Elite Circle

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Four in the morning on Indigo Plateau. Everyone minus Karen is sound asleep. In Will's house, he's off in dreamland until Jynx comes in and starts shaking him awake.

"Mmm...it's too early..." Will groans. He opens his eyes and sees Jynx. "At least send one of the guys in..." he mumbles.

#Problem# Jynx says. Will sits up and grabs his mask off the nightstand.

"What now?" He says putting it on.

#Umbreon is here.# Will stares at Jynx for a moment.

"Umbreon...?" He gets up and grabs a robe, then heads down stairs. Jynx follows and almost crashes into him when he stops on the bottom step. Will is trying desperately not to start laughing. Umbreon is sitting in the middle of the living room with the Xatus. While that in itself isn't so bad, he for some reason has a green sweater on and what appears to be a kid's flower petal costume as a collar. Umbreon groans and walks over to Will.

"Umbree..." he says. Will chuckles. He kneels down and pets Umbreon's head.

"What in the world is this?" Will wonders.

"UMBREE!!" Umbreon shouts. Simple translation: 'Get this off of me!'. Will smiles.

"All right, let's see what we can do here..." Will carefully takes the costume off of Umbreon. "Did Karen put this on you?" Umbreon nods.

"Xatu xat xatu?" One of his Xatu asks Umbreon. Translation: 'Why didn't you just bite her?'

"UMBREON!" Umbreon makes it very clear that he would never do that to Karen. Xatu just shrugs. Will finally gets the last of the costume off of Umbreon.

"There ya go buddy." Will says. Umbreon jumps up and licks his face. Will pets him a bit. "Now let's see if we can go find Karen." He grabs a flashlight and signals his Xatus. Jynx goes back to bed while the rest of the group goes out to find Karen.


$ about 20 minutes later $

"KAREN!" Will sees Karen sitting on one of the benches in the center courtyard. Karen turns to him. Umbreon runs over and jumps up on her lap. Will comes up a bit slower and throws the flower costume at her.

"What?!" Karen asks.

"How about making sure he wants to wear it before just throwing it on him." He responds. Umbreon looks up at her with the 'you don't love me?' look. Karen pets him.

"You seemed to like it at the time..." Karen says to Umbreon. Will rolls his eyes. Then he looks at Houndoom. For some reason, he's dressed up as a snake. Gengar looks like a doll, and Sneasel looks like an ice cream cone. Will looks at Karen.

"What the hell is going on?" he says. Karen shakes her head.

"Go home and check your calendar." Will groans. Then he turns to Houndoom. "You know that thing is flammable, right?" he says. Houndoom looks at him questioningly as he walks away. Will, meanwhile, goes back home and crashes into his bed. His Xatus stare at his door.

#What's Halloween?# one of them asks.

#I don't know, but if I have to put something like that on, I don't want any part of it.# says another. Then they go back to bed.


$ Later... oh no... $

The group minus Karen is in the cafeteria. Will is just coming in and sees the other guys sitting at a table just shooting the breeze. He releases his pokemon and then grabs his lunch.

"Hey guys." Will says coming over. They look up.

"Hey Will. You seen Karen anywhere?" Lance asks.

"I found her Umbreon in my house at four in the morning... in a flower costume..." Will responds as he sits down.

"Oh boy here we go..." Bruno says.

"Tell me you're joking." Koga says. Will shakes his head.

"He's not." Lance says. The group turns around and there's Umbreon again, in the flower costume... again. He's trying desperately to get it off, but not having any success. Karen comes in looking like a witch.

"Oh for crying out loud." Koga says. Karen glares at him.

"Now what is your problem." Karen replies as she gets her lunch. Will, meanwhile, once again takes the costume off of Umbreon.

"You can blatantly see he hates it." Bruno says.

"But he looks sooooo cute!" Karen says.

"UMBREEE!" Umbreon shouts.

"All right already. Sheesh." Karen says. "No fun at all, you know that?"

"Karen, why the heck are you dressed up? We don't get trick-or-treaters up here." Lance says.

"Maybe this year..." Karen starts, but Bruno interrupts her.

"Yeah, a bunch of six-year-olds are going to go across Victory Road for a few pieces of candy." He says. Will and Lance start snickering. Karen's face is turning very red. Koga just groans.

"Karen, just give up. You can't win this one. And why is Sneasel dressed as an ice cream cone?" Koga says.

"Seemed like a good idea at the time." Karen replies. "And I don't see why we can't have some fun up here once in a while."

"Doesn't look like they are having fun..." Lance points out. Will, meanwhile, has gotten off Houndoom's costume and is working on Gengar's. Karen looks like she is going to explode. Sneasel is slowly getting out of its costume. Karen finally admits defeat and sinks into the chair.

"Fine. Be that way. I just wanted to have a little fun, that's all." She says pouting. All of her pokemon are now out of the costumes and chowing down. The guys just roll their eyes.

"If it will make you happy Karen, we'll actually throw a New Year's party this year." Lance says. Karen lights up.

"Doesn't take much to make her happy does it?" Bruno says to Will.

"No, apparently not." Will says smiling.