Elite Circle

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon. Not that hard to figure out is it?

The sun rises over the horizon. Five houses on the very top of Indigo Plateau are the first to receive its rays. In one of the houses, a young man in his early twenties pulls his pillow over his head in an effort to make the sun go away and let him sleep. The tactic works for about five seconds, at which point a certain Dragonite decides it is time for breakfast.

"It's too early....." Lance moans trying to steal his blanket back from the huge pokemon. The Dragonite pulls harder, and Lance loses his blanket, forcing him to get up. He signals for the dragon to leave. After it is gone, he pulls out his black pants and shirt. Still groaning, he gets dressed. He grabs his cape as he is walking down to the main rooms of his house. All of his pokemon are sitting there waiting for him. Lance just sighs, then starts to make breakfast.

**In house #2**

"Come back here with that!" Bruno is starting his day like usual, chasing down Hitmontop. The spinning pokemon seems to enjoy taking his blackbelt. Machamp finally steps in and grabs Hitmontop's legs, lifting him up. Bruno takes his belt and puts it on. When Hitmontop is back on the ground, he starts for the cabinets. Bruno just sighs, then turns for his own breakfast.

**Lots of control here, huh? ^_^ Next victim!**

Karen has been up since before the sun even thought about rising. Darkness is her beauty. At least that is what she says. She and Umbreon have been outside getting their exercise. Murkrow cheats and rides on Umbreon's back. As they stop to rest a moment, she thinks about her position. She is the only female member of the Elite Four, and she holds a coveted position......fourth in line. That means she is the toughest. The only one behind her is the Grand Champion himself.

"I could take him." She says. Umbreon looks up at her. "Can't we?" Umbreon decides he wants to be pet. When they finally head on in, they see a familiar sight. Karen's house is between Lance's and Will's. Like usual, Will is coming out as she is going in.

**Will's turn!**

Will takes pride in being the first psychic ever in the Elite Four. His Xatus are all at the door waiting to go outside for the first sight of the sun. His other two are still sleeping, and he has no desire to wake them. After all, they have an important match later. It would be better if they could all get enough rest. He stops in front of the mirror in the hallway and adjusts the mask over his eyes. It covers the scar on his face nicely. He never leaves without it. As he walks out with his three Xatus, he sees and hears the familiar sounds of morning in the Elite Circle, the special community for the Elite Four and the Grand Champion. Karen is just coming in and waves. He waves back. Dark types, how can she stand them? Psychics are much nicer. But Karen won't listen to reason.

"Hey Will! Sounds like Lance is at it again." Karen calls. Will just smiles and shakes his head. Koga and Bruno live on the other side of the complex, and they complain about hearing Lance in his usual morning fights.

"Maybe he should go to bed earlier. Then he'd be prepared for this." Will calls back. They both laugh, then go on to their activities.

**Last one for this chap.**

"Not again....." Koga complains as he heads out the door. His pokemon are in pokeballs at his side. Some punk decided he wanted to take a potshot at him. **my terminology for Elite Challenges will be covered later** And of course, they wanted it at 7 in the morning. Koga sends a dirty look towards Lance's place. From what Bruno says, this is the morning routine. He could at least keep it down a bit. Or teach those dragons to get their own food. He sighs, then heads to the Elite gym for his challenge.

This is the start. It is mostly life at the top stuff. I hope you like it!

My Elite Challenge terms:

Potshot: Want to challenge one, can't be used against Grand Champ.

Line Challenge: Straight through the Elite Four and then Grand Champ. Must meet requirements to challenge. Needed to be allowed to Mt. Silver.

Foreline Challenge: Challenge the Elite Four without going to the Grand Champ.

Reverse Challenge: Challenge the Elite Four in reverse order, Grand Champ still last one.