Fred and George Weasley stood side by side facing the hooded figure that pointed his want threateningly at them. Really it was more at George. They had only been intending to test out there latest prank, a ball that when crushed sprayed a powder that gave the victim an extremely high pitched voice. The effects so far only lasted a minute but it appeared that they had pranked the wrong person this time and finally they were going to pay.


Else were Miggie stumbled around the forest wondering why she agreed to the dare in the first place. England was a strange and mysterious place. Her and her friends were currently on a school trip with there Academic team but they had all snuck off. Well it wasn't really there fault that they were out here. The teachers should have been paying better attention. Not only had the group managed to sneak away unsupervised, they had also been able to rent a van at the local dealership. Seriously we're was the adult to talk so reason into these kids.

This lead to Miggie's current problem. Miggie and her friends had been playing a game of truth or dare in the back of the van near the forest when Ty had looked up the forests name and found that it was supposedly inhabited by witches. Of course though having the oh so nice friends she had they had to just dare her to go in.


"Come on Mig, just go in walk around and pick up a rock for proof" Birdy the only other girl in there ragtag group of idiots called as Ty and D pushed her out the van.

"You cant come out of the woods for 20 minutes" D called as he promptly slammed the door in her face. D might have been her oldest and best friend but there were times like these when Miggie wondered why she stuck around the lackey blond guy. He had the never ending habit of putting her into awkward situations and leaving her to deal with them why she watched.

end of flashback

So this lead to the current fix Miggie found herself in. Miggie continued to stumble around not really caring where she was going however the sight that met her eyes made her do a double take. There in a clearing stood three people. Two of which were bright red heads who where identical. 'Twins' Miggie thought. The other was a figure in a dark cloak who's face was covered by the hood.


"Hey its not nice to point sticks at people. Didn't your mama teach you manners" called a female voice a clear american accent standing out.

This caused George to turn and what was he met with? Well he sure hadn't expected to see a small girl with dark brown hair that went to her shoulders and covered her left eye standing not but five feet away. The girls one uncovered eye was a deep brown almost black really. She wore a black mid drift tank top that hugged her figure nicely. On her hips were a pair of denim short shorts. Her look clearly screamed foreigner.

A deep chuckle escaped the throat of the hooded figure coming out in rasps. "i had intended to kill you but this will work mush better." the thing rasped. With that the creature pointed his wand at the girl and uttered a spell that had long sense been forgotten to the world a spell of old magic that encircled both Miggie and George in a red thread and left a scorching path on there skin.