Hey guys, how it going? Now, before you all get on my about not updating my other stories and making a new one, this is not. This, unlike Reborn Habanera, will remain a one shot no matter what. Well, at most I would add a couple chaps to finish it, but it won't become a full story. Not that at the most this will become a 3 shot, assuming I have enough to put into this to make that many chapters.


Naruto Uzumaki was many things. In his youth, he was the 'number one unpredictable knuckleheaded ninja', as well as the 'demon brat'. When he grew older, he became a true sage, something Jiraiya could never accomplish. He was also the Hero of many nations, like spring, wave, demon, and others. Including his own, after defeating Pein. And with great difficulty, he even became the hero of the 4th shinobi war. One would think that he would be happy after finally gaining the recognition and fame he had wanted as a child. They would be wrong.

It all started after having beat Madara, he went to destroy the clone of Hashirama that was used to make more zetsu clones. What he didn't expect was for it to react to him when he was near it. It latched onto him, and a rush of memories entered his mind. It took him a while to understand, but he figured out he was actually seeing Madera's memories, as well as those of Zetsu. Apparently when Madara used it to keep him alive, he had left a piece of himself in it, and it stored his memories, as well as Zetsu's.

But what Naruto found out left him horrified. Everything he had come to know… was a lie. He knew that his childhood was not the best, but he never thought that Konoha would have done the things it did in the memories he had seen. For one, in regards to what it had done to its lifelong ally, the Uzumaki clan. History said that it was destroyed in the third shinobi war. What was neglected was that it was konoha that lead the charge to its destruction when they refused to leave their home and all move to Konoha, and raped and pillaged the village for anything of use. That even his own mother was actually a prisoner within Konoha. That the attempt of Kumo to kidnap was to actually rescue her. That Minato Namikaze did not love her, but simply used her to get his hands on the Uzumaki scrolls to make him more powerful and famous. But what made it worse, is that he had forced her to become his wife and got her pregnant against her will. In effect, Naruto was the child of rape.

When Naruto eventually went through the records of Konoha upon his return, he found the black book of the Hokage's, and found out his father had fully planned to use him to breed more powerful ninja for the hidden leaf, by basically whoring him out to several women when he was old enough. What made things worse, was that after Minato died, Sarutobi fully intended to go through with the original plan, but could not as he died at the hands of Orochimaru. And according to the journal, this time written in by Tsunade after she had taken the mantle, Jiraiya really didn't even want to train Naruto. In fact, he purposefully botched his training, not believing Naruto worth his time, as he was only doing this because Tsunade had made it a mission for him to train Naruto, so he was forced to do it.

Naruto could hardly believe it. He was nothing more than a pawn to these people. And now that the war was over, he was pretty sure that Tsunade was going to go with the plan her predaceous had been able to. But he was Naruto Uzumaki! He would be damned before he became anyone's tool for their personal gain, not even his former precious people. But even with this knowledge, what could he do? Sure he could fight off anyone within the village, but then what would he do? Then he thought of something. Since the statue held the memories of all the Zetsu's and Madara himself, perhaps there was something in the memories of the Uchiha founder, or even something the plant spy had found that would be of use to him. And so, taking everything that he believed would be of use to him, including the entire forbidden scroll of sealing and every last scrap of Uzumaki knowledge that Konoha had stolen from his family, he disappeared, and secluded himself in the cave where the statue was.


Years later.

It had been several years since Naruto had been gaining knowledge and growing in power, all in order to accomplish his new goal. Go to the past, and change history. At first, he wasn't sure how he was going to pull it off. At first, he thought of taking Obito's Sharingan, which he had recovered from his body and fused it to the statue to preserve it. But it only allowed for the manipulation of space, not time. it was the same with the Hiraishin, though Minato's was actually a poor bastardization of what Tobirama could actually do with his Hiraishin-giri, which was why he needed his seal markers to even make it work. But then again, the man merely stole secrets from both the Uzumaki and Senju clans to be able to use it. Not to mention his precious Rasengan was merely copied from the Bijuudama. So the man was not only a thief, but a copycat who couldn't come up with any original technique on his own. And yet he was praised for his ingenuity. Feh, if people only knew the truth.

But that aside, with the help of Zetsu, who was somehow still alive, not that Naruto even cared anymore, was helping him along the way. And the plant man's help was invaluable. Especially when he learned of the Sharingan's ability, called the Izanagi, to warp reality. When he found this out, he had Zetsu and several clones steal all of the spare Sharingan's that Danzo had hidden in his ROOT base, to replace the ones in his Mokuton arm should the need arise. Naruto believed that having all of them use Izanagi at once, in conjunction with the Kamui would allow him to bend time and space to the point where he could go back in time. But the problem was he could not control that many eyes at once, as he could not effectively link up with the statue to do so. That's where Zetsu came up with the idea to effectively cannibalize the abilities of one who could: Madara Uchiha. The man not only had the Mangekyō Sharingan, but he also had the cells of Hashirama which allowed him to use the Mokuton, and even the Rinnegan.

But the problem was, there was no way Naruto could effectively do so… until he remembered someone he once fought by the name of Hiruko, who had a special 'chimera' technique that allowed him to assimilate bloodlines into his own body. But with Hiruko dead, and no way of finding his notes, assuming they weren't already destroyed, that left one option. Edo Tensai. After getting over his reservations of using it, he eventually found a bandit, and sacrificed him to summon Hiruko. It would have normally been impossible, had Zetsu not known the location of where Kabuto kept all the DNA of every person for when he used Edo Tensai during the war, and even had the DNA of some he didn't summon, like Hiruko. And with the man's knowledge, he was able to perform the Chimera technique… though with an added twist. Instead of merely assimilating the bloodline's that Madara had, he had Hiruko find a way to use it to completely override all of the Minato's blood in his body, and replace it with Madera's, and to an extent Hashirama's. The proceeding surgery took a while, and a few more people had to be brought back as well to help like Kabuto, and a couple other med nins.

After the process was done, and Naruto had woken up, he immediately demanded that Zetsu bring him a mirror to see if it worked. And to his joy, it did. No longer were his eyes blue or his hair blonde. Now it was red with black and grey streaks in it and, and his eyes were now a dark purple. His whisker marks were still there however, but he didn't mind. His face also took on some of Madera's features as well, including how his hair looked. Laughing to himself, he had gotten rid of the blood of Minato Namikaze and being his son, to essentially becoming the son of Madara Uchiha. He brought the mirror back up to his face, and channeling chakra through his eyes, he was delighted to see the Sharingan, then Mangekyō Sharingan, and then the Rinnegan itself. Normally this would have taken him time to accomplish, but he didn't want to wait for it to naturally happen, and so simply had Madera's eyes transplanted. For good measure, he took one of Itachi's as well, as while Madera's Susanoo was powerful, Naruto wanted the weapons Itachi's had: the Yata mirror, which could change its own characteristics depending on the attack it receives, and can therefore nullify it. The sword of Totsuka, which is capable of sealing away anything it, cuts, trapping them in a world of drunken dreams. And the Tasaka Magatama.

He even took all of the most powerful weapons he could get his hands on (or had Zetsu steal for him) and used the Rinnegan to fuse them into a single weapon. All of the Rikudō Sennin's tools, the Kusanagi that Orochimaru wielded, the swords of Kiri's swordsman that actually had a special ability, and were useful (Sameheda, the Kiba swords, and the Kubikiribōchō). The end result was not what he was expecting. The blade itself was two toned of white and blue, and was double edged as well as massive, and the hilt was gold. When he reached out and took hold of it however, he could immediately feel the power of the blade. Grinning, he said "I think I'll call you the Arutema weapon."

And with his new sword, he had to wonder. Along with it, did this make him horrendously overpowered, by having all of the abilities of the Sharingan with its Tsukiyomi, Susanoo and its special weapons, Ameterasu, the Kamui, the Mokuton and even the Rinnegan? Yes. Did Naruto care? Not one bit.

After all, not only was he going to go back in time to kill Minato, but also Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Sarutobi. As well as a few other people so they wouldn't be problems later on after going to the past. He wanted to be as strong as humanly possible, so he could not only keep the Uzumaki clan safe from being destroyed in the war, but to completely annihilate Konoha, and those loyal to it. Sure he would spare those that had nothing to do with those who only sought to use the Uzumaki clan for their own gain, but a good majority of Konoha was going to burn, that he would make sure of. And the years it took to master his new abilities were well worth it. And now, with his new abilities and having gotten proper training via the memories of Madara himself, he was ready to head to the past, and destroy Konoha. As well as kill Madara of that time, and make sure he wouldn't be able to get his hands on Obito or anyone for that matter and make them into his pawn.

But if there was only one being he was going to miss… it would be Kurama. When he would travel into the past, there was a very good chance the Bijuu would fuse with the Kurama of that timeline, the one sealed inside of Kushina… or Mito. Time travel wasn't an exact science, even more so with the mass Izanagi/Kamui he was going to use to get to the past wasn't going to be precise and at best send him somewhere around the time he wanted to arrive at, so he wasn't entirely sure when in the past he would pop up. All he knew is that it would be before Uzushio was destroyed, and hopefully have enough time to take care of everything he needed to. While there was still plan B where he would simply knock out Kushina and then kill anyone who got in his way, then show her the truth, with Kurama helping him, as the Bijuu would have the memories of the future he lived through. He would even use the Edo Tensai and bring those bastards back to life and force them to tell the truth if he had to. He honestly didn't care, so long as Kushina knew the truth, and would no longer be blinded by Konoha and its lies.

Though while he was at it, he should save a few more people that didn't deserve what happened to them. Like Pakura, who Suna sold up the river. And surprisingly enough Mikoto Uchiha, who according to what he found out from hive mind of Zetsu memories, was actually forced into marrying Fugaku, who like Minato, had no qualms about making her give him children. Though this meant that he along with several other members of the Uchiha clan were going to have to die, but that didn't really bother him that much. After all, Fugaku had disappeared the night of the Kyuubi attack, because he had told Obito of where she was going to be which he found out from making Mikoto tell him. So yeah, Fugaku was going to die horribly.

And to his surprise, he learned that Tsunade was not supposed to be in charge of the Senju clan. Apparently Tsunade had a younger sister, who was still older than Nawaki, making her the middle child that was supposed to take over the clan. But Tsunade was a jealous and greedy cunt, and had her killed so she could inherit the clan, and even went so far as to remove all evidence of her existence. And from what he could see via the memories, Tsunade had every right to be jealous. While Tsunade was attractive, it was only a shallow beauty because she had actually went through the trouble of using her medical knowledge to make herself more attractive, and even increase her breast size.

Hell, Tsunade hadn't been wearing her illusion to hide her age; she had been wearing it for decades to create the illusion that she was ever attractive to begin with. But her younger sister needed no such thing. She had tanned skin and some freckles on her cheeks, and dressed more like a country girl. Even wearing those giant hats. And her figure was something most women would kill for. Long legs, wide hips, a generous bust. No wonder Tsunade was jealous. When comparing to the plain Jane that Tsunade really was without her illusion and surgical enhancements, she was nothing when compared to her sister. Though since all records of her were destroyed, he couldn't get a name, but Zetsu remembered it had something to do with apples. Either way, with a mental image of what she looked like, he was going to make sure she didn't die this time around.

So with his now revised list of who to kill, and who needed to be saved, Naruto was almost ready to go to the past. With the Mokuton, it made gathering nature chakra so much easier then when he used the method the toads taught him. He even had the statue be able to gather nature energy, so he wouldn't have to power the technique himself. That, and it would make the technique itself more powerful, meaning he would have no problem going back in time, so long as everything went according to plan, and he didn't wind up tearing himself apart when he entered the rip in space/time. Though to counter that, he had made himself a special kind of suit, which would actually be powered by the very energy that would try to tear him apart. He was able to do this through trial and error, by sending several Zetsu clones through the portal. Not very far, so they wouldn't come in contact with Madara or Tobi and ruin his plans, but just far enough to see if it would work. It took a while, as traveling through time meant that one would be risking them into an anomaly as one would be existing in a point in time they should not be, and as the timeline did not like anomalies, it tried to destroy them. But he theorized that the Zetsu would be fine, as they existed as far back as before the third shinobi war when Madara had made them. And he was right. The clones he sent though the time tunnel survived. And since the Zetsu could survive, this meant that he could use them to go back in time. And so, much like how Obito had a spiral Zetsu to heal him, Naruto had Zetsu clones form a protective suit, covering every inch of his body. He even had a few fuse into his body, just in case the time energies wouldn't be fooled by his 'suit' and attacked him directly.

And with that, he had everything he needed to go back in time. his sword safely sealed in a seal on his arm, his 'Zetsu suit' already in place, and enough of Kurama's energy siphoned off of him and put into a special container to replace the energy he would lose in the likely scenario that Kurama would fuse with his past self. He had the statue 'grow' so that there was a large ring around him, and each Sharingan eye he had got from Danzo's stash, having already been implanted into it, were now open and looking directly at him. It was a bit strange to Naruto that the very eyes he would be using to go back in time would be back in the heads of the people who once owned them when the technique was finished.

shaking those thoughts aside, he willed the Zetsu clones and the statue to connect, so he could directly control everything. He could actually feel the statue drawing in nature chakra, and the multitude of Sharingan eyes opening up. After feeling that that statue had a good connection with nature to constantly draw upon nature chakra, he willed them to activate. And with that, all of the Sharingan eyes began spinning wildly, and they all looked directly at Naruto. Now then… time to go back in time! Amenoukihashi ("Floating Bridge of Heaven").


And there. now, I know that was a cliff hanger, but this is still a one shot… maybe a two shot, if enough of you guys want me to do a second chap, where Naruto goes through with his plans. and if anyone of you is interested, PM me about possible taking this on as a story challenge, or to ask permission to integrate a part of this into a story of your own making.

Well, with the Naruto manga, I'm not really going to wait and see what kind of nonsense Kishimoto pulls out for Naruto to somehow win, let alone survive. So suffice to say, that in this the Bijuu were separated and Naruto got both halves of Kurama into his body.

I forgot to add it in, but so no one would go searching for him, he had a Zetsu clone transform into him and had enough of Kurama's chakra put into it to make his fake death more convincing. He even went so far as to put himself in a death like state, so his name would turn black on the summon toad scroll. Now, because I have no idea if in real life Naruto would have to re-sign the scroll, or his name would just reappear on it after he came back from his temporary death, I'm going with the former.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Danzo had many more Sharingan eyes in storage to replace any he should use for the Izanagi technique. And with how Naruto used them to travel back in time. I mean, one of them was enough to blur the lines of reality to avoid death and any injury associated with it upon Izanagi's activation, so combining it with the Kamui, which had its own pocket dimension even, I would think that combined they would be able to open a time portal, or even go to another dimension entirely.

And yes, the pic of Tsunade's sister is in fact a human form Applejack. If you guys actually look at it, even you will have to admit that is damn good. While I myself am nowhere near being considered a full brony, at best only partially (I do read Naruto cross fics with it) but that's about as far as it goes.

Yes, I did totally rip off the Ultima weapon from final fantasy. To be honest, I couldn't think of too many weapons that were just that powerful.

For many of you who probably don't know, the Amenoukihashi ("Floating Bridge of Heaven") is what the gods Izanagi and Izanami used to come to the Earth, and then make the first land where they made their house on.