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"I didn't expect to see you again, Miss Schnee." The look she gave me was like an invitation.

"Just 'Weiss' is fine Blake." I returned the look as best as I could.

She smiled and it seemed as if her eyes grew a bit brighter. "At least you remembered my name. I've met too many people who forget who I am almost immediately after seeing me."

I knew what she meant. " I try. Not many people in high school knew me past the whole 'rich girl' stereotype."

Her eyes scanned my face. "You've graduated already? You seemed younger."

An annoyed sigh escaped me. "I graduated a couple months ago and I'm about to start university."

"It sounds like you've explained this already today." She guessed.

"That's because I have. I had a run in with a crooked cop today who saw that I was eighteen on my license." I was embarrassed about what this was leading to.

Blake leaned in. "What happened?"

My face was warmer now. "He wanted some 'favors' from me in exchange for me not getting a ticket."

"You didn't do anything did you?" She asked.

It felt like an insult. "Of course not! I took the ticket and got out of there. After that happened, I saw your car and that's what led to me being here."

She finally relaxed back into her chair. "Good. I wouldn't have any respect for you if you took that deal."

I looked down at the table. "Neither would I." I said quietly.

She looked at my saddened state. "I know what you need." She started to get up.

"Huh?" Was all I got out.

Her hand touched my shoulder. "Just sit for a moment."

I was a bit confused with her actions. She had walked to the counter behind me near the front of the store. I turned and watched as she talked to the employee, who nodded and went to grab a cup and some unidentifiable liquid. It was probably better not to question it since she's been so helpful to me. Not to mention that it felt great to actually talk with someone for once instead of just listening to the t.v. talk at me. I turned back to the table before she caught me investigating what she was doing and took up the task of examining her book. Reaching over, I spun it towards me to read the title. "'Ninjas of Love,' Well that sounds... interesting." I guess even the serious ones have their pleasures.

A cup was set in front of me and Blake sat back in her chair. "There, drink up and relax."

I tentatively picked up the cup. "What is it?" I asked since it was covered by a lid.

"It's just some hot chocolate. It always relaxes me after a stressful day." She said.

I put it to my lips and drank. "Ow! Hot, hot, hot!" It's HOT chocolate you idiot!

Blake simply laughed at me. "Sorry, I forgot that it was freshly made."

I nursed my tongue and waited for the drink to cool down a bit, although the little bit of chocolate that managed to escape down my throat made me feel a lot more relaxed. It was almost like we were just friends visiting each other. Except I was the creeper who decided to follow her here. Which reminded that I never apologized about that little fact.

I took a quick drink of my hot chocolate and spoke up. "Sorry about the stalking think though. I guess you were expecting a peaceful day that didn't include strange girls following you."

Blake smiled and tapped her book. "It's fine. I've been reading this a bit too much anyway. I've had more free time lately."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Oh my roommate moved out. He usually always found something to keep us busy during the day." She said.

I thought about that kind of situation. "Sounds better than me though. I've sat at home doing nothing and talking with no one."

"Most people would say that but I enjoy my quiet times." She said tapping her book again.

I nodded at that. "I guess it would make sense. I'm just ready for university to start so I can finally get out of the house more."

Blake looked like she had thought of something. "Are you talking about Vale University?"

"Yea." I said. "My parents are making sure I don't end up an airhead."

The amber eyed girl smiled. "Then that means we're classmates. I'm going there to. Where I come from, we didn't have any good places to get an education so I moved here."

"What are you studying?" I asked.

She gave me a blank stare. "Do you really have to ask that?" She asked while visibly shaking her book.

I quietly picked my chocolate back up and took an embarrassed sip. Our little outing was going pretty smoothly and I was having fun for the first time in months. It was amazing just how relaxing talking with someone was. Blake was fun to talk with even if she seemed a little withdrawn at first. It didn't matter to me.

She told me about the town she came from. Small and not very prosperous was how she described it. Her family was small and could be considered middle class but she took the time to remind me how tight money was for them. Her parents apparently never planned to have a child and Blake was the stereotypical "accident" child.

"They loved me anyway though." She said. "They even hid away some money that I could use to go to school."

The show of parental love was slightly lost on me. "They sound amazing to me."

She agreed. "They are. Although they were disappointed that I chose a school so far away."

"If I had a kid like you then I would be to." The words came out faster than expected.

"Thank you."

She seemed to have trouble meeting my eyes after that little comment. I wasn't sure why but I didn't care. The minutes flew by and the hours gained as we sat in that little book store. Surprisingly, Blake didn't get much reading done like she apparently planned to. I'm sure the employees were more disappointed by that fact than I was. There didn't seem to be many customers entering this place and with Blake preoccupied by me, they were losing money to our conversation.

Blake was smart too. She usually had long explanations of things and I felt myself just gasping for air when she got into one of them. I eventually got used to when she would do this and I would just nod and sip my drink. Sometimes I would lean against the window and let the heat comfort me while we talked. It worked almost too well because I could feel myself getting groggy. I attempted to fight it with the hot chocolate but it didn't help much. Eventually I just closed my eyes and drifted off into what I planned on being a quick nap.

A gentle hand shook my shoulder. I woke and saw Blake standing over me. "Time to wake up Weiss. You've been asleep long enough."

"I fell asleep?" I asked.

She pointed outside. The sun was considerably lower than I last saw it. "Yea, and you drooled a tiny bit. Don't worry, I wiped it for you."

I didn't know what to think. "You didn't wake me?"

"Nah. You seemed like you needed the sleep. Plus, I got to read some." Blake picked up her book off the table.

I felt a little pang in my chest. "Are you leaving?"

She nodded. "I need to get home and make dinner. Staying here so late twice in a row is bad for my sleep schedule."

It made sense to me. I needed to head home to. "I guess I'll go to then. Before my dad checks up on me."

Blake headed for the door to leave. "Okay, I guess I'll talk to you later then. Bye!"

And then she was in her car and driving away. I was left with a disappointed feeling in me. But I couldn't blame her for leaving. It was late and most people would be heading anyway. I didn't even realize how much time we were there in that shop, just talking and hanging out. It made me feel like a teenager again after many days of just wasting time.

I got up and left the store, waving to the employee who was probably waiting for me to leave so he could close early. I looked up and down the street to see if Blake was still in sight but it was no use. She would be blocks away by now and I didn't feel like being called a stalker after making such a good impression. Finally I just decided to get in my car and leave. The inside of it felt colder than it should be, like I was missing something.

My bag vibrated a bit and a light shined out of it. It was my phone that I nearly always forget I have because of how little I use it. A text message was on the screen under the name of "Blake."

"Nearly forgot to tell you. I may have gotten your number while you were asleep. Hope you don't mind, and drive safe."

I felt myself smiling at the screen. This meant that a new connection had opened up to me. In fact, I wasn't even mad that she used my phone without permission. If she didn't take the initiative then we might not have talked to each other until we started at university.

I drove home humming to my favorite songs on the radio with a grin on my face that I didn't know I could make. Even the car had warmed up. I guess it just needed a bit of a human touch to get things right.

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