Chapter 1 – A new beginning

This story came about following a pretty cool date: A restaurant name Le 6ième sens (6th sense) where we eat and drink in total darkness. (Believe me it was pitch blackness) All waiters are blind and our guides for the night. It was some experience: Foods and drinks don't taste the same and our hearing is put to the test. Clients can't walk in the restaurant or go to the bathroom without being shown the way by a blind waiter. Ironic and humbling isn't it! While driving back I had this idea to team up Annie, Auggie, Eyal and Danielle together and send them on quite an escapade. A way to actively put Auggie back in the field, him even being the one running point! My story lines takes place 6 months after season 4. Annie being slowly brought back from the 'dark' and into the field again with this 'simple' mission. Eyal is having some problems of his own and Danielle is going to be introduce to Annie's way of living… she might even like it! Hope you enjoy!

Arthur was back as top bronze as DCI. Joan had been offered the Deputy Director's job (DD–the DCI's assistant) but decided to leave the position to Calder and to return to being head of the DPD. It was, for her, the best decision since she now had a newborn to take care of. Auggie was director of special projects but with an agreement to stay on as Annie's handler. Eric Barbour had taken Auggie's former job as head of tech opp's. As for Annie well she was still an agent. She was just back from a welcome 6 month leave. During this down time she and Auggie had put the past behind and resumed a very passionate relationship.

Auggie and Annie were teasing Eric about his immensely messy office.

"Eric are you absolutely sure you don't have that hard drive I ordered. Eileen said they delivered it to Tech opp's thinking it was still my office." Eric lifted a couple of bags of chips, pushed a couple of cans of sodas and as he saw the base of his desk, he also spotted a small black hard drive!

"Here it is, told you I'd find it. Always find the stuff I need to find!"

Joan appeared, rested her shoulder of the door frame and just look at the trio….a small grin crept on her face. Annie turned and Joan rapidly made that grin disappear. Can't have her agents thinking that she was smiling at them playing around on the job!

"Auggie, Annie when you are finished here, like to have a word with you in my office" Joan was back to her old self…..

Annie and Auggie were sitting in front of Joan's desk. She was shuffling papers and looking pass the window of her office to the entrance of the DPD.

Auggie venture "Joan did you want to talk to us, we can come back if this is not a good time."

"No, no, I'm waiting for our guess to arrive. He might have needed some 'assistance'.

Annie spotted the tall frame of Conrad Black with in tow a familiar face: Eyal Lavin. From what Annie could see, Eyal seemed to have lost some weight and he had a much fuller beard than his usual well groomed scuff.

As soon as both men walked through the door, Auggie head shot up. Conrad led Eyal in, saluted Joan and was off.

"A woody and spicy fragrance mixed in with a bit of musk, jasmine, Virginia cedar, and of course, rum - Straight to Heaven by Kilian, Eyal Lavin what are you doing in our part of the world."

Eyal shook his head and extended his hand to Auggie's and pulled him up for their traditional hug.

"We really have to stop the hugging thing in front of Joan pool of agents… not good for my image"

Annie looked at Eyal as he delicately kissed her on both cheeks, their eyes locked for a second but Annie sensed something was missing….his typical sexy grin was not present.

"Love the beard and with the unusual cold weather we are having, it will keep you warm while you're in Washington." Annie whispered to him, putting her hand on his shoulder for him not to pull away too fast.

Greeting were over so Joan continued "OK now that you are all here, I can explain the particulars of this mission. Eyal, don't know how much Rivka's told you but for Annie and Auggie, I'll start at the beginning."

Again just a nod from Eyal. Annie was worried, not him at all, something was wrong, no teasing, no smile, no smart retorts…. nothing.

Joan took the floor: "We've got a complicated situation that was brought to our attention by Mossad. They have reason to believe that a Washington base restaurant Le 6ième sens (6th sense) is the cover for discussions between a dissident Israeli Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physician and an Iranian terrorists linked to their nuclear weapon program. Iran seem determine to develop nuclear weapons despite its international obligations and international pressure. And to quote a previous president of our, 'Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous, and Iran will be dangerous, if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.' Mossad and CIA are cooperating on this mission. Both agencies need some eyes in the place. This restaurant is particular… it is own by a blind couple and the concept is to provide their clients with an eating and drinking experience in pitch darkness. Auggie for obvious reasons you'll be running point on this one! Guys this is a recognition mission, you go in, get eyes and ears in the place and analyse the data/intel. CIA and Mossad have a team ready to intervene at any giving time. Am I clear on this part of your mission?" All nodded affirmatively.

Auggie had not expected this "Wow, Joan you really know how to coax a guy back to his old job and first love! Is Arthur OK with this?"

"Yes Auggie, you are officially off OSP (Office of Special Project) duty and back in active field duty for the duration of this mission."

Annie was pleasantly surprise with her welcome back mission. It was not what she could call, at first hand, a dangerous mission. She should/usually would be part of the intervention team but it was one where Auggie would have an edge over her. It should prove very interesting. "Joan what is our cover?"

"Well you are two couples from London, England wanting to start the same type of restaurant. The proprietors have already helped a Canadian couple do the same in Québec, Canada so we are hoping they will extend the same generosity to you guys."

Annie looked at Joan then at Auggie and Eyal "Joan, you said two couples, that meaning four people, can I asked who will be, I presume, Eyal partner, another Mossad agent?

Joan bit her lips… and cracked a smile "Not quite Annie. Auggie is our 'in the dark specialist' and you are his rich wife, you two are the investors. You surrounded yourself with Eyal, a winery and vineyard owner and his wife a reputable organic food caterer... Annie this is where we are hoping you could help us.

"Joan, I know where you are going with this and it is out of the question. The only person I know who knows about organic food and is a caterer is my sister Danielle. There is no way she can help me on this or any mission, believe me she is not spy material. And I don't even have to worry….. she won't accept."

Auggie and Eyal were hung to both women words. This conversation and turn of events was greatly interesting for both of them. Both were surprise, flabbergasted would be the appropriate word!

Joan went on "Annie, you know CIA… we now know as much about Danielle as we do about you. Our experts are formal: Your sister does have asset capabilities. She's curious, doesn't take no for an answer, always wants to get to the bottom of a situation, can conduct quite an interrogation and has just the right knowledge for this mission. She will be escorted by one of Mossad's best and one of CIA's newest best. What she will be missing in cover capabilities, I am sure you two will watch over her like hawks. Auggie no offences intended! Remember this is an intel gathering mission. You get in, read the situation, do surveillance work, scoop out the intel and get out. Then we send in the attacks dogs with what you gave us."

Auggie responded "No offence taken Joan but I'm also curious as why Danielle was chosen for this particular mission."

"Auggie I assure you, all of you, it was timing and us knowing she had the knowledge needed."

Annie couldn't wait to speak again and find out more "Joan are you telling me that CIA spied on Danielle, drilled down deep in her personal life and for what… so that she could maybe participate in a simple intel gathering mission. There is more to this mission than you are telling us, Joan think we deserve to know more, what is it? I will never accept to put my sister in any kind of danger, she had no training whatsoever and is first and foremost a mother not a spy."

For the first time Eyal spoke "Joan, I agree with Annie on this. I will also never accept to put a civilian in danger, especially one that will be paired up with me. I prefer to work alone, remember and there is a reason for me going solo. I can't and don't want to be responsible for the safety of another. This type of mission can go from cozy to deadly in a second. We are talking about an Israeli dissident and an Iranian terrorist, they are not your friendly neighbor ice cream and cookie men. I'm sure CIA or Mossad can pull up some more suited operative from their magical hats."

"No can do, this mission is as I told you, nothing more, nothing less. Annie you have a choice, you do us the honors or WE will ask Danielle. What will it be?"

Annie and Eyal were shaking their heads in disgust. They knew from experience that this was a done deal and there was no turning back. Agencies were like that, they dealt the cards and agent had to play by the hand that they were dealt.

Annie had surrender "Joan if Danielle accepts, will I, at least, be able to read her in. She should have all the facts, at least the same facts as we have, to complete this mission"

"Annie, I assure you that Danielle can be read in. Consider her as an asset or even a bit more. She already knows about you and Auggie being spies and my guess is that she has serious doubt on our Mossad friend here. Didn't the two of them meet at your apartment last April while Eyal was in Washington and you Annie had strict orders not to contact him?" Joan slowly raising her eyes and looking at both agents… who by now had red spots creeping up. "Ah and Auggie, I also know you were the one who brought the pizza later that night"

Auggie just lifted his head, dropped his shoulders and rolled his eyes! "Busted, Mommy dearest"

Joan shook her head and continued "Well do you have any questions….. No OK that's settle it then. Auggie you have the full file ready and waiting for you on your old DPD security clearances. It's up to you to read in your operatives, choose your backup team and agent.

Auggie was all smile "Think I'm going to like this little excursion into darkness. It's been a long time since I've been a 'leader of the pack.'" That got him a sharp elbow jab from Annie.

Just before all left, Joan made eye contact with Annie "Annie can you stay, like a word for how to go about things with your sister"

"Sure…. what's really up Joan?" Annie asked as the two were alone.

"You must have notice that our friend Eyal didn't seem himself?"

"Yes I did, you know what up with him?"

"About a month ago, he suffered a severe concussion and he's been having some problems with his eye sight, balance and suffers from severe headaches but he won't admit or talk about it. Rivka's organized appointments with a specialist in Israel but he's been a no show. In a last effort, she asked us or more you to try and convince him to get himself checked out. Don't get me wrong, this present mission is as I describe it, you just have double duties. Rivka assures me Eyal should be OK to complete this mission. Till now his problems haven't interfered with his work. But you and I both know that it is just a matter of time if the symptoms Rivka described are real. So watch out for him and make sure he gets to this doctor Rivka booked him with" Joan handed Annie a piece of paper.

"Really don't know how I can convince Eyal if Rivka and Mossad can't"

"Well, he's going to have to because for him to get back in the field he needs that doctor's OK. For now Mossad and Rivka have kept him on simple brush passes or intelligence gathering missions but even these type of missions will no longer be permitted if he doesn't get himself cleared for field duty. Here are Eyal's coordinated while he's in DC and the two appointments Rivka organized for him."

"Two appointments?" Annie asked

"Yes, Rivka didn't take any chances. You have two tries at this Annie. Something a spy doesn't often get! Rivka must really like Eyal, I never seen her go this far for one of her agents."

"More likely the last one or the best one she has! (Joan nodded approvingly) Well this mission is off to a great start: I have to ask my "normal civilian" sister if she wants to play spy with me and ask a master spy to stop being a hypochondriac and go to the doctor! Don't know how this mission is going to turn out but my interpersonal skills are going to be put to the test. Thanks Joan, after six months off this is a wonderful welcome back package!"

Joan put on her most wonderful grin and returned to her work, Annie got the message = 'conversation over now get to it'.

To be continued….. Hope you like this story line! And for the small number of people reading my other story don't worry I won't abandon it. Just don't have the inspiration for it for now but it will come back. I would never leave readers in the dark with an incomplete story even if there is only one reader reading it.