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By Imajineer


Vegeta stared in disbelief as the hospital crew wheeled Bulma out of sight. It was he. It was his fault. He was the one responsible for Bulma's condition. What had he done?! How could he have done this?! He couldn't forget the lifeless look on her unconscious face, and how perfectly motionless she lay.

He knew how fragile she was in comparison to himself. Vegeta withdrew into his own mind and recalled the occurrences of the pass few months.


Since Vegeta had been wished back with the dragon balls after he self-destructed himself in an attempt to defeat Buu he had had Dr Briefs build an even more power gravity machine along with series of battle automatons with improved artificial intelligence. The rage that his very best was far from being enough to defeat Buu was the fuel for his intense training. Vegeta had been training at 900 times Earth gravity for over four weeks now. He spent all his hours in the gravity machine. Even before he had ever come across Buu he use to end training when night came and would strut into the Briefs' Capsule Corp home building to his bedroom for sleep after having a meal and shower. But now, he spent all his days and nights in there, constantly trying to better himself without rest or relaxation of any kind. In fact if Bulma and Mrs Briefs didn't bring his meals to him in the gravity chamber then Vegeta would never have eaten. The only time chibi Trunks saw his father was when he peered into the gravity chamber through one of the small windows. Always longing for Vegeta to spend time with him, like Goku did with Gohan and Goten. To add to it all, Vegeta also found him self to be even more short of temper than usual, as was made evident to the people who were unfortunate to come across him. However they all writ it off as Vegeta only being a little extra like Vegeta, and that he would return to his slightly calmer self with time. This day was no exception.

With tweezers in one hand holding the chips together, and with the welder in her other hand, Bulma was just about to connect them together, when a violent like shake more than enough to be rated a five plus on the Richter scale shook the entire Capsule Corp building along with Bulma's underground laboratory. Her hands slipped with the vibrations causing her not only to fuse the chips together incorrectly but also caused her to burnout over half of one of the chips. Bulma released a throaty scream that turned into a ferocious growl in aggravation, while throwing away the tweezers and welder, tightly squeezing shut her eyes and clenching her turquoise mid-back length hair with both hands.

She knew however that what had just happened was in no way an earthquake…It was Vegeta! Here she was working on a highly sophisticated battle drone prototype that could generate its own shield as well as fire energy blasts, just for him, just so he could improve upon himself while training. A prototype which she had almost finished after putting so much of her time effort and energy into it, just for Vegeta; and he had just destroyed it. Bulma knew that this was how intensively Vegeta trained, that these `mild jiggles' as he use to call them occurred on a regular basis, and so would had just salvaged what she could and rebuilt what she couldn't. Nevertheless, not knowing what had affected or taken over her so, Bulma stood sharply knocking her wheeled chair right to the other end of the lab. She emerged from the cellar door to her lab pulled open the front door so hard that it open all the way, rebounded off its hinges and slammed shut behind Bulma, as she stomped across the lawn towards the gravity chamber.

Instead of knocking and waiting for Vegeta to turn off the gravity machine for her to enter, Bulma shoved open the door and immediately the fail-safe gravity emergency off function was activated, sending Vegeta crashing head first into the roof before falling at double the speed to the hard floor, smashing all the tiles that he came into contact with. When Bulma saw Vegeta craw to his feet, she instantly knew that he was vexed and that she would be in for a verbal trashing.

"What the hell are you doing in here?!" He bellowed at her.

Bulma paused before answering back. "I was working on something important when your damn earth shaking ruined it!"

"Like I give a rat's ass woman!"

"You should, the project I was working on was for you, you maniacal torch headed moron!" After hearing that, Bulma expected Vegeta as usual to soften his rage as he normally did when she told him that she had made something for him. Especially since whatever she made was always good. But Vegeta surprisingly didn't.

"There I am slaving away for your ungrateful, inconsiderate ass, and you destroy the drone before I even have a chance to give to you." Bulma continued to vocalize her anger. "At lease Yamchua always appreciated the gifts I gave him. He never destroyed them and Yamchua always use to thank me in such lov…"

Vegeta suddenly blasted across the chamber and stalked himself towards Bulma with his fist clenched. He didn't stop until she had her back to the wall and he was literally almost right on top of her. For a brief moment, Bulma saw an abundant hate and almost murderous glint in her husband's obsidian eyes. For the few seconds that they stared each other, Bulma noticed that the void blackness of Vegeta's eyes seemed much emptier than she had always remembered them to be.

Even during his most angered filled moments a trace of care could be seen with those dark holes. However, for that time duration, it wasn't there at all. Then for a split second Bulma felt a spark of original fear that she had once held for her husband when he wasn't her husband, but a deadly and merciless alien warrior who came to subdue the earth and kill all who got in his way.

This strange development didn't last long, but when the well known scowl like look returned to his face, Bulma knew he was now his usual self. Though, it couldn't stop her heart from pounding excessively in her chest.

Turning away Vegeta walked out of the gravity chamber and flew away.

Bulma's eyes were wide and they glistened in fear. Her back remained against the wall as she slid to the floor with her knees drawn to her and slowly hugged her body as a means to comfort herself.


Sarumi grinned to herself, beginning to feel slightly satisfied. "It has started Birsha, it has finally begun."

"After all these past years; after all our searching, we have found him, Sarumi. I can hardly believe it!"

"Yes!" Sarumi hissed. "The last of his kind, the one responsible for the outturn of Jerar, the sole creature accountable for the condition of our existence." She continued through barred teeth. "Yes Birsha. `Existence'. We don't even live our lives anymore!"

"It's just a damn shame none of the others are left." Spoke Birsha wholeheartedly. "I would have enjoyed it much more if we were able to personally make everyone of them pay!"

"Be satisfied with what we have Birsha. Even thought we are three, always remember that the Saiyajin were a force to reckoned with." Sarumi told her companion. "I'm just grateful that the person, who did most of the work for us, was kind enough to leave the `princely prize' also."

Birsha's face held a slight trace of disappointment for a few seconds as she contemplated what Sarumi had just said.

"Hmph! You are right." She slowly spoke. Then a snarl enveloped her lips "And now the reprisal can begin."


Vegeta continued to ponder what had occurred when Bulma had stormed into the gravity chamber. Despite the warmth of his own purple aura as e flew across the planet of Earth's sky, Vegeta shuddered inwardly at remembrance that for a fraction of a moment, he had wanted to hit her. He had wanted to strike his fist at his own wife!

The frown that was already on his face became yet even more pronounced. Knowing his own strength in his normal form and knowing her frailties, Vegeta knew if he had struck Bulma he surely would have done her serious harm. If not kill her.

"Idiot! Baka!" Vegeta continued to curse himself. How could he have almost have lost control of his temper like that?! Vegeta briefly scolded himself mentally before turning around and heading back home to the Capsule Corp buildings.

Due to it being so late when he arrived home, he intended to go straight to bed, but the growling of his stomach forced Vegeta to enter the kitchen in search of the dinner that he had missed. Seeing several plates covered with foil, Vegeta instantly identified them as being the food that was left out for his inevitable return. After using both the microwave and gas ovens to heat up his dinner, he sat at the dinning room table and ate it all. When he had done, he walked upstairs to bed.

Vegeta opened the bedroom and closed it behind him. His eyes immediately fell on Bulma's sleeping form in the large king-size bed. Even with no other light source except for the moon and stars, he could see her perfectly. A cold breeze blew into the room from the open balcony doors, obviously left open for his coming.

Vegeta sharply glanced back at Bulma when he heard her moan and saw her pull the blankets closer to her body in an attempt to maintain her warmth. Vegeta closed and locked the balcony doors before entering the bathroom to brush his teeth and shower. After emerging from the bathroom having just dried off, Vegeta then threw the used towel into the hamper. Being the kind of person who saw no sense in wearing clothing when in bed, Vegeta lifted the bed sheets as he slid his naked body under them.

Though Bulma felt the bed shift weight her eyes remained closed. When she turned to face the other side of the bed she sensed she was no longer alone and her lids slowly fluttered open. When her sight had focussed in the darkness, she saw him looking straight at her in total silence. She barely could hear him breathe.

"Ve…Vegeta." Bulma whispered his name, but he made no attempt to respond, feeling unsure if she really wanted him to after what had happened earlier. Bulma moved closer to him kissed him gently on his lips. "I was worried when you didn't come home."

"Well you don't have to now." He spoke his first words to her. "Go back to sleep." His voice wasn't harsh but it still held command.

Bulma would normally have listened to him, but she didn't. She opened his arms and crawled up against his body. Bulma ran her fingers around his back, and kissed his collarbone and neck several times before looking into his deep dark eyes and smiled lightly. Vegeta in turn looked into her small delicate face with her beautiful blue eyes. From the way she touched him and the expression on her face, Vegeta knew what she desired from him. He kissed her mouth deeply and Bulma pulled him on top of her. Vegeta levitated several inched off of the bed surface so he could remove her only piece of clothing, Bulma's nightie. Afterwards moving back down on the bed Vegeta kissed her again as she gave herself to her husband.

The love Vegeta made to her was sweet and tender. It took every minuscule ounce of will not to hurt her during his act of love, and Bulma took it all, as meaning that he was sorry for scaring her.


Bulma smiled as she felt the strong rays of the sun warm her. The smile fell from her lips when she realised she was alone. Vegeta's side of the bed was empty. She turned her head, opening her eyes to the space that Vegeta should have been in and she ran her hand over it. Bulma sighed loudly. Just once she wished she could wake up to see him lying beside her, his deep dark eyes being the first things she saw; Or him holding her safe in his strong arms.

Bulma got off of the bed dragging the sheet with her. She slid open the balcony doors and stepped outside, the tiled balcony floor warm from the sun. She approached the edge one hand clutching the blanket around her the other resting on the balcony bars, and looked down from her high perch at her husband. He wasn't in the gravity chamber but was outside performing the few push-ups of the five thousand series he was working on. Dressed only in tight black shorts the sweat from his toiling glistened in the sunlight.

When he finished Vegeta stood on his feet, and began to punch and kick into air. After Vegeta had finished barraging his invisible opponent, sensing his wife's ki, he raised his head towards the balcony to see her. Vegeta could tell that she had only recently awoken; with the bed sheet held around her and her hair though down was, was messy. Bulma placed her left elbow on the railing and bent forward so that her chin rested in the palm. Her lips broke into a beautiful smile as she stared down at her husband. Vegeta resist the urge to smile back but continued to look at her. Even at his distance and the bright reflective radiance of the sunlight, Bulma's blue eyes diminished none.

The corners of Bulma lips curled into a crafty snarl and Vegeta noticed this. Without a second thought she took several steps backwards and then jumped over the balcony. Vegeta's eyes opened wide and for a couple of seconds he was shocked to the spot, but then he suddenly blasted off towards the falling Bulma, caught her in his strong arms and held her to him. Bulma folded her free hand around his neck.

"What the hell is wrong with you woman?! Are you out of your mind?!" Vegeta said almost shouting at her.

"I knew you'd get to me in time and wouldn't let me fall."

"Don't be too sure next time." He threatened, but Bulma only smiled at him and placed a small kiss on his lips. Vegeta closed his eye as he allowed the kiss.

"Kaasan!" A small voice shouted up at the couple and Bulma bolted as her son's sudden voice startled her. Vegeta just looked down at him; he had already sensed his son's ki as he had approached.

"Are you alright?" Six-year-old Trunks asked his mummy (kaasan) as his eyes never shifted off his parents as they floated to the ground.

"I'm fine thank you Trunks." Bulma smiled at her son. "I was just testing your otousan's (father's) reflexes. Have you had breakfast yet?"

"No, not yet." He answered while shaking his head at the same time.

"Well just give me a while and I'll fix something for two of my favourite Saiyans" With little resistance from Vegeta, Bulma brushed her lips against his own, and then pecked a kiss on Trunk's cheek before heading back into the house.

Vegeta turned around to see Trunks smiling at him as if he were cute little puppy dog. Seeing his parents share intimate moments, no matter how rare they were, always pleased him. Trunks had never been told exactly what his father used to be like in the past, but he got strong clues that his qualities in the times of yore gleamed the lines of a power mad heartless aggressor. Even in his short life he was seeing how the heart of his otousan was softening. Rage quickly enveloped Vegeta's face and Trunk's smile disappeared with its appearance.

"What are you looking at boy?!"

"Nothing Otousan." Trunks immediately answered his father.

"Well then," Vegeta's anger subsided some. "We may as well get in some sparring while we wait for breakfast. You've been slacking off way too much lately." Vegeta shifted his form in fighting stance and Trunks reflectively took his own.

When father and son were done they both entered the dinning room to partake of a full morning meal. Bulma sighed as she saw the state of her family. Both Vegeta and Trunks clothes were now dirty rags, and she also saw several bruises and cuts lined her son's face and arms. In fact any place where his clothes were torn and flesh could be seen.

"Vegeta, really! Do you have to be so hard on the boy?" Bulma began to fuss over Trunks. She grabbed his head and turned it this way and that checking to see the extent of his wounds. Then she drove into his ragged t-shirt to check his chest and back.

"Ahh! Kaasan!" Trunks mumbled in between swallows as he tried to shovel food into his mouth around his mother. "I'm trying to eat!"

"Stop fussing over him woman." A smug tone entered Vegeta's voice. "He's a Saiyan. He can take it." He brought the large jug of juice to his mouth and drank. "Now how can I forget about that?!" The sarcasm could be heard in Bulma's voice, and Vegeta looked at her from the corner of his eye as he continued to drink. The phone suddenly began to ring, continuing for ten seconds, unanswered. Trunks continued to stuff his face and the look that Vegeta gave Bulma told her that he had no intention of getting up. Bulma slammed the kitchen towel that she was holding on the table before storming towards the phone.

"YES!?" Bulma shouted down the phone line. "Uh, I'm sorry Ms Briefs. I didn't mean t interrupt you. If your busy now, then maybe I can…" "No Ken, I'm sorry. It's not you I'm angry at. What is it?" Bulma asked her secretary. The young man on the other end of the line gulped before answering her. "URSO (united researchers of space observation) called to say that the meeting has been moved forward to this afternoon at three." Poor Ken flinched in advance at Bulma's response. "WHAT!"

"They said that it's possible that the original date for the meeting was somehow leaked to the media, and so they're taking no chances." Because the phone was out in the hall, Vegeta could only hear one side of the conversation, and was left to wondering what was going on. Trunks happily continued to eat. "They said to tell you that the readings have not changed."

"Damn!" Bulma cursed. "Fine! Despite the extremely unfair short notice you can tell them that I'll aim to attend on time."

"Okay Ms Briefs. Sayonara (goodbye)."

"Sayonara Ken." After putting the phone down Bulma headed back into the dinning room. "What was that about?"

"I can't say Vegeta. Classified stuff, you know how it is. I'm going for a quick shower and then I have to go out. Trunks make sure you shower as well and then change your clothes, alright?"

"Hai Kaasan." Trunks went back to eating. "I might not come back until really late so don't wait up for me." Bulma ran up the stairs and headed into her bedroom.

After thoroughly rinsing the conditioner out of her hair, Bulma reached her hand out to turn the tap of the shower off. Just as her hand rested on the tap, a large powerful, tan skinned hand rested on her own.

"Not yet," spoke the deep voice. "I haven't had mine."

Bulma knew whom that voice belonged to and she sighed as his other hand came from behind to wrap around her stomach. She tilted her head to the side to allow him free range of her neck, which he tenderly kissed.

"Vegeta I can't I have to leave." Bulma turned to face him and kissed his cheek. She tried to walk around him to exit the shower, but he was having none of it. He blocked her way and pushed her none too gently up against the shower wall.

"Vegeta!" An annoyed tone had crept up in Bulma voice as she looked at him sternly. "Let me pass."

She again tried to walk by him but he grabbed and pulled Bulma into his body. She gasped as some of her breath left her with the embrace and felt his enormous throbbing member against her.

"Vegeta no! I have to g…" She was cut off, as he tasted her lips passionately. She slapped and punched at his shoulders, arms, and back for him to let her go, but he simply pinned her hands on the wall as he forcefully backed her into it.

When Vegeta finally broke the kiss Bulma was left panting for breath, and she didn't notice when he lifted her up and lowered her onto his member. Having not prepared herself, Bulma felt him slightly tear her during his entrance and she shrieked in pain. His movements were less controlled than the previous night and this only added to her discomfort, as he continuing to rub raw the tear he had initially made.

Having worked off the sudden wave of lust that had taken over him, he let Bulma back down on her feet and slowly looked at her. A look of disbelief covered his face at what he had just done, and it was mirrored on Bulma's face, the only difference being that hers was flushed and his holding a hint of regret that he had just hurt her. Vegeta opened his mouth to try and explain but was stopped by the sound of the bedroom clock alarm. Cursing Bulma quickly pushed pass the stunned Vegeta and left the shower. He noticed that she walked with a limp even though she tried to hide it. He allowed her to get ready for her meeting without being molested, and Vegeta began his own shower.

He felt sick to his stomach. He had just abused his power. He had just forced himself on Bulma.

`Why the hell did I just do that?!' Vegeta questioned himself. `What is wrong with me?!'

When she refused him, which was on the very rare occasion, he'd touch her in certain places to change her mind, which he almost always tried to do and succeeded in getting he wanted. Or he would angrily leave it at that, which he hardly ever did. But during that moment he didn't care about anything except satisfying his lust.

After releasing a frustrated growl he punched the wall destroying tiles and plaster.

"Shit! The woman's going to freak when she sees this." Vegeta said while assessing the damage he had just done.

To be continued…


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