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AN: First off, I don't own Harry Potter or any legend mentioned throughout this fic.

WARNINGS: this story will contain various degrees of the following:

past child abuse, male X male relationships, and possibly female X female relationships. Creatures, altering of Harry's first and middle name, altering of Lilly Potter's past and family history (Yes Lilly with 2 l's b/c I like it that way), marriage contracts, multiple relationships (Triads and quartets). There will be splashes of curse words that I will try to keep to a minimum.

Dumbledore will not be bashed exactly but he will not be perfect, light shines from his behind either. Ron is an idiot and I haven't decided if he will be bashed or just fade into the background. Harry is sarcastic.



This story starts between second and third year, before Sirius's escape.

Now onto this fic :)

Harry Potter decided to do some thinking while sitting in his room at #4 Privet Drive. It was just 3 days since he arrived 'home' and he was locked in, 6 deadbolts and a cat flap... what a room. The male Dursleys were out at a football (soccer) game for the day and Petunia was at a baby shower being held for Mrs. #9's third child, their first daughter. None of the family would return before night fall.

Harry sat and reflected on the past 2 years of his life, since the moment he had first touched his Hogwarts acceptance letter. 'First there was Uncle Vernon, who has lost his mind. Not that he had much to begin with.' Harry thought sarcastically. 'Stupidity is one family trait I'm glad I didn't get from my mother's side.' Shaking his head to bring himself back to his original thoughts, Harry continued his mental list. Eventually he would write it down but all his school things were locked in his trunk in his old room (AKA the cupboard under the stairs). 'Next there was Hagrid. He's a nice guy but about as inconspicuous as a baseball bat to the face. Real Goblins. I still can't believe that. Draco. Need I say more?' he sighed, 'Both Hermione and Draco insult me on the train. Ron and his never ending Quidditch rants. We're friends but man can that boy talk. I can just sit back and daydream as long as I nod occasionally. Then to top it all off: SNAPE!' Harry growled in frustration. He could remember every terrible class he had with that awful man. "Back to the task at hand" he murmured out loud. 'The Boy-Who-Lived nonsense. How can people be so cruel?' he thought with tears misting his eyes. 'To constantly remind me of the night I lost everything. I hate that name and I don't even hate the Dursleys despite everything they've done, or should I say neglected to do?'

Harry got lost in the past thinking of all the things his 'family' had done to him over the decade he stayed here. Physical beatings had been a rarity, not happening more than once every few months. His uncle had often gripped him hard enough to leave bruising, but that usually healed overnight or at most would take 2 nights. His aunt's punishments were to withhold food and refuse to allow him to go to the rest room. She had only gotten physical twice, once she smacked him across the face and busted his lip while her ring cut his cheek. The other time she knocked him unconscious with a skillet. Harry wasn't sure if it was the hit or what but for the life of him he couldn't remember what he, at the age of 6, could have done to deserve that. His uncle's worst punishment would stay with him his entire life. He could clearly remember the beating he received for apparating onto the roof of his school when he was 8. He would carry the scars on his back for life. His aunt ensure that when after 2 days he wasn't healed, she applied salt and bandages to the still gaping belt whip marks to stop the blood from ruining her carpets while he was dusting.

Harry shook himself to stop that line of thinking. "Now where was I? Oh yes BWL. What happened next?" He thought for a minute. 'The 'duel' and finding Fluffy. Really Hagrid how could you name a Cerberus that? Fluffy the guardian of the Underworld, REALLY? Norbert... sorry Norberta was another example of Hagrid's pets.' And Harry wasn't even going to think of Aragog the acromantula. 'You've got to love Hagrid, he might be crazy but he is one of my best friends and the adult I trust the most. Onto an adult I thought was untrustworthy from the moment I saw him in the Leaky Caldron, Quirinus Quirrell. I kind of feel bad for the guy, I mean not only did his parents curse him with that terrible name but he had Voldemort sticking out of the back of his head for a year.' He didn't manage to contain his shiver at that thought.

'I wish I didn't have to kill anyone or anything,' he thought dejectedly. He thought of all the things Quirrell did to him but he still felt that the man should have been punished but not killed. And Quirrell definitely should not have been killed by him. He sat solemnly for a while mourning the loss of a life. He also mourned the deaths of the 4 Unicorns Voldemort killed that year.

Harry thought about the quest for the stone. The part of that quest he hated the most was not asking Neville to come with them. Since that day, Harry had kept an eye on Neville Longbottom. He didn't think anyone but him could see the amazing person hidden behind that shy face. He could see the unbelievable potential Neville had. In their second year, they had gotten close and were now quite good friends.

Harry thought on some of the good times he and Neville had while Ron and Hermione were elsewhere. This led to his list of injustices that happened in second year. 'My trouble started the moment I met Dobby. I feel sorry for and kind of like the little guy but he can cause trouble like no other. Mrs. Weasley has to be part banshee. That woman has such a set of lungs on her, that a whole fleet of bagpipes would be pressed to compete with.' he shook his head. 'And she wonders why 2 of her sons fled the country after graduation and why the twins also looking to abandon ship.' Harry also thought if they were in the non-magical world he would get a restraining order against Ginny. 'She's the worst type of girl. As if I would ever marry such a star-struck child. That's exactly what she acts like, a childish little girl. Sure I'm sorry she was possessed and almost had her soul sucked out but still.'

"Lockhart." Harry growled out 'I'm glad he didn't die but I do think he got just what he deserved. Stupid prat. Then Snape and Draco had another go at me. At least Snape had a redeeming moment. 'Ah how I would love to have a moving photo of that moment' Harry chuckled at the memory of Dueling club.

'Then my 'fans' turned like a pack of wolves on a wounded lamb.' "I suppose fame is a fickle mistress" He said out loud. 'I could have ripped 'Tom' to shreds with my bare hands when I saw both Hermione and adorable little Colin were petrified.' While Colin was a bit of a stalker, once Harry talked to him, the boy had calmed down.

'Yet again I have some insane gauntlet I have to run at the end of the year.' Harry grumbled. 'It is almost like tests.' He thought. 'A test? Oh I hope not. I hope someone isn't playing a game with my life.' He filed that thought away for later.

'I feel kinda bad for the Basilisk. I mean it lived in the school for centuries and never once hurt anyone. If Voldy hadn't lost his mind it would still be there now, just minding its own business.'

Harry lay there for a while just thinking. 'OK I've arranged my thoughts now what?' Over the next few days he would think about what had happened and what he would do now. A full week after being 'home' Harry had an epiphany. "If I can defeat the most evil Dark Lord then what's keeping me here?" He paused 'What is keeping me here? Why can't I leave?' He thought on it for the rest of the day. That night after his chores (and being sent to bed without supper) he made his decision. "I'm Leaving!" He said out loud with conviction.

'Now where will I go and who do I trust to help me?' he thought. 'Ron?... no he and his family are going to Egypt. Dumbledore? … definitely not. This is at least partially his fault. I nearly begged not to come back here and yet here I am, sitting in a locked room back at the Dursleys. Hermione? … She's to in love with the rule book to help. Neville? … I know he would help but what can he do? I'll write him but keep thinking.' He thought about it and sighed 'That's almost all of the people that know Harry not the BWL. There's McGonagall, but she's Dumbledore's woman. Who else?' Harry lay back and thought on it.

After a few minutes he set up quickly. "Goblins!" He said aloud. "That's who I need. If you can't trust a banker, then who can you trust? And even if we haven't had much interaction, they seem to be trustworthy." You can't live 11 years the way Harry has and not be a good judge of character. Harry got up and paced around the room. "Now how do I get there? I don't know how to get there. I don't have the non-magical money to travel to London. I'm not even sure I know where in London Diagon Alley even is. I don't know any modes of magical travel. And I don't have any books that can tell me." He paced and thought. "Dobby!" he exclaimed after a few minutes.

The little creature appeared when his name was called. "The great Harry Potter calls Dobby? Dobby thought great Harry Potter hates Dobby. Dobby a bad elf. He's not helping help hurt the great Harry Potter. But the great Harry Potter still freed Dobby." the house elf ranted, tugging on his long ears hard enough to make them turn green. Meanwhile, Harry was busy trying to get his heart rate back to normal. He wasn't expecting the little guy to just appear when called.

"Calm down Dobby. I don't hate you. I just don't want to go to the infirmary next time you decide to injure me just to keep me out of danger." he told the distraught elf.

"Harry Potter doesn't hate Dobby?" He asked with hope in his big eyes.

"Of course not. I thought we were friends." Harry replied. The next thing he knew Dobby was hugging his legs crying and praising the wonderful Harry Potter. "Dobby... Please stop and listen. I need your help."

"Oh yes Master Harry Potter what can Dobby do for you?" he asked bowing so low his nose touched the floor and almost vibrating with excitement.

"I want to leave here and never have to return. So I need your help to get me out of here and to the Goblins. I also want to know if you have any idea how I can prevent being sent back. Can you help?"

"Yes! Dobby can help Master Harry Potter!" He bounced in place in his excitement. "Dobby knows lots. He heard things at the nasty Malfoy's. Dobby hears foul master Malfoys say they take little Dragon to the Goblins to claim last of line clause for the Honorable Black Family. But Honorable Blacks has named heir."

"So this last of line clause, what would it do exactly?" Harry asked curiously.

"If Potter's have no different named heir, master Harry Potter would be LORD Harry Potter Sir. He be emancipated and all growed up. Then he can has Dobby as his good faithful elf." He told hugging himself.

Harry thought on it. "I would be an adult" Dobby nodded "I could go anywhere" Nod "Do anything" nod "And no one could say anything" Nod. Harry began to smile a huge almost feral grin. He grabbed Dobby and hugged him, spinning the two of them around. He stopped and kissed the little guy on the forehead. Dobby let out a choked squeal and started crying tears of joy.

"Now I need to get my stuff from the cupboard under the stairs." Before he could say more Dobby was gone. Harry didn't even have time to stop blinking in shock before Dobby popped back with his trunk and broom. "Thanks Dobby. Can you open Hedwig's cage?" Dobby clicked his fingers and the lock on her cage vanished. He took his best friend out and petted her. "I'm so sorry Hedwig." He apologized, lavishing her with affection. "OK girl go and have a fly. Come find me in a few days."

Hedwig hooted and trilled lightly in reply. She snuggled into her human before vanishing into the night. "We need to go somewhere no one will ask too many questions and it needs to be kinda close to the bank. Alright Dobby let's make like a banana and split." Dobby shrunk all Harry's things and took his hand. They popped out and the Dursleys wouldn't see a Potter again for 49 years when all 3 of Dudley's grand children would be born magical.

AN: Hope you enjoyed it. This was a bit of rehashing the books so far and set up. The next chapter features a meeting with the goblins and the first step toward Harry's freedom.