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So, welcome dear readers to the saga of how a spider and a witch get together and how he saves her from despair. Enjoy :D Marvel owns everything.



Chapter 1: Hopeless

…Wanda…Wanda, no! NO!

'No more mutants…'

You killed us…you damned us to extinction.

'No…I didn't mean…'

Typical Wanda…not only does she decimate her teammates, now she has to go and cripple her own species.

'No, please-!'

You're worthless, Wanda, you know that? You're not worthy to be an Avenger or a hero…or even be alive. We should've let Logan gut you when we had the chance.

'You…you don't mean that!'

Look at yourself! Look at what you've done to The Avengers, to the X-Men and to mutantkind! You did nothing but hurt us, and some of us died because of YOU! TRAITOR! MURDERER!

"No-I'm not…I fixed it, I fixed everything!"

And now look at the world-mutants are hated more than ever-you just sentenced us to death!










She screamed, awakening herself as she did so, jolting upwards in her bed, her voice echoing slightly in her Mansion quarters. Her body shook and trembled slightly as she tried to push the images out of her mind, those horrific images that continued to plague her since her children and their teammates had saved her from the clutches of Doom and restored her memories and abilities. She was thankful…until she realized just what kind of world she was returning to, and how much it had been changed and damaged…all because of her.

It was her fault the Avenger had been hurt as they were.

It was her fault her species had been on the brink of extinction.

It was her fault that many good friends and people…good people, innocent people…died.

It was all her fault.

And it didn't matter that she had managed to reverse her damnation upon mutantkind when she and Hope dispersed the Phoenix Force…the scars were still there, and the damage was done. The trust was broken, as demonstrated by the wary looks many of the other Avengers gave her, and the hateful looks the X-Men had given her ever since she came back. Vision…that was the hardest blow…she knew what she had done, but he had opened up the scars all over again. He had been her husband…well, now no more. She had no husband. She had no one-not him, her brother, or even her father and teammates.

She was alone now.

The tears soon came pouring down as Wanda Maximoff, the Avenger known as Scarlet Witch and the woman known as the condemner of mutantkind, softly wept into her hands, her brunette locks cascading down over her face, her hands grabbing at her blankets for some kind of warmth and comfort, and her legs retracting to her torso, as a child would ball themselves up during times of fear. There in that position she remained for a few good minutes, softly crying her heart out in pain and anguish as she thought about everything that had happened. How could she live with herself with everything that she's done? Why was she even here with the Avengers now? She knew that many of them didn't trust her-Hawkeye, Logan, Black Widow…Stark was cautious…Wasp, Pym, definitely Vision, Havok, Rogue made it very clear just how much she hated her and would never forgive her, she wasn't entire sure about Hulk even though he pretty much didn't like anyone…and speaking of Rogue and Havok, there was the X-Men that also despised her-Cyclops, Emma, maybe Storm, Illyana, Piotr, Psylocke, Gambit…the list just went on, and Wanda's tears kept on coming.

Why was she with the Avengers? Because she literally had nowhere else to go or turn to.

She had no one to turn to.

With a sigh, Wanda made herself stop crying, as she did pretty much every morning, wiping the tears from her eyes. With a few more sighs to recompose herself, she got out of her bed, checking her bedside clock to see it was only 9:30am. She walked over to her closest, looking at the clothing she had inside: some shirts, a few fades jeans, some sneakers and shoes, a pair of boots and her hero costume. She grabbed it and started changing; it was a new look, this costume. It was more of a coat/dress fusion outfit, and she thought it looked nice. To her, it symbolized something new, something fresh…a new start, a clean slate, and a new beginning. As she looked at herself in the mirror, Wanda sighed, collapsed into a sitting position on her bed. She looked at her reflection, and she frowned sadly. Where was this new beginning she was searching for so badly? She knew that it would be difficult from here on out, but she didn't think it'd be this horrible to go through. The looks and the thoughts and the tones…

She just wanted to make it up.

She just wanted someone to forgive her for what she did.

She just wanted someone to accept her.

There were still a few who willing to be with her…Thor had not been here when she had decimated everything, and as such didn't suffer as the others did, and it was probably because of that that he easily forgave her, but he was almost never around; Jessica knew what it was like to be looked at like that, and Carol had been her friend since before she went apocalyptic, and both women did their best to help Wanda in her troubles, but Wanda knew, that despite how much they meant well, there was still a part of them that was wary of her, albeit a small part. Steve, he tried…probably because she and he used to have a thing in the past (a past that felt so distant and ancient now), and because he was the kind of person who wanted to give second chances, no matter what. But to be honest, Wanda sometimes felt uncomfortable around him now, because of that fact that they used to have a thing. It was as if…there was some form of obligation around his attempts. Wanda didn't want that-she wanted a genuine attempt, a genuine forgiveness.

And none of her fellow Avengers seemed ready or willing to do just that…wait, she had forgotten one.


That thought shut down almost immediately. Wanda, for some cursed unknown reason, was able to remember exactly what she put her friends through during the "House of M" incident. She knew exactly the pain that Spider-Man had endured when his dream-his dream of marrying the woman known as Gwen Stacy, having a family with her-was shattered when the heroes managed to come to their senses, and it had torn a hole into his soul, his very being. From what she had heard, he was devastated beyond comprehension, going so far as to beg Stephen Strange to remove the memories from his tortured mind, not wanting to relive it every single day of his life. It was too much for him.

If she deserved anyone's hatred, it would be Spider-Man's.

Besides, it wasn't as if she and Spider-Man actually even got along or anything-in fact, they barely ever spoke; the most they had spoken to each other was during the return of the Phoenix Force, and it wasn't even much, just regular business during their plans to try and come up with a way to defeat the Phoenix Five and-


There was…one time…she had forgotten it, but there was one time, in K'un L'un…


She walked along the paths, staring at the vegetation and wonders that Iron Fist's dimensional training home offered…knowing all along that her presence was just barely tolerated here by many of the other Avengers, just because they needed her, and that was it. She accepted it, but it didn't mean she had to like it. She knew their hatred was justly earned and that it's probably take more than her lifetime to possibly ever make it up to them for her sins and actions…but it still hurt like hell, knowing that many of those she once had been very close to, even her own husband, were so ready to turn their backs on her. A few tried to be kind, and were, but it didn't matter-she saw their eyes. She'd never be looked at the same again because of her breakdown.


She looked up, and saw Hope, their one possible chance to stop the Phoenix; she was…balancing on one of the point tips of the rooftops. With her, was Spider-Man, who was also balancing on a point tip, the difference being that he was balancing perfectly while Hope almost fell three times in two seconds. Wanda couldn't help but chuckle to herself.

"No, not now, Hope," Spider-Man sighed, apparently tired of dealing with Hope's whiny attitude.

"Then when?"


"You said that an hour ago!"

"We're going on Spider time," Spider-Man chuckled. He then chose that moment to look down and saw Wanda looking up at them. Wanda instantly became nervous, but she saw him do something unexpected: wave at her vigorously. "Hey, Wanda!" he shouted down to her. He turned to Hope, saying something along the lines of be right back, and jumped down to where Wanda was standing, landing perfectly and gracefully. "'Sup?"

"…Nothing, just…just walking by," Wanda replied softly, unable to look him in the eyes-or rather, the lenses.

"Oh c'mon, something has to be going on out here," the arachnid said, trying to get her to open up and speak, for why she had no idea. Why was he even talking to her? "Anything going on in base camp? Stark figure something out or blow something up?" Nothing. "You're not much of a talker, are you?"

"I guess that happens when no one wants to talk to you or have anything to do with you," Wanda sighed, rubbing her arm as she looked down to the ground.

"Oh, yeah…the 'House of M' incident," the Webhead said quietly. "Yeah, I guess people may still have grudges with that." He looked to her. "How're you holding up?"

Wanda looked at him. "I…I don't think anyone's asked me that."

"Well, why not?" he shrugged. "You may have messed everyone's life up, but it doesn't mean you didn't have your life messed up too. You still have feelings and emotions, just like everyone else here. You still suffer too, just like them. You still matter." He looked directly at her. "You're still valuable, Wanda, and not just because we need you for this, but because…well, as a living person…you matter."

Wanda looked at him with shocked eyes and a slightly open mouth. No one had ever said something like that to her. And to be honest…she could tell he meant it.


"Oops…" Spider-Man chuckled nervously as he looked to where Hope had fallen into the safety web he had made in case she had actually fallen. "I probably should get back to her," he chuckled as he turned back to Wanda. "It was nice talking, we should do it again sometime." And with that, he webbed himself over to Hope.

*End Flashback*

"You matter."

His words still echoed in her mind as she gazed at her reflection. She knew he genuinely believed in what he said.

Spider-Man didn't show hate or disgust to her, but he tried to extend a hand of friendship.

But that was then, when the world was about to end. Would he be like this now?

Wanda had no idea, but she knew she desperately wanted his words to ring true. She wanted to matter, because the others didn't see she was suffering because of what she had done. It wasn't just their lives that got messed up-her life was ruined and torn apart, as well. She was about to marry Victor von Doom, for crying out loud. It doesn't get any more messed up than that.

She wanted to matter, to the team, to her friends, and to the world.

She just didn't know how she could.


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