Battle of the Wuzhang Plains 234 AD

Zhuge Liang led the Shu army to victory at Nan'an, Tianshui, and Anding, in addition to Mt. Qi. He also obtained the talents of a brilliant young strategist, Jiang Wei. Determined to prevent Shu from gaining any additional momentum, Wei entrusted its army to the deviously clever Sima Yi. Zhuge Liang dispatched Ma Su to Jieting in order to face Sima Yi. However, Ma Su was no match for Sima Yi's intellect. Jieting fell to Wei and Zhuge Liang lost all footholds from which he could easily attack Wei.

Shu was forced to temporarily withdraw its forces. And yet, the officers and people of Shu still were determined to realize the land of virtue that Liu Bei had once sought. This northern campaign would go on for years, and the events would be replayed again and again. Time passed, with neither Shu nor Wei gaining the upper hand. And eventually, Zhuge Liang fell ill.

Knowing that his time was limited, Zhuge Liang summoned Jiang Wei, and together they set out on one last campaign north. The battle would take place on the Wuzhang Plains, against his nemesis Sima Yi. And so, the dragon summoned his last remaining strength, and set out to fulfill the promise that he had made so many years ago.

"I must lay the groundwork… For certain victory here today. Before my life…. Runs out." Zhuge Liang spoke in between coughs not hearing Jiang Wei approach him.

"My Lord! There you are. Our men await your orders." He spoke to him, thinking that he was alright for the battle.

"Jiang Wei, it is time for you to lead our forces today."

"B-but I'm not yet ready." Jiang Wei responds, surprised by the man's words.

"I will assist you. You must learn how to do this, my boy." Zhuge Liang spoke calmly to the younger man.

"Y-yes my Lord."

"Now, Jiang Wei, give the signal to march."

"All units, prepare to march." Jiang Wei called out as the gates opened up and the men moved out. 'Prime Minister… I shall do my best to live up to your expectations.' He thought to himself as he moved to the east.

He knew that they had to capture the eastern and western garrison for their strategy and he knew that the western units would be able to accomplish their job.

He quickly entered the eastern garrison with Yue Ying and together they beat Liu Shao and Man Chong, two enemy officers.

Yue Ying then gets news that Xiahou Ba is on the move towards their main camp. "My Lord is in danger! We must go to his aid."

On the way back, Jiang Wei beings to think out loud, "to understand Sima Yi, I have to think like him. If I were him, I would place troops by the cliff near our main camp." He said quietly to himself as he reached Xiahou Ba and another officer.

"Once again, Jiang Wei and Yue Ying beat the enemies by working together and they send Xiahou Ba and Xiahou Hui retreating from the battle.

"There's a place we can climb up ahead. From there, we should be able to get to the cliff." Yue Ying told him as they began moving again.

On the other side of the battle field, Wei Yan, Nao Hong, and Diao Yue are fighting off their own enemies.

They quickly ran into the enemy officer Xiahou Wei and they sent him retreating quite easily.

They then enter the western garrison and attack Tian Yu with their combined might. They quickly send him into a retreat and defeat the defense captains and capture the western garrison for their strategy.

As they soon began to get comfortable, Nao Feng jumps down on them from the top of the gate.

"Cousins, how good to see you again." Nao Feng said to them as they watched him closely.

"Hello, cousin Feng." Nao Hong said as he readied his weapon, just like the other officers with him.

"You can't beat all of us here cousin, why did you come?" Diao Yue spoke to him cautiously.

"Can't I come to see my family?" He questioned sarcastically. "I am here to fight." He finished seriously as he charged at them.

"There is no way you can win here. You can't retreat either, so what's your game?" Nao Hong questions him as the blocked his attack while Diao Yue moves to push him back.

"I have no times for games, now fight." Nao Feng said angrily at them as they continued fighting.

Nao Feng though, seemed to be weaker that before and not as quick since their last encounter.

He was quickly beaten. "Kill me." He said simply getting the two family members to look at each other.

They didn't want to kill a family member but they knew something was wrong with him for him to lose this quickly, even with all their allies.

Wei Yan though, had no such hesitation. He saw the man as his enemy and a threat, so he raised his weapon for the final strike.

"Goodbye cousins." Nao Feng said as he was then cut down in front of the two.

The two were saddened at the loss of another family member, but they were not very close, so it was bearable. Plus, Nao Feng really seemed to want to be killed at that moment so that figured he was sick or something.

They silently mourned their fallen family member as they rested for the next battle.

Back with Jiang Wei and Yue Ying, they had just made it up a ladder to the top of the cliff where Jiang Wei had thought an ambush would take place.

"Just as I thought – ambush troops." Jiang Wei spoke up as they now saw officers jumping into their main camp to attack Zhuge Liang.

They quickly follow them down and attack them in order to assist Zhuge Liang.

"There is no need to worry. You are doing a find job, by the way." He says to Jiang Wei with a proud smile as he attacks the enemy.

"Our Lord's body is ravage by illness. That is why you must take the lead in this battle, Jiang Wei." Yue Ying spoke sadly as she also fought the enemy.

"I have been a fool. I have put him under undue stress. But now, it is time for me to stand on my own." Jiang Wei said as he and the others defeated, Yue Chen, Zhen Wen, Guo Huai, and Zhang Hu, saving Zhuge Liang.

"Report! It seems that the enemy reinforcements have arrived." Said a messenger to Zhuge Liang and the others in the camp.

"The enemy has carried supplies into their bases. If we lay siege to them, we can raid their supplies." Zhuge Liang suggested as Jiang Wei and Yue Ying set out to the central garrison where the supplies were.

On the way there, the two Shu officers accompanied by many other officers ran into Sun Li and Xiahou He and quickly overpowered them and sent them into a retreat.

Jiang Wei then entered the supply depot to see Sima Shi, Sima Yi's oldest son waiting for them.

"Do you really think you can defeat me?" The man asked arrogantly.

Jiang Wei and the others thought the man was crazy but decided to say nothing as they all charged the man.

Together, they proved to much for Sima Shi who wisely decided to retreat from the battle, "if I don't withdraw now, then the world is destined to be overrun by imbeciles."

"Jiang Wei then threw open the gates of the supply depot and stopped at the top of the hill looking towards Wei's main camp and he began to shout. "My men have seized you precious supplies, and repelled all your devious plots, Sima Yi! How long are you going to hide? If you insist upon staying put… Then you will die in your cowardice." He called out fiercely as he moved onto the next phase of the battle.

"Sima Yi is in his castle, I will break through the center, while making sure our allies are supported." He said to Zhuge Liang who decided to move to the supply depot.

"That is a wise decision. I know I can count on you from now on." Zhuge Liang said to him, impressed.

"Leave everything to me, my Lord. I will realize the land of benevolence you dream of."

Jiang Wei then ran straight towards the center, set on defeating the three officers there.

He engages Zheng Wen, Zhang Hu, and Yue Chen in battle for the center of the battlefield.

"Lord Jiang Wei, the enemy is firing flaming arrows." Yue Ying said to him as she helped him fight off the enemy alongside him and their other officers.

"We must exercise due caution. My Lady, now would be a good time to use the juggernauts."

"Understood, please eliminate the enemy prescience from the immediate area." Yue Ying said back to him as they quickly defeat the three officers, Zheng Wen, Zhang Hu, and Yue Chen in front of them.

The juggernauts are then brought onto the field and are immediately sent towards some ballistas that were set up farther up the battlefield.

Jiang Wei and Yue Ying defend them from the other enemies and fight Sun Li and Xiahou He in order to protect them.

The two Shu officers as well as their other allies beat the enemy back and the juggernauts prove to be very effective against the ballistas and they quickly capture the center of the battlefield.

After that, they move to their position in front of the castle to defeat Xiahou Ba and Jiang Ji, as well as the catapults that are giving them trouble.

On the other side of the battlefield to the east, it is not going as well as planned. Ma Dai, Nao Ding, Xing Cai, and others were enclosed in the garrison. Sima Shi had closed them off and the enemy inside was getting tough.

However, they worked together and they defeated Liu Shao and Man Chong. Then, together, the gates opened and they fought and defeated Sima Shi.

"This changes nothing, You cannot escape the defeat that the heavens have ordained." Sima Shi yelled at them as he left the battlefield. Then, as they planned they set off to their side of the castle.

On the opposite side of the battlefield Wei Yan, Nao Hong, and Diao Yue were fighting off Sima Zhao and his troops that he ambushed them with.

The officers of Shu, however, prove to be too strong and they sent Sima Zhao into a retreat as they too, move to their side of the castle to surround it.

At the same time though Deng Ai, appeared near their main camp and he was headed to where Zhuge Liang was staying.

"My Lord. Enemy reinforcements have been spotted near our main camp." A messenger spoke to Jiang Wei who had just defeated Xiahou Ba and destroyed the catapults on top of the cliff.

"I'm sure that our allies will be enough to deal with them. Don't worry about them. We must defeat Sima Yi.

What Jiang Wei said was true as Nao Shu, Nao Shuang, and Diao Xing were with some other officers in waiting for the enemy.

Nao Shuang had not really followed his brother, his father, or his grandfather too much as he didn't wear too much armor. He had some but is was lighter that theirs was and he had a long trench coat on that was similar to Nao Yun's coat. The armor was the same color as Nao Shu's was and was dark gold but he had black outlines in his armor. The jacket was dark green with golden tribal designs on it and it had some green and gold shoulder guards on it as well. He wielded two tonfa that were the same dark gold color of his armor and the flat top of it was black. (Think Sima Shi in dynasty warriors 7 except the armor is dark gold and the coat is dark green with gold as the designs)

Together, the three officers of Shu engaged the enemy in battle.

"Allowing you to live would be a grave error. You must be stopped now." Deng Ai said to the three officers as he charged at them.

Deng Ai proved to be quite skilled in battle as he wielded his massive lance and he could swing it around like it weighed nothing at all.

However, Nao Shu, Nao Shuang, and Diao Xing worked together and defeated the man and sent him retreating from the battle field.

"I am grateful for your help; I knew I could count on you three." Zhuge Liang said to them happily as the three warriors returned to the camp. "Now, send the reinforcements." He said as more officers left the camp to the west and east, as well as the center.

Back with the others, they finally had the castle surrounded with Jiang Wei in front of the castle.

"Report, it seems like enemy reinforcements led by Zhong Hui have arrived." A messenger told Jiang Wei.

He, along with Wei Yan and the others quickly defeat Zhong Hui and Qin Lang in battle while the other enemy officers head to their camp.

"Sima Yi's plans have been foiled. All forces, launch full assault on the enemy's main camp." Jiang Wei spoke up ignoring the other reinforcements as he had faith in his troops.

He then enters the camp with his other officers and sees Sima Yi, "Give it up, Sima Yi! The world needs benevolence that you can't provide." He said to the man getting a sneer from the man.

"Benevolence? You imbecile! Who wants to live in a world based on flimsy idealistic garbage." Sima Yi spat back as he attempted to push back the attackers.

Unfortunately, Sima Yi was not much of a fighter and he was vastly outnumbered by Shu.

He was defeated like all the other officers of Wei and fell to his knees.

"Stand." Jiang Wei said to the man as he pointed his spear at him but he was interrupted by the sound of a horse.

He jumped back as he saw Sima Shi get in front of Sima Yi, "Zhao, get father!"

Sima Zhao then came into the camp on his own horse and he grabbed his father and rode off.

Sima Shi just looked at Jiang Wei angrily as he also rode off.

"Don't you forget, if you wish to get at Zhuge Liang, you will have to go through me first." Jiang Wei yelled at them as he secured the area.

The Shu army defeated Wei at the Wuzhang Plains. The bravery and wisdom of Zhuge Liang's handpicked successor, Jiang Wei, managed to overcome the cunning of Sima Yi. However, Sima Yi as not content to simply fade into the sunset with this defeat.

And yet… Under the clear and starry night, Zhuge Liang believed. He believed that even without him, Shu would go on fighting. Under the cleat and starry night, Zhuge Liang looked and he saw. He saw Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Nao Yun, and all the other brave souls that had given their lives in search of peace.

"Chang'an lies ahead and beyond that, the capital of Wei, Luoyang. With Wu's help, we'll destroy Wei, and realize our Lord's dream." Jiang Wei spoke as he looked over the cliffs with Zhuge Liang sitting in a chair behind him.

"The road to that goal is long and steep yet." Zhuge Liang spoke with a small chuckle as he looked up at the stars seeing the fallen friends and heroes of Shu.

"My Lord?" Jiang Wei asks quietly as he looks at him.

"But still, I have faith." Zhuge Liang spoke softly to Jiang Wei, "I see the spirit of benevolence of Lord Liu Bei… I see it in you, Jiang Wei. And I see hope for the next generation."

"You mustn't speak as if you time is done." Jiang Wei spoke up as he kneeled in front of Zhuge Liang. "We will do this together."

"Zhuge Liang smiled at him, "Hmm… I hope so…" He spoke up softly as his head sagged down and he became still.

Jiang Wei grew determined and went back towards the cliff as he looked up. "Lord Liu Bei! The heavens above! I hereby swear that I will make a land of benevolence a reality." He yelled out into the sky and for just a moment, he thought he saw the smiling faces of the fallen Shu officers.

Nao Yun - 56 years old. - Deceased

Diao Chan 46 years old. - Deceased

Nao Hong and Diao Yue - 36 years old. (Nao Yun and Diao Chan's kids, cousins of Nao Ling, Sun Dao, and Nao Feng)

Nao Ding - 28 years old. (Nao Yun and Diao Chan's youngest son, cousin of Nao Ling, Sun Dao, and Nao Feng)

Ming Fong - 36 years old (Nao Hong's wife)

Nao Shu - 18 years old. (Nao Hong and Ming Fong's son, Nao Yun and Diao Chan's grandson, and cousin of Diao Xing)

Nao Shuang - 16 year old. (Nao Hong and Ming Fong's younger son, Nao Yun and Diao Chan's second grandson, and cousin of Diao Xing)

Liu Feng - 27 years old. (Liu Bei's adopted son, Diao Yue's husband, and Nao Yun and Diao Chan's son in law) - Deceased

Diao Xing - 18 years old. (Liu Feng and Diao Yue's daughter, Nao Yun and Diao Chan's granddaughter, and cousin of Nao Shu and Nao Shuang)

Liu Bei - 60 years old. - Deceased

Liu Shan - 28 years old. (Liu Bei's son)

Guan Yu - 57 years old. - Deceased

Guan Ping - 25 years old (Guan Yu's adopted son) - Deceased

Guan Xing - 34 years old. (Guan Yu's son)

Guan Suo - 30 years old. (Guan Yu's younger son)

Zhang Fei - 56 years old. - Deceased

Zhang Bao - 34 years old. (Zhang Fei's son)

Xing Cai - 28 years old. (Zhang Fei's daughter)

Nao Ren - 37 years old. (Nao Yun and Nao Tang's older brother) - Deceased

Nao Feng - 44 years old. (Nao Ren's son, cousin to Nao Hong, Diao Yue, Nao Ding, Nao Ling, and Sun Dao) - Deceased

Nao Tang - 45 years old. (Nao Yun's older brother and Nao Ren's younger brother) - Deceased

Nao Ling -40 years old. (Nao Tang's son, cousin to Nao Hong, Diao Yue, Nao Ding, and Nao Feng)

Sun Dao - 37 yeas old. (Nao Tan's daughter, cousin to Nao Hong, Diao Yue, Nao Ding, and Nao Feng)