Chapter 27


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As for Vegeta and Gokou, it was as if wordless dialogue passed between the two, but neither was willing at that moment to allow the other to hear his thoughts. However, Gokou knew that things between them would have to be resolved at another date. "Vegeta, if you wish to save time, then both you and Trunks come with me."

Silently agreeing with the other's resolution, Vegeta deftly approached, placed his left hand on Gokou's upper back and took hold of his son's hand with his right.

Yamchua watched as Gokou brought his index and middle finger of one of his hand to his forehead, casting the Gaila's remains a glance, he promised to return as soon as he could and give her a proper burial, the very least of what she was owed. In a split second the entire party disappeared.

They materialised amid ruins. Though portions of various automobiles still lay about the fires that had been the source of much smoke had long been extinguished by the emergency crews. However numerous craters in the pavement and upturned tarmac covered the entire area. Once the flames had been contained and eliminated the next priority had been the stabilising of the hospital structure and the removal of its debris from as many entrances as possible, allowing those were able to leave the building on foot.

Sitting or laying on one of the grassy areas were the not so seriously hurt, having the cuts, bruises, bumps and other superficial wounds tended. Those who were not so fortunate and received critical injuries or had essential equipment which they had to rely on for important treatment damaged or destroyed during the past battle, were forced to have emergency transportation to the nearest medical facilities.

Determining not to dwell on any of the surrounding results that were from his doing, Vegeta drifted up towards the level he recalled containing the room of his mate, all the while battling to not let the revelations he had just acquired overwhelm him.

Disbelief anf relief flooded him. His every single act of madness had not been commited due to simple fact that he had 'lost control'.

# I've been such a fucking fool! I should have realized that there has been more behind this all! #
Once parallel to the correct floor the saiyan prince exited the waiting room via the door and quickly traversed the hall to gain easy access to Bulma's room.
# And I know who is responsible…one of the few remaining Jerarjin. #

So many more questions flooded Vegeta's mind; the whereabouts of the clones, the purpose of their creation and what kind of threat they represented, if anymore other the two he was told existed, there was so much he didn't know. Vegeta hated the unknown factors he was surrounded with. Yet when he his eyes settled on the single bed within the room, at the very moment none of that mattered except the lone figure beneath the coarse white hospital sheets.

When he eventually came to her side and it was apparent that she was soundly resting, he became hesitant to wake her. He considered the possibility that she wouldn't want to him too. He also had to face the probably fact that she would never want to be with him ever again, that her fear and hate of him, that he had created would endure for the rest of her human life. He began to imagine her rejecting him the moment her sky coloured eyes focused upon him. Rather than have to live like that, for a short while Vegeta contemplated to just forever stand where he was, if this was the only way that he share a part of her presence. But he couldn't. He had to know if she had been harmed further in any possible way, either by the hands of one of the clones or by Sarumi and one of her lackeys.

Vegeta lifted his hands, and not to his surprise he could clearly see that they were shaking. Not even a moment before he had been consumed with determination to be where he was now and to do what he intended. But now, no matter what he would tell her the fact that he had brutalized her and killed their children would forever remain. For a while the urge to take off and run away nearly overpowered his will to stand his ground. How could he ever expect her to forgive him?

# No! I will no longer think of myself! Whatever becomes of us, I will allow her to suffer more harm. At the very least, I owe her that. #

Placing his hands on the bed guard, Vegeta lowered it and ever so slightly called to her. When she failed to respond he tried again with a little more volume in his voice. When that also brought fourth no results, Vegeta took firm hold of her shoulders and applied to gentlest of pressure.

"Bulma…" Even as his fingers felt the softness and warmth of her cheek, a calm quelled the torrent within him. "Please … wake up."

As if in answer to his request Bulma's eyelashes fluttered rapidly before slowly opening, and when the vast blue sky met the pitch black night she froze completely. Vegeta tried to form words but was unable to.

"Vegeta…" though he spoke no words his eyes said so much…too much. Bulma quickly averted her eyes.

"Cannot, you even look at me?" Despite the leveled tone of his voice it was clear that that fact hurt him. "I don't you blame you in the least, for it is my absolutely my fault. Even with what I have to tell you, it cannot alter the past and I will be forever stained with what I have done. To Trunks, to you. But even if you hate me, fear me and will never forgive me, it is your right to know.

"Bulma, it is my deeds of the past that have helped to cause all this. Even now the gods continue to punish me, and I suppose rightly so. I've caused so much suffering and apparently continue to do so even now."

Having just entered the room, the rest of the party stood apart from the two and Vegeta ignored their company. If these would be the last moment that he would ever spend with his mate, then he would not chase her friends away and add to her distresses. Besides, though Kakarotto had heard these words before from the dying jerar-jin girl, to Vegeta, it was very important that the younger saiyajin understood why he had deceive him into trying to end Vegeta's life; and Trunks especially needed to hear also. His son had to know that his father neither hated his mother or himself, but had cherished and loved them both. Vegeta questioned once again; how could such a small word convey his true feelings for them? It couldn't, it would be utterly deficient.

"A small number of a species, the jerar-jin, whose planet I myself had purged have found me here on earth, and not just me but…" Vegeta paused refraining from saying the words, 'my family'. Considering everything he had no way of knowing how's she react to them. He doubted greatly they'd win her over, yet couldn't dismiss that it would have been a violent shrinking away from him. "…but you and Trunks as well. I don't know how, but they have a full account of my biological makeup and one in particular, a scientist has established a method of creating a mind altering drug attuned to my cells only…"

"What are you saying…?" It was clear from her interruption that though she refused to look at him she had been undoubtedly been listening.

"Without any of knowing they somehow managed to plant hidden devices throughout our home which have continually released the drug."

"You said the drug was designed to target to perfect you alone. What about Trunks, he shares some of your genetic material." At this point hear eyes, shimmering in emotion were upon that of her mates. He saw how she put side her own feelings to in determining any possible threat to her son. Again she showed her selfless care for others.

"I doubt it ever could, or by now we would have witnessed some kind of change in him. If anything your blood have ensured his safety." Vegeta sighed inwardly at his own relief that his son was safe. "I know we could never be as we were, but I was not entirely myself when I had hurt you, when I had…I had done what I did. The drug, I know now, it had warped me, twisted me; it had made me lose all measure of control. But I shall not shirk all responsibility. I should have stopped! I should have resisted! I should have…" Vegeta forced himself into silence, he losing control of his emotions and he edged ever more closer to breaking completely, as he recalled instances of himself harming his family. Then the recollection of the two unborn children that he had murdered surfaced and Vegeta slammed his eyes shut, willing the tears to not even begin to gather.

"Vegeta…" Bulma whispered his name as saw his anguish.

"I am sorry Bulma I am so very sorry." With his eyes still closed Vegeta turned to leave and but when she called his name again, he knew it was so he wouldn't leave.

"Is everything you say, the truth?" From the tremble in her voice it sounded as if she desperately wanted to believe his words.

"Yes Bulma," all eyes turned to Yamchua as he suddenly decided to confirm what he knew to be true. "What Vegeta has done to you, he is innocence. He had no choice." It pained the human warrior to say those words.

He knew that had he decided against coming to let everyone know the truth. Vegeta would have been forced to leave Bulma's life and after she had been alone for certain amount of time, all he need do would to come as her shining knight to fill the void left vacant by the saiyan prince. Then Yamchua would have been able to be with the woman he loved, in the way he had always dreamed. Or would he? Would she have accepted him? Yamchua decided that he would never know.

One thing he knew for a fact, it would destroy Bulma if she ever lost Vegeta. The look in her face and the years she had stood steadfast by his side was outstanding proof of that.

# I love you too much Bulma, to ever see you so unhappy. Even if I could have you. #

"Whatever you have suffered…"

"Bulma!" Chichi suddenly exclaimed. For the first time she noticed the amazing recovery that her friend hand evidently undergone. "What happened to you? Your wounds and your bruises are all gone!" Chichi's voiced observation was instantly shared among all those in the room.

"What are you talking about Chichi?" Queried Yamchua. He had been the only one not privy to Bulma's current state.

"What am I talking about!" She repeated what was to her a dubious question. "You were here; you know exactly how Vegeta had hurt Bulma. You even attacked him for it!"

"And I told you whoever you're talking about wasn't me!"

"But Yamchua," Bulma's soft voice sounded. "You gave me a senzu bean and then you left."

"Bulma it wasn't me. It was my clone." Yamchua ached as he looked upon her. As an innocent she suffered and she didn't even know why. Yamchua moved to the empty side of her bed. "Did I, did he say anything else to you?"

Bulma needn't the vacant look due to absence of memory to know that he spoke the truth. "He said that he loved me."

Vegeta looked carefully at Yamchua when his mate had spoken. It looked as if he wanted to respond, probably corroborate the declaration, but reaction came, as if he decided against it.# Wise decision.# Hearing a former 'boyfriend' declare his love for his own mate was an act that flirted dangerously close to an offense that would have required the human male's blood as retribution.

"And," Yamchua pressed further. "Was there anything else?"

"Well, that I really recall, his own manner seemed different. I so use to seeing you out going and happy Yamchua, but he wasn't." She looked lovingly at her friend, and Vegeta had to remind himself that that was simply what it was. "It was as he carried a burden, like a secret sin, something he regretted."

'Regretted'. Yamchua allowed that word to tumble around his head. There had never been an ounce of regret in his face when he had seen his evil doppelganger back on Sarumi's ship. Surely she had been mistaken, or been tricked into thinking that, and why had his clone conveniently disappeared once he had returned to earth. No! Yamchua didn't believe it in the slightest. He had seen the pure look of evil that had been in the eyes that were his own.

"But like I said, after giving me the bean and saying a few words, he left."

After her repetition it seemed pointless to question her further. She knew nothing more and what Yamchua, and now Goku and Vegeta knew she needed to be told.

"Bulma," Yamchu started. "Babe, there's more for you to know…"

"And I shall be the one to tell her!" Vegeta's patients at hearing his voice were beginning to wane, but just as he interrupted Yamchua, Bulma silenced him also.

"Vegeta, I knew it." Her eyes held him prisoner. "Somehow I just knew it. It wasn't really you who hurt me, and I forgive you. Vegeta I…take me home." Bulma reached out her arms and repeated her request. "Please just take me home."

Even as Vegeta lifted her from the bed and held her fast he knew despite the fact that he didn't deserve her, he desperately needed her. The scent of her filling his nostrils reaffirmed how she was absolutely essential to his very existence, but he wanted doubtless assurance of her will.

"Do you still want me, onna?" He whispered for her only. "How can you even stand me?"

"I belong to you Vegeta." She could barely believe how vulnerable the man who's arms she was in was the once mighty and dreaded saiyajin no ouji. While that worked very much in her favour, she felt it would be an advantage she would not have for long.

Vegeta begun his way to exit the room, but halted his movement once in front of the door.

"Kakaro…" vegeta was unable to even finish pernouncing the saiyanjin name.

"Don't say a thing to me Vegeta." The greatness of the anger, the intensity of the bitterness, the depth of the hurt and the wounding disappointment bounded all words that the prince could have possibly spoken.

"What you said. What you did." Gokou made no attempt to temper his emotions, but allowed them to flow free from his anguished soul through his voice. A fluttering subconscious thought that he'd be unable to hold them back even if had been his will lingered only for an instant, but Vegeta had to know.

"What you made ME DO!"

Ah so there it was also, Vegeta realized. A crushing guilt. But it was one that he should be feeling and not his kinsman. Vegeta tried again to speak but Gokou cut him off with a resounding roar of 'No'.

"You just stay away from me Vegeta." Gokou made sure to emphasise, "Do you hear me! Far, far away!"

Before anyone could take another breath Gokou snatched up his youngest son, and took hold of his wife prior to using instant transmission to disappear. So spontaneous had been the manoeuvre that an exclamation of disagreement from Chichi was abruptly cut off.

Vegeta sighed inwardly. There was no way that he would allow things remain as they had now become between Kakarotto and himself. However he wisely understood now was not the ideal time for him to settle with his fellow sayajin. In fact it would not be for a while. His main priority was to mend his relationship with his woman.

With a command to his son to follow Vegeta departed for home.

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