Song-fic for Coldplay's new song Midnight. I obviously wrote this pretty quickly but I wanted to get it up as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Midnight, THG, or any of the characters

I'm not completely sure about the lyrics but I'm pretty sure.

The first time Annie slept after Finnick's death, she had dreams. So many dreams.

"In the darkness, before the dawn," he'd said. "Leave a light, a light on."

Everything she saw reminded her of him. A little piece of string tied into a knot. A few bread crumbs that looked like sand. Some water sparkling in a glass. Every night in Thirteen, she screamed that she wanted her light on when it was turned off. "He wanted it on!" she would cry. She'd kick and yell and end up sobbing. When she got back to District Four, she left on a lamp every night. The first night, Johanna went to turn it off but Annie wrenched her arm away. "What?" Johanna had yelped.

"He wanted it on."

"Cresta…" she'd started.

"My name is Odair! Annie Odair! You know that!" Johanna's eyes had filled with pain as Annie's filled with tears.

"Okay," she'd said quietly. "We'll leave it on."

Every once in a while, she'd have the dream again.

" In the darkness, before the dawn. Leave a light, a light on."

The night she gave birth to their son, she woke up screaming for someone to turn the light on. The little boy cried and she cradled him in her arms. She apologized again and again and they both began to calm down.

When the boy was a little older, he asked why she always left the light on. "Because your daddy told me to," she answered. "So he can find his way back to us." After, Johanna explained to him, in the most child friendly way she could, that his daddy couldn't come back, even if he wanted to.

"Don't tell your mom. She doesn't like to talk about it," she'd ordered sternly.

Then the singing started. In the middle of the night, 'Crazy Annie Cresta' could be heard singing. A haunting, eery song. "In the darkness, before the dawn, in the darkness, before the dawn, leave a light, a light on, leave a light, a light on." It was said that all the words had come from dreams of her dead lover. And that he haunted her mind for the rest of her life.