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Chapter 1: A normal day of a boring life

-...saki! Kurosaki! Class is over, you are free now.

I groggily sit up from my desk, vision unfocus, body ache, mouth drooling, brain not processing anything saw or heard. The teacher is looking at me with tired and displease eyes, the look you have when you know everything you said is just gonna fall on deaf ears.

-You know Kurosaki? The purpose of remedial lesson is to make up for all the things you missed while sleeping in class, not extra nap time.

I still sit there not quite awake yet, staring at him in a daze. The teacher just sight, probably wondering why he even try, silently packing his stuff and step out of the classroom. Moment later, my brain finally rev on full gear and i'm fully back to shitty role-play game called life again. Look like lesson is over, what was it about? Why did i even here to begin with? I know i have lots of free time but surely i must have more interesting things to do than come to class just to have something to do ... right? Maybe I'm really that pathetic.

Walking along the road back to my dorm, the sight i have seen everyday would awe many outsider. Tall, futuristic skyscraper, cleaning drone patrolling the street, a girl just flew over the traffic instead of waiting for the street light. This is Academy city, a city of ... academies, oh and laboratory too. Located just west of Tokyo and one-forth its size, enclaved by a great wall, this city can be consider one giant learning and research facility with technology 30 years ahead of the world.

What are they researching you ask? it's the dream of almost every kid in the world and no it's not pokemon, it's superpower. No, seriously! SUPERPOWER, yes, really! No i'm not deranged. You see by applying some hard-to-pronounce quantum theory, drug and hypnosis, one can become something like a protagonist of a shounen manga and that's suppose to be a perfectly scientific explanation. So yeah that pretty much sum up the crazy setting of my world.

Two years ago, after i finished middle school i begged my parent to let me come to AC because seriously guy, superpower! I was at a rebellious age that i think that life is too boring and the world is so dull ( i still think like that though) so the idea of superpower is like the On*piece to me, maybe i can finally become special, flying around kicking asses instead of sleeping through lectures... But in the end nothing have change much, i lately realized that when everyone is special, no one is and life did not change much, i got my power but it's a average power with a average level, i still go to school sleeping through remedial class with and average grade.

Yeah , average, that's how my life have always been. I've think that all i have to endure, all the total dicks, stuck up bitches, superficial, immature, the whole damn world i obsessed with sex, who got the best dress, the money, the honey, who's hot and who's not and i'm still don't have the right look, have the right friend.

Nothing change but the faces, the names and the trends. Yes that's from a song and no i don't think myself as emo, i maybe rarely talk with anyone, enjoy being alone ... like black color... ok maybe a little but i'm not antisocial, i can hold a conversation and get along well with people i like thank you very much, unless it's a girl ... I know alright! leave me alone.

Speaking of dicks and emos, a bunch of guy who fit the description to a T is harassing a middle school girl with flower on her head in the alley i just walk through. Normally i wouldn't have the capability to even notice her but like i said i have nothing to do so why not be a good samaritan one in a while.

The one who look like the leader of the group is in the middle of a lame pick-up line when i cut him off.

-Oh come on guy, go to a bar and surely you can find a girl with bigger jugs instead of a middle school girl.

The guys give a passing look, in which moment my power activate which is :" BEING COMPLETELY UNREMARKABLE", they turned back and say without even facing me.

- Get lost punk i don't play hero.

Diplomatic approach: failure - unforeseen stupidity detected!, should have expected that much. I sighted put my ahnd in to my pocket which i know is empty and take out a ... POKEBALL ... no it's a joke. What i took out is something you'll see very often in a shooting game, a handgun.

Technically it's something that LOOK like a handgun, i lied about my power, being completely unremarkable is more like a borned talent, my power is Projection, which let me create err i mean recreate everything i have seen, as long as it's existence is scientifically possible so no dragonball there. Basically i'm a walking armory, but due to my level 2 i can only create what i see for a short period of time, and i do mean what i SEE, i'm not capable of creating complex machinery yet to what i create is just the outer shell of the object, like a model. It's used to made up by a weird alloy of every material i know too but i'm learing to control which material it's made up, so far there is progress but little.

So yeah my potential is great but right now it's useless and only good for homely magic trick and mundane tools, like comb, the girl in my class love it, Oh! And intimidation too! which is what i'm doing right now.

The thugs instantly went pale, the girl who was just a little nervous before become stiff and swallow dry.

-Look here pals...

-No YOU look here ... PALS ... i still go some candy left from the last job so who want to go first or i can just spray and pray.

They took off running.

-Huh, bunch of pussy, you ok there?

The girl still look stiffed and tremble slightly ... mayble i should lower the g ...


Before i even finish that thought something smash into my right cheek and i hit the ground moments later, in my darken, starry vision i saw a spiky head guy in the same uniform as me lead the girl by the hand and high tail out of the alley.





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