discovery yesterday as well. Her cat's stomach was sticking out in a strange manner, and had asked Maester Pycelle what it meant. She'd been quite happy when he told that her cat was going to have kittens!

Marina knew that Pia would be near the kitchens. For some reason, she wanted that as her "nest". Possibly it was because it was warm there and food would be easy to find.

As she approached the room where Pia would be, she heard her nasty older brother in the room, she heard him saying to Pia, "I want to see the kittens, now."

Marina hurried into the room near the kitchen in time to see her brother pull a dagger from its sheath and hold down her beloved cat and slice from neck and downwards.

She let out a horrifying scream the same time as Pia let out a horrible noise. Her brother twisted around to face her with a smirk on his face.

"You killed her! Joffy! You killed Pia!" Marina cried, "I'm going to be King one day, Kings can do as they like." Joffrey sneered. Marina grew angry; she rushed at her brother and whacked him across the face with surprising strength for a five year old girl.

Joffrey went flying in one direction and the dagger went flying in another. She pounced towards Joffrey and punched him square in the face before he grabbed hold of her hair and yanked her back forcefully.

Marina shouted at him, "You aren't king yet!"

Joffrey looked as though he was going to threaten his sister further, but Ser Barristan, who had been nearby, rushed in and yanked them both apart. "My Prince, my Princess! Children should not behave like this!" He said sharply. "He killed Pia!" Marina said quickly. "She hit me first!" Joffrey yelled. "You killed Pia." Marina said in a low threatening voice.

Ser Barristan took the child before their parents, both children demanding they were right. "Enough! Joffrey, tell us what happened?" Robert asked, "I only wanted to see the kittens." Joffrey stated, "And Marina?" Robert asked, eyeing the dark haired girl whose eyes were red from crying.

"Joffrey killed Pia. He sliced her open, Father." Marina said, tears streaming down her face.

Cersei cut in and said, "Robert, he was just curious. He wanted to see the kittens."

Robert roared, "Just curious? Woman, he just cut up his sister's cat, for no apparent good reason. And he did it right in front of her! Gods, when will you start to restrain him?"

Her mother's green eyes flashed with fire as she started to say, "Restraint?! You talking about restraint? Let me tell you…"

Ser Barristan turned to Marina and said, "Princess, let me take you to your rooms. You don't need to hear this."

Marina still had tears streaming down her cheeks, but she followed the old knight out of the room. Once they were most of the way down the hall, Ser Barristan picked her up and carried her in his arms the rest of the way and comforted the little girl, before handing Marina to her septa. Elyse already knew what had happened, and would comfort her further.

A few hours later, Robert came to visit his dark haired daughter. He nodded at her septa who said, "Your Majesty. You daughter fell asleep a short time ago."

Robert nodded. Seeing what his seven year old son had done to that cat was horrifying. And what made it worse was that Marina had seen it, and that it had been her cat.

As he went to her room, he heard the rustling of little feet as they ran to the door. Once he opened it, Marina threw herself into her father's arms, crying again. During a break in the tears Robert said, "Your brother is going to be punished, mark my words. I don't know what I'm going to do to him yet, but he will be punished."

Marina slowly stopped sniffling. Robert then said, "What would you like for a new pet, my sweet?"

Marina said, "I want…" she thought for a moment then finished, "I want a dire wolf!" with a smile on her little face.

Robert couldn't help himself. He had to laugh at it. Even his daughter giggled slightly. "I would love to give one to you, Marina, but for the fact that they don't exist anymore. Not even in the North. How about I get you a shepherd dog? They are loyal, but fierce. Would you like that?"

Marina nodded, and further burrowed into her father.

Three years later…

Marina was turning into a pretty young girl at the age of eight. It was coming time to think of betrothals for her. There was already an interest in Marina. Then again, having a member of the royal family marry into your own was a high honor and a sign of prestige.

Robert went through a list of the houses that would be suitable for his daughter to marry into. Not the Tyrells, they were rank climbing snakes. The Martell's would make sense, given that the crown should try to make amends for what happened during the sack of King's Landing. But sending his favored child to the house that detested the Baratheon name the most was something that he found to be unsettling. The idea of Marina marrying one of her Lannister cousins was also discarded quickly as he found that to be even more distasteful. He would love to marry her into the Arryn family, but keeping her waiting for a child to survive would not be wise, no matter how much Robert loved the idea.

This list was getting smaller and smaller and there was no end in sight. Robert did not want his daughter to be mistreated in whatever marriage he set up for her. Then an idea bloomed in his head: The North.

Ned Stark was one of the best men he knew. And he had a son that was only four years older than Marina. In the North, Marina would not be mistreated, and perhaps she would find happiness up there. What he may have been able to have with Lyanna.

Robert quickly began writing a letter to send by raven to Winterfell. It would be there in three days with good winds and luck.

Three days and 3000 miles later…

Ned Stark was watching his two oldest boys go at each other with wooden swords when he heard, "Lord Stark." He turned and saw Maester Luwin, who bowed then approached him saying, "There was a raven from Kings Landing, my Lord, with this letter. I believe it is from King Robert himself."

Ned took the letter with a nod and started to read it. "Go get Catelyn. I need to speak to her."

A short time later, both Ned and Cat were in his study with Catelyn having just finished reading the letter herself.

"Well then, shall we agree to his proposal?" Ned's eyes met and held his wife's unblinking ones.

She looked down at the letter, then back at Ned saying, "I don't see why not."

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