Hello, so this is the prologue of Faded Green Eyes, I promise you its not a one shot. As soon as I have written the first chapter I will post it and then you all can hopefully enjoy weekly updates. Yes I know its short but please I promise the chapters to follow will be substantial. I DONT OWN ANYTHING. Also a big thank you to my best friend H.L.P who prof reads and throws amazing ideas at me. ENJOY!

Faded Green Eyes

Rogues life is slipping out from her grasp and shattering on the ground around her. Remy has finally escaped his family and has returned to Bayville to fix what he left behind. But will threats of power, pain and proposals ruin Remy's plans or worse, harm the weakened Rogue. Complete ROMY with slithers of Daddy Logan.


"Logan owes me fifty bucks"

"Why's that cherie?"

"He said you wouldn't leave without saying good bye. Ah begged to differ and it looks like I ah was right."

Rogue stepped into the garage, her arms wrapped protectively around herself. Remy refused to meet her gaze, instead opting to re-check that his bags were stored correctly.

"If ah 'ad come and said goodbye ah wouldn't have been able to leave" Remy turned back to the Goth girl, studying ripped jeans. Rogue huffed in frustration and leant back against Scott's car, fiddling with the hem of her shirt.

"Doesn't matter, we both knew this would happen eventually. Ah'm surprised we lasted this long…" turning her head away she lowered her voice, "I'm surprised you lasted this long, this is probably for the best anyway"

Remy finally met her eyes and sighed at the dull colour they held. No matter what he said, he was going to hurt her, he was going to have to leave.

"You know that ain't true, ah don't want to leave you. But I can't stay and put you in danger ch-"

"ah know, ya don't have to explain yourself to meh Remy" Her words cut through his heart but he knew the pain he was causing her was far greater.

"Cherie please, don't wait for me, I don't expect you to, but don't let me ruin the happiness in your life. You deserve to be happy, you deserve so much more."

"Don't do that."

Remy stared at her in confusion, he was partly hoping that she would yell at him, scream all the poisonous words and names that he knew he was at him, but she didn't.

"Don't talk to meh like you owe meh anything, you don't, ok just... I'm sorry."

He took a step towards her, "Why should you be sorry Rogue? I'm the one leaving, I'm the one who's been lying, I'm the one messing this whole thing up." The downwards glance she gave him was all Remy needed to understand. She blamed herself. She thought that she was at wrong. Rogue was always too hard on herself, he knew. She always found some way to place herself at fault.

Disgust boiled at the pit of his stomach, whether at Rogue of himself he didn't know. All he knew is that he hated himself for making her feel that way, for making her blame herself after all she had done for him.

Her eyes finally travelled back to him, glazed and empty, watching him expectantly.

Remy ran his hand through his hair sighing again. Looking at his beautiful southern spitfire he couldn't help himself. Stepping forward he gathered her up in his arms and slammed his lips against hers. Releasing all his passion onto her captured lips Remy caught Rogues arms and pulled her closer to himself.

She wanted to pull away, to scream at him and kick him in a fit of fury. But she knew that this was it. The last moment she would ever have with Remy LeBeau, and that was something even she didn't want to ruin.

When he finally broke away Remy straddled his bike and stared up at his cherie, who had resumed her sorrowful stare, drowning the room in sadness.

"You know ah do love you Roguey, more than anything else. I always will love you."

"Just shut up and leave Remy. Just… Just leave." A tear slipped down her cheek and Remy felt sick to his stomach, having made his Roguey cry. He moved to wiped it away but Rogue swatted his hand away, slinking back from her red eyed Cajun.

"Je t'aime Rogue. Je t'aimerai toujours mon chérie"

With that Remy pulled on his helmet and flew out of the garage. That pain in his chest growing with every inch he travelled.