And now, it is time for the Eight Horses to introduce themselves, now that they had sapience forced into them.

The laser guns morphed into a different form, to accommodate a different ray to force more knowledge, and unusual concepts, into their expanded minds, which was shot right away. It was also used to force their minds into speaking something about themselves. Only Inky, Burr, and Pếgasos were excused, having independent sapient minds of their own, but are required to give an introductory description about themselves. Now, the Horses were either frantically trotting about in their cages, pouting and sitting away, or thrashing their heads and vainly attacking the cages.

A microphone was shot towards No. 1, sprouting spider-like legs as it slowly landed.

Each time the spider-microphone turns towards each Equine, his respective mind-gun zaps and controls his mind.

All the audience could hear now, at first, is disturbed equine snorting, and what appears to sound like a High Vulgar* drawl:

Blackie: '-snorrrt- I am "Blekkie" of "Everything-One-And-Two". I am a Horse."

The "spider-droid" crawled parallel towards Shelby's enclosure, giving him such a fright. He then spoke in a "not-so-Intermediate"**/High Vulgar jibber-jabber:

Shelby: 'I am Shelby, a Horse, but these great Humans call me a funny "Shetland Pony". What on Earth has happened to me! Knowing - Kn-knowing strange new things, as if something was pushed into my head! And I sound stranger, and Human-ish! Too! If only I can return to my Mother ... "

By contrast, a pompous, Low Vulgar*** blather, in praise of some [sic] "little Queen":

Inky: "-ahem- I am Inky Tatters, an Earth-Equestrian Pony. We are the finest race of Pony in all the universes that Queen Lauren has ever created, in contrast to all of these seven other suckers!"

We return to an extravagantly noble High Vulgar, this time in a freakishly pompous manner, overladen with strange-sounding nonsense ('ahaha') :

Burr: ' I am Burr-Hurr-Hurr, a Houyhnhnnm . By orders of the First Mother, Lhnuw-Houyhnhnnm, we are to be the real finest race of Houyhnhnnm-Yhryhrhrhvfrrrf She has ever created , (disgusted) not that of that little vulgar colt to my right ! '

Inky growled in his Cage, his eyes blue with murderous rage upon hearing the word "colt" (and a desire to zap him with his useless DNA).

The/Our "spider droid" moves on to hear and listen on to some corrupted High Vulgar, save for Hurr (a Low Vulgar, corrupted for his foul dimness), and Pếgasos, who was instead given a beautiful variant of High Vulgar**** .

Kynódontos: 'AAARGH! Blue Humans! They smell very bad! I am "KYOO-naw-dawn-tawss", or "FREET-taws", a Horse. (-smells-, bangs Cage angrily, bashing his poor head) HUMANS! I WANT MORE HUMAN MEAT AND BLOOD! AAARGH!'

Hurr: "A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I am Hurr, a Horse! I want more grass and run and gallop and play! A-ha-ha-ha!"

White Streak: (already bashing and crashing against his Cage angrily, running and galloping frantically around) ' ... Disgusting blue Humans! Monsters! (gets zapped by mind-ray) I am what Humans call "Hwait Streek"! I am a horse! YOU Humans are Monsters! Monsters! MONSTERS! Aaargh! I want to kill you, Humans! Aaaaaaargh!'

Pếgasos: 'I am Pếgasos, the Winged Horse, Son of Lord Poseidon, and Trusted Servant of Lord Zeus, He-Who-Is-Heavenly-King-Of-The-Gods.'

The spider-droid scampered away.

* British English, on the Earths.

** it sounded somewhat like a "Yorkshire" accent, like "The Hobbit", or Bilbo Baggins, due to fans' comparisons of Shelby with the fictional Bilbo Baggins.

*** American English, the most vulgar dialect of the Vulgar language. Ironically, due to its popularity, even the Emperor speaks in that language more than in his ancestral tongue.

**** "modified variant of an Italo-Greek accent of English, and pure Ancient Greek, Athenian Dialect.".