Hay sorry it took so long, I had a lot of school work to do. Please review and no flames, I'm a first time writer and rude comments pull me down. Ariana is a daughter of Hades and Persephone I'll post here story later as a one shot. So on with the story.

Me: OK Ariana say the disclaimer

Ariana: no

Me: what?

Ariana: I said no I'm not saying it

Leo: Oh Oh! I'll say it

Me: Leo your not even in this story

Leo: oh

Ariana: ugh fine no one except for me belong to chocolate-strawberry

Nico's POV:

Nico was having a pretty crappie day. It all started when his half-sister, Ariana, (look at the disclaimer) decided to walk Cerberus, yeah great idea sis, (note sarcasm) and of course she dragged him and Hazel with her, apparently dad doesn't like having his guard dog taken out for walks through the Fields of Asphodel, crushing a lot of ghost's along the way, who knew. So now here they were on a quest to destroy some dumb wizard, with a weird name, who was causing a lot of paperwork for dad.

" How much longer " whined Ariana.

" Its your fault where in this mess in the first place" Hazel said scowling at Ari.

Ariana blew her long chocolate-brown hair out of her face. Scowling at Hazel she turned to look back out the window of the train. Ari had hair that went to her shoulder blades, she looked thirteen when she was more like 5,000, her eyes were black\brown, and her skin was latte colored. she was more demigod then goddess, she couldn't flash out, be in many places at the same time, and make people erupt in flames by glaring at them, if she had that power him and Hazel would both be dead, the powers she had were changing her appearance and age, changing flower colors, patterns, and how big they are, shadow traveling, and raising the dead, oh did he mention she could turn people into plants that was his and Hazels least favorite power, but they still put up with her.

" I don't see what the big deal is, " she said " So what we trampled a few ghost, "

" Or a lot. " Hazel murmured not looking up from her wizarding book.

" I mean it's not like we destroyed the entire underworld. " Ari continued pretending to not have heard Hazel.

" Dad needed someone to do this job, us crushing some ghost just gave him the reason he needed to send us here. " Nico said .

" I just don't understand why Nico and I had to come to. I should be on a date with Frank not on a train to a magic school. " Hazel said sadly.

" Hay you guys were with me. " Ari said indignantly.

" against our will. " Nico added.

Ari glared at him. She opened her mouth to continue the argument, which probably would have turned in to them blowing up the train. But before she could speak the compartment door opened, revealing four people.

Ohhhh cliff hanger, no, you guys no who it is. OK so let clear some things up, this is set, after the Blood of Olympus, I'm guessing that they survived, and during the Order of the Phoenix. Ron and Hermione are not prefects for the sake of the story. Thanks for reading review and sorry it's so short I didn't have a lot of time.