Me: * slaps self * I am sorry for delay but the most horrible thing happened….

Secret: * plays scary music *

Me: SCHOOL. Dun dun dun. * sniff * but the cool thing is…it's an online school ^_^ I start whenever I feel and end whenever I feel. But I work during break -_-

Secret: lucky b****

Me: ^_^ yeah. I'll probably be done with school by end of April or May if I can hurry myself up.

Secret" * rolls eyes * like people care. Now hurry it along and do the song.

Me: This is my all favorite movie in the whole dang world. Too bad my parody is crap.

Seto: I think it's nice.

Me: aw…thank you seto-san ^_^ And it's my birth day too. Mainly why I updated.

Cause of a reviewer, I did Yugi singing to Seto-san. Thanks for the idea Destiny's Angel

In the noisy time of dueling
When the cards assume their 'sitions                 (positions, but it had an extra syllable -_-)
And my card has made its journey
And you wondered just what happened
When I laid the card down to your defeat
When ev'rything I held was true
But you were a jerk to me and I reminded you
That the world is not your playground
There are other things that matter
And when a brother needs protecting
Your illusions all would shatter
But you stayed in the corner                              (Hey! I'm the one with the corner! And Seto-san ^_^)
The only world you knew was upside down
And now the world and me, I know you carry me

You see patterns in the duelin' sky
Those constellations look like you and I
Just like patterns in the duelin sky
We could be losers and refuse to try
But we made it through those dark times
Would those du'el-ists turn out to be                             (Oh for the tune's sake!)
But that unusual blend of my funny friend and me           (Seto: I'm not funny!)

I'm not as clever as I thought I was
I'm not the boy I used to be because
You showed me something different, you showed me something clean
I always seemed so certain but I didn't wanna be mean
But you stayed and you called my name
When others would have walked out on this lofty game
And you could've made it through
But your funny friend and me                                         (Seto: I said I'm not funny!)

You see patterns in the duelin' sky
Those constellations look like you and I
That tiny dragon in a bigger guy                                     (Seto: is he dissin' my dragon?!)
I don't know…should I let your monsters die?
Just like the patterns in the duelin sky
We'll duel each other till the end is nigh
Don't know the answer or the reason why
We'll duel each other till the day we die
If you had to do this all a second time
Then don't complain or make a fuss
When living arrows fuse that unlikely blend                                                          11
Are those two funny friends
That's us

Seto: I'm…not…funny!

Me: All right all right. You're not funny. Neither is this song, but I love it so much…why change it?

Secret: sure…you're just looking for an excuse for making it so crappy.

Me: Maybe…Oi Seto-san! Don't I get a birthday kiss?

Seto: …um…sure!

Me: ^_^ * sing song voice * Bye people! Don't not review and don't not read my other fics ^_^ I gotta go…heh heh heh. You girls can have Kaiba, but I get Seto-san ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^