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Edward was getting ready to go on a weekend hunting trip with his family. I am once again being told that I need a baby sister to watch over me while he is gone. He is always afraid that I will get myself into trouble. Or I'll get hurt somehow. Those are always the same excuses that he uses every single time.

Really wishing he could see my side of it just for once. If he only understood how humiliating it is to be watched over like a two year old baby. But, when I say something to him about it, he just tries to ignore the conversation. And does a damn fine job if it I might add. Or he tells me how he knows what is best for me and it is all about my safety. Ever since we have come back from Italy it's only gotten worse.

There is a big difference in being treasured by someone than them locking you away and making you feel guilty about everything you do. Edward is always adding more restrictions of what I can and cannot do to the list and it has become a very long list. It is almost like he is controlling my every movement and breath I take.

This weekend they left me with Jasper and Emmett. Don't get me wrong, I love Em as though he was a blood brother, the irony of that right. He always makes sure that we have fun while the others are away. Emmett does not treat me like I am a doll that is breakable or that I'm incapable of taking care of myself; but like I am his sister.

Over time I have also gotten closer to Jasper. He and I share our love for books and history. That is something that Alice has absolutely no interest in. I swear that girl only cares about clothes and cash. She is my best friend and she does love Jasper with all her heart but, she can still be really damn annoying at times.

Alice was absolutely thrilled that Jasper and I have become closer lately. She encourages us to spend as much time together as we can. But Edward however, does not seem to like it at all. I really can't understand why. He says that he still does not completely trust Jasper with me yet. But I always feel that there is more that he is not telling me.

If Edward only knew that spending time with Emmett was a lot more dangerous with the things that we do, then Jasper could ever be. That is fun loving Emmett at his best. He never means any harm but, sometimes he embarrasses me. Well sometimes he makes me fall down a lot too.

Walking down the stairs. Jasper was reading on the couch, quietly. That is something Em will never be accused of, being quiet "Hey Bella, What would you like to do this weekend? I was thinking that maybe you and I could take sometime this weekend together."

Thinking about what I was going to do about Edward and his not trusting me "I don't care whatever you guys would like to do is fine with me." I know that they are only trying to help and are only doing what Edward has asked them to do.

Jasper gave me a strange look and he went to say something to me when my cell phone started ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw it was Edward. Crap, I already know why he is calling again. Are you being a good girl? What are you doing for the tenth time since he left? Have you snuck out and saw Jacob yet? That is the one that bothered me the most.

I'm not allowed to see or talk to Jacob anymore. Because it makes Edward go ape shit about how unstable the wolves are. But we all know that he is jealous and does not want me around Jacob. But he won't admit that. Edward has even convinced his family that Jacob is a danger to me. So they think that they are looking out for my best interest when they tell Edward anything to do with Jacob.

Jasper brought me out of my thoughts "Bella, are you okay? I have tried to get your attention. Edward is on the phone for you."

Great I missed his call and he called Jasper's cell. Here comes a long lecture on the importance of my answering my phone and how worried he is. I am getting so tired of having this same conversation over and over with him.

Taking Jasper's phone "Hello."

A long sigh came from Edward on the other end of the line. "Bella, I was so worried about you when you didn't answer the phone. Is everything alright? Did Emmett or Jasper do something to you? Put them on the phone right now."

Getting up from the couch and walking over to where Jasper was looking out the huge window. I handed him his phone. In a low whisper to Jasper "He wants to talk to you."

"Hello, no everything is fine. No we have not done anything to hurt her. No. She is fine. There is no need for you to come home early. She just left her cell phone upstairs that's all. Of course she was not ignoring your calls." Wow, Jasper just lied for me. He shot me a look of that's what you better tell him too.

Jasper handed me the phone. Edward at least seemed a little relieved after talking to Jasper "Love, you need to get some rest. So why don't you get ready for bed?

"It's only 8:00 p.m. I am not ready to go to bed yet." Rolling my eyes at even having this conversation with him. If Edward would have seen me doing that, he wold have been livid and then I would have gotten a lecture about that too.

"Bella, I know what is best for you. Now get ready for bed and I will call you in the morning." I just hung up the phone and handed it back to Jasper. I didn't even tell him good night or bye.

Jasper must have felt my feelings "Is everything alright? Would you like to talk about it?"

As I stomped up the stairs "No, I have to go to bed now; those were my daddy's orders." I cannot believe that, even Rene and Charlie have not given me a bed time since I was ten years old.

Unbelievable, fuck when did I lose all control over my own being? When did I become Edward's daughter? Then it hit me, Edward did not take away my control I gave it to him on silver platter. It is my own fault that he behaves like this. I should have listened to Charlie a long time ago and put a stop to it then. Because now, it's totally out of control.

There is no one but myself to blame for this. But that is going to stop this weekend. Edward will have to understand that if our relationship is going to work, that I am capable of making my own decisions and being my own person. It was past time for me to take a stand.

I needed to show Edward rebellious Bella and I know just the person to help me with that.

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