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Arthur awoke with a sigh. It was the start of yet another long, drawn out day. It was as if he was living a broken record of a life. Where each day was the same. The same thing repeating over and over. It was hell.

Arthur sat up in his bed that was covered with elegant blue blankets, embroidered with silver silk. He stretched out his arms and yawned. He was now fully waking up, mentally preparing his mind for another tedious day in the Kingdom of Spades.

Arthur was officially the Queen of Spades. He has remained in the same position for years now. Every day was the same. He has yet to find himself a King. Actually, the Queen isn't supposed to find a King. The King is supposed to find the Queen. Once the King did find the Queen, they were married. The marriage usually wasn't even because they loved each other either. It was simply for the fact that they needed to be joined to rule the kingdom as one. Although, there were exceptions where the King and Queen do fall in love. That was what Arthur wanted to happen. He wanted to fall in love with his King.

Many have tried to impersonate the King, but there was a simple way to see if they were actually the King. A Spades birthmark on the back of the right hand. The Queen has a Spades birthmark on the back of the left hand. This was the only way to tell royalty.

Arthur stood up and made his bed. He would have had the maids do it, but that bothered him. Making his bed was something he needed to do himself, or he thought he would get lazy and take the maids and butlers for granted. He didn't want to do that. Wanting to keep his daily routine, he went to the bathroom where a maid had already drawn a bath before he woke up.

After the still lukewarm bath, Arthur went to his wardrobe. Picking out his usual uniform of blues and indigos decorated with spades, he quickly got dressed. He pulled on his knee length coat and smiled. He finished by tying his white bow and clipping his mini top hat to his head. He was ready for another day. Perhaps it would go faster this time? No. It never did.

Walking down the hall, the Queen found himself lost in thought again. It has officially been fifteen years since he took reign. Fifteen long and lonely years. He had given up on ever meeting his long lost King. All the other kingdoms had their Queens or Kings.. Just, why couldn't his find him..? He was right here and waiting to be found. Arthur felt like a lost piece of a puzzle. Once you lose it, you either try to look for it and never do, or you just don't even try to look for it in the first place. His Kingdom was the puzzle and he and the King were the two pieces left to complete the puzzle. Even if the Queen had his place in the puzzle, it still wouldn't be complete without the other.

Arthur was dragged out of his thoughts when he ran into a column in one of the numerous halls. He quickly cursed to himself and rubbed his throbbing forehead. "This day keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?" He replied sarcastically.

Eventually, he continued on his way to the rose garden. Everyday he would have tea in the calming garden. He would do this twice a day, once after he wakes up, and once during lunch. He chose to have this routine. Sitting in a chair at a table, the maid that was standing near the table quickly and carefully poured the hot tea into his embellished cup. It was elegantly decorated with blue spades and silver swirls. The cup obviously represented his kingdom.

Arthur waited a minute for the tea to cool down. After he saw that the drink was cool enough to drink, he took a blissful sip. It was calming. He loved it so very much and he could not live without his tea. It was at times like these that he loved his position. He could enjoy tea at any time he wanted. He could take small moments to just forget his loneliness and the outside world..

Of course, Arthur wasn't like this all the time. People has described him as cynical, sharp tongued, critical, and cruel. The list could go on. He was like this. Although he didn't try to be.. It was in his nature. It was who he was. What most people didn't know and didn't even try to find out was that he uses that to hide his loneliness from others and maybe even from himself. Arthur couldn't just let other people know that he was feeling the pain of being alone. They would all use it against him.

Arthur's tea time went by all too quickly. He nearly cursed when he finished his two cups of tea. Morning tea always passes too quickly. He enjoys it so much that time chooses to run faster for him so that it will be over sooner. Or that's what it seemed like, anyway.

It was time for the most dreaded part of the day. Time for him to begin his daily duties as Queen. The first part was the only part he dreaded. He had to do paperwork in the morning. Once all the paperwork is finished, he starts his studies. He studies literature, etiquette, swordsmanship, music, and history. He was excellent in all of his studies since that is really the only thing the twenty three year old can do with his time. After he finishes his studies, he has the rest of the day to himself if anything else isn't planned. He usually just sits in the library reading. The Castle of Spades has a enormous library suited to his liking. He has the butlers and maids fill it with all sorts of books. Arthur was never worried about running out of material to read. Sometimes, when he's had an extremely stressful day, he even has tea when he's reading. That relaxes him and he is thankful for anytime when he can relax. Although, when he relaxes, he usually thinks about how his kingdom is King-less. He tries not to dwell on it too much, but it always nips at the back of his mind..

Arthur snapped out of his thoughts once more. He let out a long sigh and said to himself. "Oh well.. It's time to start the day."

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