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Nott Family Home July 9th (When Harry first learned of the contract)

Theodore Nott, second son of the Lord Nott, woke feeling different. He went about his normal morning routine until he had to brush his teeth. That's when he looked in the mirror and screamed. Around his neck was a 2 inch wide silver collar with the seal of the absolute contract on it.

His mother rushed into the room when he screamed. "What is it Theo?" she asked then paused looking at the collar. "Oh my baby." She exclaimed pulling him to her. Well, she tried. There was a shield around him that prevented her from touching her son. "Theo, I'm so sorry. It was the only way. You know how your father is." She said with tears in her eyes.

Theo looked resigned to his fate. "I know mother. I just expected to have more time." He turned away, refusing to cry over this. He had known since he was 6 what was going to happen to him and tears would do no good. "I am only 13. How can we fulfill the contract and become bonded?" He asked her with a blush.

"I don't know. We will have to wait until he contacts us. But Theo, even if it doesn't seem so right now, there are worse fates than having a child at your age." She told him placing a hand on his head, forgetting the shield till her palm rested on it.


Later that day, Angelina was in her room when an official Gringotts owl tapped at the window. She let it in and took the letter from the Goblins.

Lady Nott;

Lord Potter has requested a meeting as soon as possible. Inform us of the most convenient time.

Account Overseer Trilok

She was both excited that her son would be protected and frightened that Harry Potter may not be as good as he seems. Her husband had a lunch date on the 13th. That would be perfect. She replied Noon on the 13th. Then went to tell Theo.

Theo was happy about being away from his father. But he was scared Harry wouldn't like that he was a Slytherin. He was sure Harry would forbid him from seeing his friends. He loved Blaise, and Tracey, and even Daphne. He didn't want to give them up, but he had little choice in the matter.


Middle of Nowhere, England July 12th.

A matted, emaciated, black dog was running. He was running from the law, the past, but most importantly running toward his heart. His only remaining family as far as he was concerned. His godson. This dog was in fact not a dog, but a man, the infamous Sirius Black.

He stopped in a clearing at a semi-clean stream for a drink. He was just lapping at the surface when a pure white snowy owl swooped down.

The owl had a small box attached to its leg. It looked at him for several moments then thrust the box toward him.

Sirius looked around, then closer at the box. Sure enough it said; Sirius Orion Black (Padfoot). That got his attention. There were very few who knew his nickname. He looked around again before changing back into an equally emaciated and filthy man in tattered robes. He took the box. Inside was a letter, a muggle pen and some parchment.

'From Harry. Oh my pup, how I failed you.' He thought. Sirius sat and cried over all he had lost for a long while. Harry would soon be 13 and he had missed it all.

"Hedwig." He croaked out. His voice cracking from disuse. "Can you find Remus? He may not believe me but he would do anything for Harry." The owl huffed and ruffed her feathers at the insult. 'Stupid mutt, how dear he insinuate I am incapable of finding some lowly human?' she glared at him but nodded. Only her human could question her abilities.

Sirius wrote to Remus then Harry.


This is Sirius Black, or Padfoot. Your father was one of my best friends. You and the Longbottom boy were targeted by the Dark Lord. Both your families went into hiding under the Fidelius Charm. It's an air tight protection so long as your secret keeper doesn't betray you.

I think the Longbottoms used Madame Longbottom. Your parents used Peter Pettigrew. He was our good friend, but he was a traitor. Everyone believed I was the secret keeper, but I was just a decoy. I was caught trying to capture Pettigrew and thrown in Azkaban without even a trial.

I feel as though I betrayed you Harry. I allowed Hagrid to take you that night while I went after the rat. I should have stayed. I should have put you first before my revenge. But I promise never again. You are 1st from now on. I love you so much Pup. Please believe that if nothing else.

He wiped the tears from his eyes and patted the smudges they caused on the letter. He then folded them up and gave them to Hedwig. "Take this to Remus first please." She nodded and flew away.

'If Harry's right, the Goblins might help me." Sirius thought. He changed back into Padfoot and headed for Knockturn Ally with a plan forming.


Perciville Palace Tuesday July 13th

Harry woke happier than he ever remembered being. He had a family. An Aunt, 2 Uncles and a cousin that were all really nice to him. After just basking in those happy thoughts for a while, Harry got up and dressed for the day.

Harry made his way down to the informal dining room for breakfast. Serpens wasn't their yet but Alexander was reading the paper drinking a cup of coffee.

"Good Morning Alexander."

Alexander nodded in response.

"You don't talk much do you?" Harry asked

"He doesn't talk at all Harricius." Serpens said from right behind Harry, making him jump.

"What do you mean?"

"Alexander is mute. He cannot speak and has never been able too." Serpens explained indifferent.

Harry smiled lightly. "At least you can never say something stupid or embarrassing."

Alexander smiled and nodded.

"Then how do you communicate?"

"We have all learned Greek Sign Language. We can teach you if you like?"

"Yes please." Harry replied with a smile.

Alex smiled wider at him. He was glad his nephew was so understanding, most wizards weren't.

"You don't have a meeting till 12. What is a young boy like you doing up at 7 in the morning? While on Holiday?"

Harry shrugged. "Habit. Actually, this is sleeping in for me. If I were still with the Dursley's, I would have had to be up at 5 to cook them breakfast."

"They made you cook for them?" Serpens asked in a low growl.

"Yes." Harry said not in the mood to talk about it.

"What else did...?" Serpens stopped when Alex touched his shoulder. Alex moved his hands rapidly gesturing toward Harry a few times. Serpens sighed and nodded. "Fine, I'll let it go for now." He turned back toward Harry. "What are you going to do till 12?"

"I would like to try horseback riding again, if there are any here." Harry replied shyly

"We do have stables here. I'll take you after breakfast and the 3 of us can ride together."

Harry smiled and contently ate in near silence. Neither man commented on the potion Harry had to take with his food.

When he was almost done, Harry looked up at them. "Why are you so accepting?" The thought had been bothering him since he first met Serpens. "You just took me in at my word without a comment or challenge."

"Well Harricius, you're family. The fact you wear that ring is all the proof we need." Alex nodded in agreement. "We Perciville's are protectors, we look out for one another."

"I just... well... I'm just used to people like the Dursleys and Malfoy's I guess. They are always wanting something in return. I mean the Weasley's took me in last year, but it was only for a few weeks and I'm just their son's friend."

"Don't be fooled by us Harricius. Most Noble Houses are like that, they expect to trade every little favor for another. There are even many common families that are like that as well. And not just here but in the non-magical world too. Now, if you are done eating, let's go for that ride." Serpens said standing. Alexander folded his paper and followed his brother. Harry following after.

Harry looked around the exterior of the estate. He could see the stables, which was a large barn not too far away. He could also see 3 large greenhouses and a garage. "I thought the greenhouse was on the roof?" He asked.

"Those greenhouses are for food and a few potion ingredients. The one on the roof houses the rare or beautiful plants who only have esthetic value. There is also a small farm for those plants that don't do well in a greenhouse setting."

Harry nodded. He looked around the long barn when they entered and guessed it had to be magically expanded because it seemed to hold at least one of every 2 or 4 legged ride-able animal there was.

"You have a Unicorn in the stables?" Harry asked.

"Yes, 3 in fact. All are tame enough to ride but they will only bear certain riders and will not be saddled. We also have a bicorn but he is not tame enough to ride though."

"What are these? They pull the carriages at Hogwarts."

"They are called Thestrals. I'm surprised you can see them. Only those that have seen death can."

Harry looked down ashamed. "I killed my first DADA teacher and a Basilisk."

"You WHAT?!" Serpens and Alex both looked at him. "Where did you find a Basilisk? How did you kill it? How did you survive? When was this?" Serpens fired off at him.

"It was back in May. The Chamber of Secrets was opened and the Basilisk was petrifying people. Tom Riddle... Voldemort was using a diary to possess the youngest Weasley. I had to save her. I pulled the sword of Gryffindor out of the sorting hat and stabbed it in the mouth. Then a fang pierced my arm. I pulled it out and stabbed the diary. I was saved by Fawkes the phoenix."

Serpens stared at him hard. "Do you have any idea what you just said?"

"What?" He was honestly confused.

"Raoul and Javier are both master duelists and trained battle mages. Alexander and Raoul are Award winning swordsmen. But none of them would willingly face a Basilisk. Especially not Salazar the Second's famous Basilisk. You are very lucky to be alive."

"So... I …. um..." Harry blushed. "It's nothing."

"It was not nothing. You should ask the Goblins to go with you and retrieve the carcass as soon as possible. I will find you a map of the chamber before you go. But for now let's ride. Once you have more experience with a horse, you can try a Pegasus or Thestral."

They each took out a large draft horse (the only kind of regular horses they have). Serpens showed Harry how to saddle and bridle the animal, before helping him mount. They rode around the estate before heading down to the beach.

"You know, this is the first time I've seen the ocean." Harry said.

"Really?" Serpens asked but Harry didn't notice his narrowed eyes at the comment. "Then you don't know how to swim?" Harry shook his head no, still looking over the ocean. "Then we will have to teach you that as well. I would say a few swimming lessons will be a nice break from all the cramming you'll need to do this summer."

Harry smiled. Just 2 hours after they left, they headed back. Harry was glad he was less sore this time. After a quick lesson in how to remove the riding track, they all headed in. Alexander to his office, Serpens to the library to find the map and Harry to his room to bathe and dress for his meetings. He decided he would arrive early and talk to Trilok about the Basilisk. He sent a note by Dobby before bathing to ask Trilok if he was available. He sent back word that he would be free after 10.

Once he was clean, Harry dressed in a dark blue button up with black stitching in the shape of a dragon up one side, over a plain white undershirt and khaki pants, with pair of penny loafers to top it all off. He then headed down to say good bye to his uncles. He had his bottomless backpack all packed to take to Neville's. Serpens handed him the map, as promised, and told him an old friend of Alexander's was visiting and he would tell him bye for Harry. Harry nodded and flooed to Dragon's den.

He loved this alley. It was so diverse and full of interesting people and things.

"Hello." Harry said to the teller once he arrived at the bank. "Would you see if Trilok is ready to meet with me yet?"

"Of course Lord Potter-Perciville. I'll inform him."

Harry took a seat without needing to be asked. It took about 15 minutes before he was called. When he entered Trilok's office, the goblin looked very angry.

"I'm sorry is this a bad time?"

"What? Oh no." Trilok sighed. "I'm not angry with you child. My last appointment was rude and frustrating. What is it you needed to see me about?"

"Well I told my uncle, Serpens Perciville, about one of my adventures and he said I should tell you."

"Well then tell me." He said with a small smile.

Harry told him all about Lockhart, the Diary and the Chamber.

"I... I don't know what to say. Do you speak truth?"

"Yes. I swear that it is the truth." Harry glowed lightly. "What was that?"

"That was a magical oath. As a magical being, swearing is a binding oath. You swore that what you said was the truth. If you had been lying, then Magicks would have caused you pain. Since it did not, then we need to go to Hogwarts and claim the beast. They are very valuable and there is no sense in it going to waste." Harry nodded in agreement. "But it is now gone 11. Let's have lunch, then we will meet with the Nott's. That should be plenty of time to organize a team to go to the castle."

"Thank you Trilok. I would love to have lunch with you." Trilok sent a note for a group to be ready to head to Hogwarts by 2. He then sent one to Dumbledore informing him of the visit so the man couldn't claim they were attacking or some other nonsense.

"Come, I'll take you to the Underground and you can meet my family." They walked to an elevator deep in the bank.

The Underground was a vast cavern network over a mile below the surface. It was lit by thousands of lanterns and was very impressive. It had its own kind of beauty.

The two of them took a cart, much like the ones for the vaults, up to one of the higher levels that looked over the cavern. There were rows of buildings carved into the rock face and a wide ledge that ended in a shear drop to the very bottom of the cavern. Trilok's house was right next to a small waterfall.

The house was quaint and homey, in a Spartan type of way. There were few decorations, mostly metals, the family crest and weapons.

"Trilu I brought a guest." Trilok called as he shut the door.

"Sigyurn." An older lady goblin replied coming over and kissing Trilok. "You must be Harry. Trilok has told me much about you. My name is Trilulok."

"It's wonderful to meet you ma'am." He held out his hand. She took it and was surprised when he kissed her knuckles as he would a proper human lady. "You have a lovely home. Thank you for having me for lunch."

Trilok smiled in pride that his dear mate was treated as he thought she deserved.

Harry looked at her a moment then asked. "Your names are very similar is that normal?"

She smiled. "No child. Female goblins are not given the family name. I was Trilu since birth. When we mated 'Lok' was added. Making me Trilulok. It's only coincidence our names are similar."

"Oh.. Thank you for explaining."

Before he could say more, the door opened and several goblins entered. They all paused looking at Harry.

"Justuntii, Suusuu who's this?" The youngest looking female asked.

"This is Harry. The human raised boy that was named a goblin friend. Harry these are my children. Bellok my oldest. Lokaxe, and his mate Xilok. And this is my daughter Shimusnox and her mate Mirnox." Trilok said.

"It's very nice to meet you all." Harry shook the hands of the males and kissed the knuckled of the ladies. "Um... can I ask another question?" He directed his inquiry at Trilok.

"Oh course childe. How can you learn if you don't?" Trilu replied with a smile.

"You keep saying mate. Is that a goblin thing or do all magicals refer to their... significant other as a mate?"

"Most magicals do refer to their other as mate, or life mate. The true elves for example call there mate Enda, which is heart in Quenya, the elvish language." Trilok explained

"Another example of humans going against all other magicals. 'Wife' disgusting." Mirnox said making a face.

"They are even unfaithful. This does not happen with most races. Once you mate it is till death. Or longer." Bellok added in a gruff voice.

"I... I'm just a child, but I don't think I could leave someone I said I loved though. I couldn't hurt them like that." Harry said in his defense.

"Of course not childe." Trilok said. "Bellok did not mean you. You are a good young man and I have faith you will be an excellent mate."

"Let us have lunch and forget these dark topics." Trilu said kindly even if it sounded like an order.

About half way through the meal, Harry had another question. "Trilok, you said 2 boys together wasn't odd in the magical world."

"Yes, what of it?"

"Well since male goblins give their family name how does that work for a relationship with 2 males?"

Lokaxe chuckled. "There are some species where the males are never submissive, like us. Therefore we don't have male, male relationships."

"Never? But male non-magicals can't have children and they are sometimes together."

"Being submissive isn't always about children." Xilok said. "In some cases they just naturally prefer that lot in life. The way goblins are, no males are submissive because we are not built or wired that way. There are however, the rare female dominant. So we have female, female relationships."

"Oh. Ok. That makes sense." he took another bite before asking something else. "What did you call each other earlier?"

"Sigyurn is heart or love." Trilu said

"SuuSuu is mother or bearer in a female, female relationship. Justuntii is father, or blood father if there are multiple males. In that case the other males would be called Miuntii or bond father. Sometimes children will call a favorite uncle or close family friend Miuntii as an endearment." Shimusnox explained.

"What if there are multiple bearers?"

"Goblins are a matriarchal society." Lokaxe said. "Our women... submissives choose the dominants and determine the number there are."

"The opposite of Drakes." Trilok added "Drakes, wizards, elves and all the diseased creatures are patriarchal. Beyond choosing the other mates, the Matriarch or in your case Patriarch, also has power over their mates. You will be able to command them to a degree. Such as, if I was to become enraged and lose my head, Trilu could calm me with a few words. And the opposite is also true, she could send me into a frenzy if she wanted."

"Just as you will with your mates. You are the head of house. You will dictate part of your subs lives." Trilu added

"But I want us to work together. Not to dominate over them." Harry nearly whined.

"And in a healthy relationship you will. During emergencies they will look to you and you will need you to take charge." Xilok said. "Such as when Lokaxe was riled up by Steelfang and was going to challenge him to an honor duel, which is to the death. It fell to me as his mate to stop him from letting it get that far."

"You Harry have a madman and all his followers after you. In times of danger you will need to use your power to keep your mates calm and get them to safety." Trilok said solemnly.

Harry gave him a sad smile, then a bigger one to his mate. "This has been wonderful. Thank you all for having me and helping me. But I have a meeting at 12 and I would guess it's about that time now."

"Oh my, it completely slipped my mind." Trilok said his checks darkening to a slate color.

"It was nice meeting you childe. Come back anytime." Trilu told him handing Harry some wrapped cookies to take with him. Harry smiled again and placed them in the backpack he had brought to take to Neville's.

"Come along or we'll be late." Trilok sped up the cart to get back on time.


When they walked into the meeting room, Mrs. Nott was sitting straight backed, she had long golden hair with eyes the same blue color as Draco's. Her skin was the same porcelain as the other Malfoys he had met as well. The boy with her looked about Harry's height and was thin as well. He had the same ringlets as his mother but they were the rich color of melted peanut butter and were just long enough to brush his chin. His eyes were on the floor so Harry couldn't see them yet.

"Sorry we are late. Another meeting ran long." Harry explained with a slightly nervous smile.

"That is fine Lord Potter." Lady Nott said in an indifferent tone.

"It's Potter-Perciville, Lady Nott." Trilok corrected.

Her eyebrows raised in shock but her mask didn't show any other signs of emotion. "We are here about the contract." She said trying to ignore the fact he was a double Lord...at 12.

"Yes ma'am, even if I don't fully understand what it means." Harry admitted.

"What is there to understand? My son is yours. You may do with him as you please. His things, if you want them, will be sent to where ever he is to live till you have need for him. You are only required to have one child with him. Outside of that, his life is yours to command." She stated coldly not looking at Harry or her son.

Harry stood rim-rod strait, his face went cold and power seemed to roll off him in waves. "How dare you?" He snapped but did not raise his voice. "How dare you speak to your son that way? He is not livestock and this is not a business transaction. And farther more how dare you assume such things about me?!" The more he spoke, the more enraged he became. His hair and clothes were whipping in the currents of his power.

Lady Nott's eye's widened in shock and mild fear. 'This boy, for a boy he is, has such power. There is no way the Dark Lord will stand a chance against him.' She thought.

Trilok smirked, pleased with the reaction and the display of power. He had no doubt that the display was not on purpose and most likely occurred because of the blocks that were removed.

Theodore looked up at Harry with hope and unshed tears in his large Caribbean blue eyes.

"Forgive me Lord Potter-Perciville. I acted that way to see what your reaction would be. Forgive me for being rude and uncouth. But I hope you understand that I wanted to determine how you would treat my baby." She told him in a much nicer voice and with a small smile on her now more open face.

"Oh." Harry deflated like a balloon. "That wasn't nice."

"No and I do apologize. But it was none the less true. You, for all intense and purposes do own Theodore and he will be living with you. That is why I made the agreement, to remove him from the Dark Lord's clutches."

Harry looked at her in shock for a few moments processing. "But I'm not going to be home for the next 11 days. I will be at a friend's house and it would be improper for him to come along uninvited."

Mrs. Nott nodded. "Where would you like him to stay till then?"

"I don't know. Where would you like to go?"

"Me? I... Where ever you wish." He said eyes down cast, playing the part of the perfect submissive.

"Hogwash. It's your life, you're not going to be some doll I dress up and play house with. I asked and I expect an honest answer." Harry told him with a very unimpressed face.

He swallowed and took a breath. 'Now or never to see where I stand.' He thought. "I... I wish I could stay with Blaise."

"Who's that?"

"Blaise Zabini. He's a Slytherin." Theodore said looking away not wanting to see hate or loathing in the eyes of the man he was bound to.

Harry thought about all the Slytherins in their year. "He's the tall dark one with the blonde girl?"

"Yes. Her name is Daphane... Greengrass."

"He and his family won't mind?"

"No. His mother said I was welcome whenever I please."

"What's the floo address so I can pick you up on the 24th?"

His head shot up. "I can go?"


Theodore shot out of his chair and hugged Harry startling the boy. "Oh, thank you! Thank you. I thought... and you would... Oh thank you!"

Harry blinked then chuckled. "You thought I would say no?"

"Well... You don't seem to like Slytherins." He said pulling away with a blush tinting his porcelain cheeks. "And I'm a Slytherin and they're Slytherins..."

Harry placed his hand over Theodore's mouth chuckling again. "I never hated Slytherins. In fact, the hat wanted to put me in Slytherin. If not for your dear cousin Draco, we would have been dorm mates. But I just refused to be stuck with him for 7 years."

"Really?" Theodore giggled. "He is a right prat. Draco's better in private. When he doesn't put on his better than thou act."

Harry laughed at the face Theodore made. "I'm related to Draco somehow too. I'm 1/16 Malfoy. Believe it or not. The Percivilles have a loyalty contract with the Slytherins so I kinda can't hate them." He paused smiling. "We haven't been introduced yet."

"No we haven't" Mrs. Nott said.

Harry stood. "I am Harricius John Potter-Perciville. Lord of the Belix, Blush, Potter, and Perciville families. Heir to the Archaic and Noble House of Black." Harry said using the formal introduction he had learned from his book on Noble Houses.

Lady Nott and Theodore's eyebrows rose and their mouths opened a bit in shock.

"Harry. You will now also add Friend of the Goblin Nation to the end of your introductions." Trilok added amused by the humans' reactions.

Lady Nott gained control of herself and cleared her throat. "I am Angelina Nott nee Malfoy, Lady of the Aged and Honorable House of Nott." Harry took her hand and kissed the knuckles.

"I am Theodore Nott, Second son of the Lord and Lady of the Aged and Honorable House of Nott. But please call me Theo." Harry kissed his hand as well, making him blush.

Harry smiled at him. "Is there anything else we need to work out?"

"Yes. Will Theo be keeping his things? If so when and where do you want them sent? Will he have an allowance or a vault? And what do you expect of him?" She paused. "Also I would like to know if he will have to be with child before he's 14."

Harry blushed bright red. "N-n-no. The contract stipulates that if I become Lord before 15 that the... um... that part won't take effect till 15 so as long as it is... um... between when I turn 15 and 16 it's ok." Harry was nearly purple and Theo was also blushing. He coughed to get his mind away from embarrassing thoughts. "Wh... Whatever Theo wants to keep can be sent to Perciville Palace in Greece. I'll tell the elves to look out for it and put it all in his room." He had regained his composer. "Trilok, Theo needs an appointment with Ironfang before the 24th for vaccinations especially the international ones and dragon pox if he hasn't already had one. Make it a full checkup as well, since Ironfang is my healer." Harry commanded not even noticing how authoritative he was being. Trilok just nodded and made a note. "Give Theo full access to vault 271. Non-monetary access to vaults 7, 31,4,18 and 514." Trilok nodded again. "What time is it?"

"1:15 Harry."

"Ok. So what I expect. Be yourself, don't be afraid to say something if you think I need to hear it or knock me upside the head if I need it." Harry said with a smile. "Do your best in school and be faithful."

"That's all?" Harry nodded. "What about touching others? You have to give permission."

"Really? Yes you may touch whomever you want. Before I forget, it's Perciville tradition to have 2 birthday parties, one public and the other private. You are both invited to both. Theo would you be my date to the public ball?"

"I would be honored." He said inclining his head.

"Trilok do you have the information on those lessons?"

"Yes, here you are. And Ironfang has openings on the 19th at 11:30 or 3." He replied handing a sheet over.

"Which would you prefer, 11:30 or 3?"

"I... you want me to see a goblin healer?"

"Theodore. The goblins are my friends and allies they are to be treated with respect." Harry said a hint of steel coming back into his voice.

"I... I'm sorry. I meant no offense. I didn't know goblins had healers." He replied going meek again.

"And I'm sorry I raised my voice. But I am over protective of my friends and family. Now which appointment would you prefer?"

"3, Blaise has lunch at 11:30."

Harry nodded to Trilok then looked at the schedule.

Lessons, Tuesday and Thursday from July 15th through August 26th

9-11 Investments and Estates Lokaxe

2-4 Politics, Edict and Lordship Joshua Moby

4-6 Goblin tongue and Edict Griphook

"Ok Theo can you come over the Longbottom Manor on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 4-6? That way you can learn Goblin as well."

"Sure. I'll be sure and tell Blaise."

"Are there any classes you would like to have tutoring in for the rest of the summer?"

Theo blushed. "Healing. I always wanted to be a healer."

"Can you arrange that? For him to learn magical, wizarding and non-magical healing. Later on I may add swords training. I'm going to ask Uncle Alex to teach me swordsmanship when I get back. Once I get decent, I would like a goblin teacher as well."

Trilok smiled. "I'll have Lokaxe bring over the information on the healer classes when he comes for your lesson. I'll ask Bellok or Xilok if they would train you they are both Sword masters."

"Thank you" Harry said with a smile.

"Here are a few of the approved proposals for you to look over as well."

"A few there must be over 2 dozen here!" Harry took the folder and placed it in his bag to look at later.

"Yes when the announcement was made there were 1000's of applications. Poor Nozlakk was buried under them." Harry and Trilok laughed. Harry learned over lunch that Nozlakk was Ragnarok's assistant and the Goblin version of Percy at his worst. "I will look at an archery tutor for your friend. The Longbottoms have a long proud history as Master Archers. There is even a tapestry of Potter and Dufnar Longbottom displayed in one of the training halls. Potter with his legendary sword and Longbottom with his equally famous long bow. Even we goblins respect the might they had and the deeds they did."

"Wow. That's impressive. I wonder if his sword is in my vault somewhere. I'll have to look later." Harry smiled. "Is there anything else before we head to Hogwarts?"

"Hogwarts? Why are you going there?" Theo asked

"To collect the Basilisk and explore the Chamber."

"C... can I come? I'm insanely curious about the Chamber of Secrets."

"Sure. Can I floo Neville and ask him to join?"

"Of course Harry. Use this." Trilok indicated a small brazier. "It's for calls only. Tell him to floo to Gringotts, the password today is Filos."

"Friend. I know that one." Harry said with a smile. He threw the powder in calling out the location and password, then stuck his head in once it turned green.

While he was talking, Trilok got the vault keys for Theo.

"Neville?" Harry called

"Harry are you coming through?"

"Not right now. There's been a change in plans. The goblins and I are going to Hogwarts to collect the Basilisk carcass from the Chamber of Secrets. I was wondering if you wanted to come with us."

"Really? You want me with you in the Chamber of Secrets?"

"Yeah. It will be loads less creepy with a good friend... and a few armed goblins."

"I'll ask Gran." Neville was gone for a few minutes. "She said I can. How do I get there?"

"When I get off just floo to Gringotts using the password Filos."

"Ok, see you in a moment." He said with a huge smile on his face.

Harry pulled his head out. "Neville is flooing over now."

"We will meet him in the receiving room. Come along." The 2 boys said good bye to Lady Nott. In the receiving room there were 15 goblins waiting. Neville was also standing there very nervous.

"Hey Neville." Harry said coming over and hugging his friend. "This is Theodore Nott. Long story short, we are in an absolute contract and will be mates. I'll explain in depth when we get to your house. This is Trilok and that's his son Bellok. That's my good friend Griphook. Everyone, this is my good friend Neville Longbottom. He's loyal as a drake and honorable as a goblin." Neville blushed bright red at the attention and complements.

All the goblins looked at the boy closely. Honorable as a goblin is high praise.

"We will portkey to just outside Hogwarts gates." Trilok informed them. "Bellok is the leader of this team and Harry is our escort. The humans are under Harry's protection. Griphook you are with Longbottom, Azrig with Nott. We leave in 45 seconds. Everyone touch this stone." He told them holding out a thin stone tablet.

Goblin portkeys are just as unpleasant as wizard ones. Once they landed the goblins surrounded the humans and they all began to march toward the castle.


An: This has such a fast pace compared to the rest of this fic I don't know why.