Chapter VII: Lover's Meeting

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She stood from the chair quickly, Robb looked her over, her Stark cloak hung over the back of the chair neatly and the tiara she had worn for the wedding ceremony was placed on a bedside table. Her hair was out of its beautifully arranged design and was down her back.

Robb crossed to her and gently took her hands in his. "Are you nervous?" Robb asked, his hands covering hers easily. "Of course I am," she answered, her stormy eyes found his before she hastily looked down, Robb dropped one of her hands and placed two fingers under her chin and lifted so he looked into her eyes before placing a sweet kiss on her lips. "I'm nervous too." He said quietly.

Before Marina could help herself, she let out a shy giggle. She bit her lip, "Do you mind helping me undress?" She asked looking up to him with doe eyes, flushing a deep ruby red and biting her lip. Robb hid his smile well, his eyes darkening in lust before he replied, "Um, y-yes of course."he cleared his throat lightly, feeling his breeches tightening under his cloak.

He dropped her other hand and stepped around to her back. He swept her hair to the side, with his fingers leaving a trail of fire on her neck she shivers lightly with shaking shoulders.

Meanwhile Robb stared rather stupidly at the complicated maze of lacings and ties at the back of her dress. After a few seconds of staring at the milky skin of her neck Robb cleared his throat and whispered awkwardly to Marina "how exactly can I help you get out of this blasted death trap love!"Marina giggled as she started instructing Robb on how to unlace her,and with her melodic voice guiding him, he started getting around the lacings untying them one after the other pulling them from the dress Marina's milky skin revealing bit by bit both their breathing becoming more heavy by the minute, Robb slowly leans down kissing her neck going further down her spine, with his tongue coming out every so often teasing her.

She gasps feeling Robb's lips on her skin, she moans breathily "Robb, please my wolf don't make me wait for it" she whines ever so softly feeling him chuckle lovingly planting a few last kisses on her spine, his stubble scratching her soft skin as he finishes unraveling the death trap, , he slowly kisses up all the way to her neck and behind her ear with his hands wandering to her shoulders slowly sliding the dress down her dainty freckled shoulders his fingers trailing down her arms as the dress swiftly swooshes down to the ground revealing the bare expanses of her milky beautiful skin, she inhales sharply at the sudden reveal of her body to the cold air meanwhile Robb walks from behind her now facing her with his mouth slightly ajar as he stands barely a foot away from her drinking her form in, "You look…beautiful Marina, an angel. My angel" Robb whispers softly with a grin from ear to ear as he tilts her face up, Marina looks up to him with a flushed face and innocent eyes "I do believe you're extremely overdressed milord" she grins bashfully with a musical giggle.

Robb laughs loudly swiping Marina off her feet and closer to the bed tossing her on it as they both giggle and laugh like children, their laughter ebbing away as Robb's eyes drink in her naked form sprawled out on His bed, His Marina, his Wife. Slowly Robb unclasps his cloak swiftly followed by him unlacing his shirt eager for his skin and marina's to meet for the first time in a method different than kissing and holding hands, and just as his shirt drops to the floor with a soft thud Marina gets on her knees on the bed staring at her husband's naked chest trailing her hands up to his shoulders and back down just above his breeches feeling the large bulge underneath questing fingers.

The bedchambers filled with the sounds of their panting as Marina's breast heave under Robb's lips and touches as his hand reaches the soft hairs at the apex of her godly shaped thighs, Marina squeaks loudly and giggles airily at the feel of Robb's sensational touch her nails digging into his shoulders as her body starts to tingle going into overdrive feeling Robb's hardness lying on her thigh."ROBB!" Marina yells loudly in passion as Robb slides a finger into her wetness preparing her for his girth, her pants filling his ears and going through his head right down to his crotch, his lips rapidly finding hers as they collide in passion stifling each other's sounds of passion, unable to handle it anymore once her hips start moving with his finger, Robb pulls out from her raising his finger to his mouth licking at it tasting his sweet lover "my sweet rain you taste just as beautiful as you look, sound, and feel "he moans to her softly as she whines for him" Robb may the gods damn you if you don't get into me this instant" Marina growls digging her nails into the skin on his back leaving red crescents in their midst, looking sharply at him with her hair sprawled around her face on the furs like a dark halo encasing her pearl beauty. He stares into her eyes, his own eyes dark, deep pools of desire mirroring Marina's taking his manhood into his hand rubbing himself slowly leaning down and planting his lips on Marina's as he thrusts deep into her sensing her maidenhood tear for him with his mouth over hers trying to sooth the pain and stifle her scream of pain. The pain slowly ebbs away as Marina wraps her thighs around Robb's waist rocking her waist against him he takes that as a sign to move, he slowly does exactly that rocking softly into Marina's warm wet caver their pleasured moans mixing together in the warmth of their room, their bodies getting warm weather that happened from their passion or the fire going on just behind them and the heavy furs underneath their bodies-the very same ones each of them had a hand clutched in-they didn't know, nor did they care. Both Robb and Marina just knew at the same moment that they were both complete as he thrust faster and faster into her the sturdy bed shaking underneath their vigorous actions, Marina pulls her lips away from Robb's as she feels a coil starting to tighten in her lower belly "Robb I'm close love plea..aah" she starts to say cut in the middle of her sentence as Robb bits down on her shoulder giving one strong thrust pushing both of them past the point of no return as he groans her name loudly filling the room coupled with her screams, knowing that in the whole castle, those who hadn't noticed their absence it would most certainly be noticed now.

Robb drops onto Marina as they both pant trying to catch their breath as if having just ended a long horse ride, their lips attaching back as they kiss leisurely basking in the aftermath of their passion. Robb silently asked Marina if she was alright. At her nod, Robb withdrew from her and then pulled Marina into his arms. They fell asleep in this manner, forgetting everything else but each other.

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