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Faded Green Eyes

Chapter 3


Rogue stood in a stupor at the top of the stairs to the foyer. Her bottom lip was moving aimlessly and her eyes blanked over in her state of shock.

Remy. Remy Etienne Lebeau. Gambit. Swamp rat. Here

Her mind could not even come up with a coherent thought at the moment. Below her stood her ex-boyfriend, who had left her broken hearted five years ago, without a word or whisper since. Rogue couldn't come to the decision of how she felt, her head swimming with emotions, Anger, Happiness, Annoyance.

Oh ah'm defiantly annoyed raght now

Though Rogue had to admit the years Remy had been away had been good to him. His shoulders seemed broader, his arms slightly larger. His black t-shirt was tight all over, revealing the toned and chiselled muscles of his chest, stomach and sides. His smallish waist could easily make many women envious. His ever present beat up trench coat adorned his shoulders, somehow still in one piece after all these years. Shaggy brown hair fell around his defined jaw, and slightly hid his gorgeous eyes. Time had had no effect on his looks, still looking youthful, though maybe more mature.

From the ground Logan and Ororo both watched in interest as the two southerners looked each other over, Rogue staring in shock while Remy un-apologetically checked her out, taking in all the changes he had seen earlier.

"Bonjour Roguey."

"Hi Remy. Ya back."


A pregnant silence fell as the two simply looked at each other. It wasn't until a loud crash from the lounge sounded that Rogue snapped out of her trance.

"Uh welcome back then ah guess." Rogue said finally descending the stairs. She reached the bottom and took the few short steps to be standing in front of Remy.

"Merci Cherie."

Another silence followed, Kendall and Ororo looked between the two southerners and Logan had to restrain himself from growling at the tension, it was almost painful to witness. He knew why Remy was back, and it had nothing to do with Kendall. The second Remy had caught a glimpse at Rogue in the garden his hormone levels had skyrocketed, again when he saw her at the top of the stairs.

"Rogue, Remy knows French!" exclaimed Kendall tugging at her sister's hand.

"Ah know Sugah" Rogue replied blankly. The small girl looked confused at this, not understanding her sisters apprehension towards their guest.

"Did you and Remy use to be friends?"

"Yeah Sugah, we were." Before Rogue could continue there was a high pitched squeal from the hallway.

"Oh my God Remy!" Kitty took bounding steps towards Remy and threw herself at his chest, in an act that seemed like she was trying to squeeze the life out of him. Piotr stood smiling in the hallway, Kurt laughing beside him.

"It is good to see you again Comrade" The Russian patted his old teammate on the back earning himself a smile and chuckle from the Cajun.

"Ja, nice ta see you again Remy." Kurt shook Remy's hand.

After the four had greeted and started to catch up, more people started to gather near the foyer, small chatter flowing through them.

"There you are Rogue, I was wondering where you had gotten to." Gus walked over to Rogue to snake his arm around her waist. Turning from Rogue, he noted the newcomer.

"Hi I'm Augustus." He held out his hand in greeting and smiled when Remy took it.

"Gambit." Remy stated, his smile hiding his fierce glare from the blonde and diverting the attention from his tight handshake.

As Ororo noticed the tension coming from Remy and the attention the returned X-men had caused, she beaconed to her old friend,

"Come Remy we'll get you settled into a room so you can unpack and rest before dinner."

"Merci Stormy." Remy reached behind the open door and picked up his duffle bag, following the weather goddess as she led him up the stairs and towards the adult's bedrooms. Kendall following beside, holding onto her mothers hand.

As the two left a growl sounded throughout the foyer.

"All of you have Homework or chores to do. The last ones here have early morning danger room with me." The students scattered away as Logan smirked in triumph. He turned to all the adults remaining.

"You enjoy doing zat, don't you" Asked Kurt

"You know it elf. Don't you have wife to call?"

"JA!" the furry blue mutant evaporated into a blue cloud.

"Ha, come on Rogue" Gus wrapped his large arm around Rogues shoulders, tugging her towards the Rec room.

The dining room was a hustle and bustle of noise and activity, nothing different from any other night at Xavier's school for gifted youngsters and exactly how Remy remembered it. Students ran and fought over seats at tables, Joked amongst one another and casually talked about their day and the latest gossip.

Charles and Hank sat at a table at the head of the hall, Scott and Jean besides them. Remy made his way to the group, catching Hanks eye as he does.

"Oh my stars and garters, Remy Lebeau has returned. Welcome back my friend." Hank happily shook Remy's hand with his own paw.

"Bon to see you too Hank. Monsieur Xavier thank you for letting moi return."

"It is my pleasure Remy, you have always had a place here."

"Remy tres applicative, Merci." The bald man nods to the Cajun who returns the gesture before turning to the couple next to him.

"Bonjour Jeannie, One-Eye. It seems congratulations are in order." Scott scowled at the old nickname but can't help to smile when his wife guides his hand to her bloated belly.

"Thank you Remy and welcome back." Jean smiles.

"How long until you meet the petite bebe?"

"Too long." A frustrated sigh escapes the red head.

"Remy wishes you luck then." The couple smile appreciatively.

Turning from the table Remy walks over the table seating Kitty, Piotr, Bobby, Jubilee and a mysterious blond woman.

"Bonsoir mes amis." Remy sits in the spare seat beside Jubilee.

"Hi Remy, good to see you again. Been missing any decent eye candy since you left." Jubilee flirtatiously said causing Bobby to protest.

"Hey!" Kitty and Piotr both snicker at the teasing. It is then that the nameless blonde, whom Remy could now see was mostly naked bare some white leather, held out her perfectly manicured hand.

"Emma frost"

"Remy Lebeau" he takes her hand and tries to ignore the way she pushes her chest out towards him, the way her eyes roamed his body like a predator staring down their prey and the small poking at the back of his mind.

"Charmed" she purred.

"Pleasure, but word of advice femme, Remy would appreciate it if you stayed out of his head, no telepath can get past mon shields." Emma's smile fell and her eyes turned cold.

Looks like Remy be wary of t'at one

"Like, um Remy do you want me to like introduce you to any of the new residents?"

"Dat would be lovely chaton."

"Well, like over at that table-"Kitty pointed to the table behind Remy where Kurt sat with a purple haired Asian woman and a blonde man that looked vaguely familiar.

"Is Betsy Braddock a.k.a Psylocke and next to her is like her longtime boyfriend Warren Worthington the third, who goes by Angel. She's like a super model and he's a playboy millionaire."

"Dieu, dey be the power couple."

"Da, and that is my sister Illyana a.k.a Magik" The large Russian pointed to a pretty blonde girl sitting amongst a group of teen girls, seeing her brother pointing, Illyana gives them a small wave and smiles, her blue eyes flashing.

"She's beautiful Piotr, Remy thinks you have to lock her up to keep away all the teen boys non?" Piotr grunts in agreement.

"Remy! Like don't encourage him!" exclaimed Kitty.

"Yeah, when Piotr and Sam found out that Illyana and Paige went out with two of the football players they flipped. Even planned to have a twenty-four hour guard with them." Jubilee teased causing Piotr to cough nervously.

"Well considering that you've already like met Gus, that's really all the new people"

"That is if we forget the offspring running around. Gosh I hate little kids!" complained Bobby.

"Ah, Remy thinks you be afraid of 'em Bobby. Can't be too many round here."

"Well sure its just Kendall and Elana at the moment. But with jean about to pop and all the engaged couples we'll be overrun soon. "Bobby said, using his arms to exaggerate his point.

"Elana?" asked Remy.

"Look Rogue has her over there. She's like in the terrible twos at the moment but Rogue swears she's the sweetest thing like this side of Mississippi." Kitty explained.

Remy looked to the doorway to see a smiling Rogue enter with the toddler on her hip. Elana had brown pigtails that matched her eyes. Her small face had two rosy cheeks that peaked from under her dark beige skin.

Funny, Roguey and Gus are both pale. Maybe he's not the father after all.

Jubilee waved Rogue over. "What's happening Jubs?"

"We were filling Remy in on all the newbies and were just talking about this little one" Jubilee squeezed Elana's cheeks exciting squeals from the little girl.

"Ah well then, Remy this is mah niece 'Lana."

"Niece?" Remy let out an internal sigh of relief.

"You remember Amanda Sefton raght? Well her a Kurt tied the knot and had this little one. Unfortunately Amanda's out of town this week, so Kurt and Elana are staying here so that I can help out with 'Lana."

"Dat's good of you Rogue. "

"Yeah, so good of you Rogue, for helping the offspring INVADE!" Bobby threw up his arms up into the air as he shouted. Without missing a beat Jubilee smacked him across the back of the head, causing him to yelp, and went back to eating her mash potato.

"So Remy, what are you doing back here? Seemingly a man of your class has better, more elite, things to be doing" asked Emma, pushing herself against Remy once again.

"Yes comrade, why have you returned" agreed Piotr.

"Well Remy came back so th-" Remy was cut off mid-sentence by a masculine whistle. Turning around he sees that Gus was the owner of said whistle, standing at Kurt's table with two plates of food, one seemingly rather empty.

"Rogue come eat." Gus beaconed with his hand. Remy turned back to Rogue, to see her smile falter for a second before recovering like nothing had happened.

"Gotta go. Talk to y'all later. Have a nice naght Remy" Rogue said, walking over to Gus. Elana peaked back over Rogues shoulder and waved to Remy. Remy waved back at the little girl causing her to smile brightly.

Remy watched as Rogue sat handed Elana to Kurt, and took her seat beside Gus. He could see how Rogue tried to hide her discomfort when Gus slid his arm around her shoulders and the way she forced a smile when he spoke to her.

Chere has changed, t'eres somt'ing off about her.

"Remy?" Remy was pulled out of his thoughts by Emma.

"Desole." Remy muttered shaking his head as he turns back to the table and looking at Kitty.

"What's Gus' story?" Remy asked, Emma and her questions forgotten.

"Like Gus? The professor recruited him a few years ago, his powers allow him to like turn things on and off, anything from lights to mutant abilities. He was the one who helped Rogue get control. They've been like dating ever since." Replied the valley girl, showing her enthusiasm when talking about her best friend.

"He treat her right chaton?" Remy inquired, his eyes sliding back to the southern beauty.

"Like yeah, they're like the envy of everyone. They're perfect together."

"Dat so?"

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